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Shit Hinata Fans and Sakura Haters Say

Written by: Micha 

Before you jump to conclusions, we need to be crystal clear with this. I’m not a Sakura fan. In fact, I don’t even like girls in Naruto, except for Uchiha Sasuke. But with all the shipping wars surfacing due to the later chapters, it’s hard to stay neutral when you’re getting sucked in to it. Besides, if there’s anything more entertaining than watching two parties quarreling about something so ludicrous, it is fueling the said quarrels just for your own amusement. And I will make sure that I do my part of it.

Yes, I'm gonna say so much shit about both of you. 
I don’t plan to beat around the bush. Hinata fans hate Sakura mainly not because she’s a weak character in terms of depth, or not because Sakura has flaws as a kunoichi, but because Sakura is “in the way” of their supposed canon pairing; which is NarutoXHinata. Deny all you want, suckers, but this is the bitter truth. You deface Sakura’s pictures, and write about how ugly and flat-chested she is because that’s the only way you can release your rage of knowing that Naruto doesn’t give two shits about Hinata’s romantic feelings towards him, and continues have such feelings towards Haruno Sakura.

I don’t even plan to explain how irrational and immature that is and burst your pretty bubble, because I can understand that defacing Haruno Sakura is the only consolation that helps you sleep at night.  And I can even name a few foolish things NaruHina fans say just to convince themselves that Naruto will not end up with Sakura. Such as…

"Sakura hits Naruto all the time, lol. She doesn’t deserve him, lol.”

Two words, soldier: comic relief. This is not a new thing in Television. People have been using physical pain as a form of comic relief since the days of The Three Stooges right up to Tom and Jerry. And the Japanese definitely like to go all out with it. There is always an abuser in every manga, or at least one scene of a girl punching the living day lights out of a guy because the said person peeked under her skirt.  If you haven’t been able to follow this pattern, get out of your delusional world of Hinata’s bouncing breasts and start thinking about things in a more logical manner.

                                                                 I wish I could do this to our fandom.

Sakura doesn’t beat Naruto because she hates him; she beats him because it’s the nature of her character to be violent, just like Tsunade. And Naruto happens to be on the receiving end mostly because he’s her teammate and his idiocy provokes Sakura’s violence.  And let’s not forget when Kushina, Naruto’s actual mother, punched the absolute shit out of him when they first met. See, you can’t hold these things against them. They don’t do it out of hatred, it’s something called character.   
But I don’t expect you to understand what character is, since you like Hinata. 
 Do you hate Kushina and Tsunade because they’re violent? I didn’t think so. You just needed a reason to hate Sakura. 

“Sakura is a fangirl, lol. So she’s a bitch, lol.”

We all know about Sakura’s obsession with Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Sasuke’s hair. She has been criticized very much for this by the fandom. And mostly the Hinata fanbase like to point this out as a mere crush while emphasizing that Hinata’s feelings towards Naruto is nothing but pure love. And this is followed by saying how Sakura is ignorant to Naruto’s feelings every time she calls for Sasuke even if Naruto is standing right there.

I call bullshit on this. People just refuse to understand that Sakura and Hinata are both fangirls, but the difference is, while Sakura was blatant about it Hinata acted just plain creepy. Sakura’s universe revolves around Sasuke as much as Hinata’s universe revolves around Naruto. Sakura was ignorant towards Naruto’s feelings as much as Hinata was ignorant towards everything else that’s not Naruto, which includes her family and her sports bra. But the difference now is that while Sakura is little by little acknowledging Naruto’s feelings, Hinata remains exactly the same today.  

Hinata fans, it’s high time you stop being such hypocrites.  

“Sakura is useless, lol. She can’t do shit, lol.”

And here comes the inevitable. Certainly Sakura is one of the most hated in our fandom. And once we start hating someone, we dig up little things about them and extend it in a way that causes us to hate them even more. I know this very well, I’m an expert on it.  And Hinata fans don’t waste one minute to take the bait when we see Sakura’s dependency on Naruto, as if Hinata is any better.

No, you're not. 
‘Sakura is useless’ is the most popular yet the most ignorant and exaggerated phrase to ever trend on the fandom. And I know the fanboys are gonna throw their high heels and purses at me if I said she is not useless at all. The way I see it Sakura has done more for the series than any other kunoichi have.

Sakura had protected both Naruto and Sasuke back in the Forest of Death when they had passed out, created an antidote and saved Kankuro, helped to defeat Sasori, saved Hinata’s life in Pain’s Arc, saved a bunch of other people in the hospital during the Pain’s Arc, healed Naruto on many occasions, strengthened the intelligence of the Shinobi Alliance when she found out about the white Zetsu, and currently is on the frontline of the battlefield helping out the team.

I admit, I just needed an excuse to put up this picture. 
But why does the fandom refuse to acknowledge it? Because it’s Sakura.

 I know what you’re thinking. Not every NaruHina fan or Hinata fan hates Sakura. Bitch, I know. Not everyone is stereotypical, but you gotta agree that the majority is. And this hate is amplified to such an extent that people feel the need to degrade someone just so they can upgrade the other. However, the bottom line is: NarutoXHinata is just as one sided as NarutoxSakura. And NarutoXSakura is just as one sided as SasukeXSakura. And SasukeXSakura is just as one sided as OrochimaruXSasuke.   

Doing this wont make your NaruHina canon, dipshits. 
And are you a NaruHina fan who is deeply offended after reading this? Perfect.

Micha: [Co-founder]
Micha likes to broadcast her terrible drawing skills to the world on her DeviantArt account and talks about her life long ambition of making Yakushi Kabuto a woman, on her Skype; michasucks. Yes, with the dot. She will also respond to e-mails on her because Amber forces her to.


  1. Neither of these character I've been able to like. Hinata, well I like to call a rarity. One must admit that she is not seen in every chapters and in part 1 when she was seen often fainted or whatever. Has for Sakura, I just never liked the character. She's like Orihime Inoue in BLEACH, just plain annoying repeating the same thing again and again.

    1. What manga have YOU been reading? If anyone is like Orihime the Bitch, it's HINATA. ESPECIALLY come Part II. Yes, Sakura was also like Orihime in Part I, but she's definitely changed and I can accept her more as a character. But Hinata has NOT.

  2. Agreed, I like Hinata but I love reading shits about her because it's always the truth

  3. I officially love you. Like seriously.

    Did your read Naruto 633? Sakura summons a huge-ass freaking slug which pretty much implies that she's sannin-level and people still bash her for it (like WTF?). Hinata pretty much, once again, took a dump on Neji in favour of 'Naruto-kun' but people went nuts over her so-called development because she accomplished something that she should have done ages ago.

    There are even Hinata fans saying that she's stronger than Sakura because of it.


  4. So damn perfect

  5. Uhm. . . IMHO. NaruXHina ending would'nt be anything but dull. Sorry NaruXHina fans. Because there is no twist in it. But it's up to the author. We will have no say once it is finished.

  6. I could give two shartz about Sakura or Hinata but there is one thing you neglected to see. Hinata's love comes from a purer place than Sakura's because of the reasons she loves Naruto. Sakura only liked Sasuke because she thought he was sooooo HOT but hinata looks up to Naruto because despite his many, many, many flaws he has confidence and still finds the courage to pull through any situation (Which is something Hinata wants for herself). I think that her love is a bit more convincing than some horny tween/teenager that got attached. because she got obsessed with riding some dick. Though I will admit that Naruto will only chase who he loves and that right now is not Hinata

    1. It's all about pairings with you people, isn't it? Jeez, read twilight or 50 shades if you're so horny.

  7. You, sir, I like you. I mean, like you a LOT. Finally, someone who's not biased and says the truth.
    I'll admit it, I'm a Sakura fan. I used to like Hinata too but now, she's the character I dislike the most (her fandom pretty much ruined her for me). I mean, even in terms of personality development, Sakura is much better. She started in the series being a bitchy spoiled little brat, fangirling over Sasuke, being totally mean to Naruto and didn't know how to do anything else more than clones and walking on trees. Now, she's one of the best medics of the series, has an enourmous physical strength, respects the main character that she used to despise (remember that she's the only one who openly thanked him after the Pain attack) and on top of that, she's very smart (remember the chuunin exam, she's one of the few who didn't cheat). Hinata had the byakugan in the season 1... and in shippuden well... that the only thing she can do (she doesn't even master the things that Neji did when he was 13, and she's now 16 !!). What's interesting in Sakura is that she evolved, she wasn't always nice and caring, she learnt, after many mistakes, to see beyond what's just in front of her eyes (meaning Sasuke's handsomeness) while Hinata cares for Naruto, and Naruto only... if he died, she'd cry more and longer than she did for Neji, her own cousin. If Naruto died, Hinata's life would be over, but if Sasuke died, Sakura would overcome it (now, she even starts to stop trusting him).

    This is why Sakura is a heroine, and NOT Hinata. Sakura made progress inside (learning how to respect Naruto and to see Sasuke's inside ugliness) and outside (she can fight now, while she couldn't do shit in the first season). Hinata still can't fight and is still obsessed with the main character. And her fans say she had 'great character development'. Bitches please, she just had more panels than usual lately.

    1. clap clap! i def agree. sakura is just awesome and theres no reason to hate her :/

  8. You guys are awesome since I'm a big Sakura fan. Everytime(well,most of the time) I see edited pictures of Sakura,people just keep saying Sakura's useless yada yada,which really bugs me a lot, that's why I just pass over those pictures/comments.
    True, Sakura had downfalls but doesn't everyone else? They're in too deep in their negative perspective of Sakura for them to see what she can actually do. :|

    1. I'm not a big Sakura fan as I have stated in the article, but I feel that our fandom exaggerates certain things and I hope my article convinced them otherwise.

      I thank everyone who have read the article; the people who agreed and disagreed with my views. I can't reply to every one specifically but know that all the comments have been acknowledged. ^^

    2. i can't believe where i've been sleeping away my despair. i've been to all the wrong sites. sir, i agree with the scores of people who say you are wonderful.
      well, yeah, i admit i don't hate sakura. i admit. i don't hate her only because she's pretty strong. AND YOU KNOW THAT, good lord. i needed this page to bring me out of my misery!

  9. True.I wanted to write something like this but my english suck.

  10. you all need a life

    1. We just absolutely adore constructive comments like this.

    2. "Captain, I sense much butthurt in this sector!"
      Jean L Picard: "Great Scott, we have a wild hinatards chasing us! Use the naruto puppet as a decoy!"

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  12. i dont get whats the problem with accepting how great sakura is... she is a very emotional character and that just shows how much of a human she is. haters takes this as way of her weakness and calls her useless... well you can say the same for naruto, sasuke, ino, and all others who have emotions or shows emotions useless. using that as to hate on sakura is retarded. "you are a human before you are a ninja." - minato. what he said makes it very clear and implied that being emotional is art of you. it doesnt mean you are weak. its means you are human it is part of human nature. another idiotic hinatard logic was when they made a meme showing sakura asking "whos that?" when minato came in to join the war. wasnt funny at all when i saw it and all i could do as smfh. 1, sakura did not see minatos face and 2, sakura couldnt see his cloak that says he is the hokage... they said she was a dumb bitch for not knowing minato... she obviously said "you are.." AFTER HE TURNED AROUND and she was able to see his face.
    you made it clear that haters would go as far as too see what "flaws" they think that sakura has shown and use it against her and we both can agree how idiotic hinatards/ haters are towards sakura. i just dont and will never understand the hate on sakura. even though im a hardcore fangirl that will do anything to protect sakuras image, i will always look and talk factually about sakura. i do understand about her flaws. her "confession" towards naruto made me believe that her actions were fake but her words was sincere. even though she doesnt know it yet, she will come to realize her feelings for naruto and naruto will never give up on sakura. he made it clear to sai that he will wait until sakura chooses him. so like you said he will not bat an eye or have feelings of any kind towards hinata other than a friend. kishi should make hinata realize and stop her dreams and make it into reality. i find her so selfish to even think that she will be the one next to him...holding his hand. she only thought about herself. talk about selfishness... sakura will always be my fav character. she is literally my #1 naruto character and ofc i will protect her pride as a strong badass bitch of a kunochi :)

    1. People need to realize that naruto cares about every one all so sakura is now replceing tsnude as a San in like naruto replaced jiria and sauske orichemoru

    2. i find a kindred spirit! yes! thank you dear cynthia. though i occasionally dislike her a little, i strongly disagree all the hate people spawn around her.

    3. Haha I like her a lot too. I don't get the hate. Maybe she was annoying in Part I, but she has long since redeemed herself and she only gets better as the manga goes on.

  13. LOL. I agree with everything you said, I like you, like alot. Someone who can write something without getting biased. Hinata's fanbase is the Cancer of the Naruto fanbase. Atleast Sakura fans have some logic behind what they say, and I have even heard some Hinatards say Hinata is stronger.
    Wow, their is a reason that Sakura is the main Heroine and Hinata is not. A good article, agreed with everything.

    1. well kishi said that hinata is a better heronie.
      And couldn't we just stop this hate on sakura or hinata or what ever? We can't change anything if we talk like this about kishis charakters, he draws the manga and we read it, we can't do more .-.

      i think hinata is a bit better than sakura, but that dosen't mean that i hate sakura.
      Both have their weakness and strength.

    2. I be leave both girls are equals hinata for emotional support and sakura for strengh and they don't hate each other sakura even cried while healing hinata after the battle with pain

    3. Hinata is not equal to or better (wtf... how? -_-) than Sakura in the least... She's lightyears worse than Sakura. She has no character, no purpose, and is just frickin stupid all around. She has no strength either, especially if her precious Naruto isn't around. At least Sakura can fight and heal people.

      And as usual, you Hinata fans mention the "Hinata is a better heroine" spiel. Who the F cares what Kishimoto said? The fact of the matter is that Hinata can't fight for shit and Sakura is loads better as a developed character REGARDLESS of what he said. Because he STILL makes Sakura better and stronger and he STILL makes Hinata a weak little fuck.

      Tell me, what emotional support has Hinata even given? -_- I'd rather have Orochimaru give me emotional support than that useless woman.

      Discussions and analyzing characters is what people do to show support of a story. If everyone stopped putting their opinions and ideas on the web and stopped fighting about topics, the authors wouldn't be able to see reception to various aspects of their stories. So I honestly think the "can we stop the hate" is never going to happen.

      Especially if there are fans making comments like "kishi said that hinata is a better heroine" as if that is justification for Hinata being a better character...

    4. Kishi used to defend her and mentioned he didn't get why people liked hinata so much. So he probably just said that to satisfy the idiots. So its a pretty invalid argument they're using. But I agree with you on everything just felt like adding

  14. Oh my god....I love you so much >.< What you said it's all true~~~~~You're a genius~

  15. True~ True~ Love you so much~~ You're a genius <3

  16. OH MY GOD! TRUE!! <3 I hope all Sakura haters would read this so they will stop hating Sakura anymore.. yeah !! <3

  17. God, so damn true. I like you.

  18. Its Really Badass, Trueee!! XDD

    I Love ur note, read this again in another time. :D

  19. i just realised... Sakura fanbase mainly girls... Hinata Fanbase mainly boys... you're all retarded.. Narutards i would say,.. they both suck as female charakters.. and we all know that they dont mean shit to the story.. i like Naruto but im not a Narutard.. why do most of naruto fans act so foolish? either way the whole series is going down the drain anyway... also writing 2 post about whats wrong with Hinata while saying you're not a Sakura fan? Bullshit.. you should write a post about why sakura sucks or is she flawless? or even better write why the whole series suck..

    1. why would she write negatively about sakura? wtf dude. all she pointed out was the idiotic sakura haters and how far they would go to be retarded. she speaks the truth. also hinata fanbase is mostly both! where sakura is mostly girls. sakura has a lot of international haters. why cant we all be like japan and love her? they fully understand and fully know how great sakura is. hinata is great too but she is too overrated and her fans really takes it too far. too far that she is now my least fav character next to sasuke. sakura is actually a much better character than hinata. hinata only focuses on naruto where sakura focuses on everything. (she USED to fangirl over sasuke but not anymore) she is more alert and focuses on what is around her. compared to naruto part 1 she has grown A LOT. she is the second best medic ninja and she is at a high level next to naruto and sasuke. she is important because she is part of team 7 and she is the heroine. the only female character who is important than the others. i do find tsunade important too and who know what kishi has in store for sakura to do. we all know hinata will always keep on thinking about naruto. thats why shes selfish and weak. she is no where at nejis level when he was 13 and right now she is 16. id hate to compare but both are from the same clan yet she cant keep up with nejis skills. even her sister is more skilled than her...

    2. I don't agree with you. Hinata has A LOT of girls retarded fans. Because she's shy, the average self-proclaimed 'otaku girl' will identify with her, because like her, they don't have the balls to do anything constructive with their lives (apart from bashing Sakura, with is the girl who actually DOES something in the manga).
      Sakura is FAR from flawless (and I'm saying that as a fan of hers). Which makes her character appear human. Because she does stuff, some of the things she does are good, some others are bad, but she actually DOES something. The reason why Hinata appears flawless to Hinatars (and I'm talking here about her "OMG SHE'Z PURRRFEKT, DON'T U DARE DISRESPEKT HER, SAKURA'Z DA UZELESS BiiTCH lolol"-fans, not her 'normal' ones) is because she doesn't a lot of things (and when she does, it's only related to her love for the main character). So she doesn't get to do anything wrong this way (and thus, appears flawless to her fan-tards).
      So yeah, if you want to read an article about Sakura's flaws, it's possible, but to be fair, her 'good deeds' in the manga would also have to be listed, and you'd realize that her flaws and her good moments are perfectly well-balanced, because Kishi-sensei's not stupid, he wouldn't write and draw anything that would make the Japanese readers HATE his main female character (he doesn't give a shit about his western readers, and he's doing WELL this way).

  20. to be truthful i never liked Sakura or Hinata and the fandom for and against these girls is immature and stupid

    1. Awwww, look at the grown, mature lady who fancies watching a bunch of teenaged schoolkids strike poses and transform using their chibified "selves". My, my, what an adult!

    2. Cool story bro... Tell it to someone who actually cares.

  21. You are my ranting hero!!

  22. Well said. I used to like hinata but the fandom just ruined it for me. And now i hate her so much that i dont even want to see a single of her on my tumblr dashboard. Shes a creepy stalker with a big irratating boobs. Sometimes i wonder why wont she just star on a hentai manga. Afterall fans like her for her bigboobs right? See, they like her for things as low as that. Im sorry i know saying these things are wrong. Believe me this is the first time im bashing on her but i am so done with them! Hina fans/ saku haters are so argggh! Sometimes made me think that sakura should end up wid naruto instead eventhough i ship ss. But since i ship it hard, i wish maruto wud just end up alone.

    Interesting facts: sakura is stronger than hina and she's bound to become even stronger since she hasnt release her seal yet. Sakura is the heroine while Hina is a supporting character.

    Ok im done ranting. Just want to release my frustrations. With that, i think i may just appreciate hina again (but not as hard as my love for Sakura ofcourse)

    1. hinata has big boobs yeah...aha? And tsunade not? She should be in a hentai, not hinata

      *cough* kishi said that hinata is a better heroine, all your arguments are useless, you all can''t change that fact

      and no one said that every hina fan is a saku hater

      and omg keep calm, it is just a manga

    2. So what? So Kishimoto said Hinata would be a good character as a supportive heroine. That doesn't mean she's a good character. The idea is that, IF she were a heroine, then she'd grow with her love and become stronger with it as she goes on journeys and adventures and what not with the main character. Which would, essentially, make her a typical and good heroine (for a shoujou that is). That doesn't make our arguments useless just because he said she would make a better heroine. And when in the world did Kishi even say something like that... Sounds like some made up rabid Hinata fan bullshit to me. As usual, since all you fans can come up with is fake shit to make her look better than she is.

      Hinata is not even A heroine. And she's useless and has no character whatsoever save for her stalker obsession with Naruto.

      Even if not every Hinata fan isn't a Sakura hater, I have NEVER seen a single Hinata fan NOT put Sakura down in some way in order to make their precious Hinata look better.

      Sorry. I'd rather not keep calm. Especially not when more than half of the fandom are crazy obsessed tweens who believe a relationship should happen just because one person has been in love with the other for years. Let me turn the situation around: if a stalker had been following you and watching you for years and you've had maybe one accidental interaction over the past that you don't even remember (yet THEY stored it in their mind forever), does that mean you should end up together with them? Just because they LOVE you, does that mean that they DESERVE you and you should LOVE them back? It makes no sense now does it?


  23. I'll never understand shipping.

  24. I really don't care who ends up with naruto, but i think it's stupid that people say hinata is so much better than sakura because sakura had some huge sasuke obsession, because hinata had the same obsession with naruto, and hinata may have come out to naruto, but sakura came out to sasuke, so they both came out to someone once, it just took hinata longer. Plus hinata fainted when she saw naruto, so she was even more of a fangirl than sakura. Sakura isn't exactly perfect either, she really didn't do much to help her team in the begging, but neither did hinata. it just seemed like sakura was more useless and a bigger fangirl than hinata because sakura was in the storyline more often. She did however fangirl a lot and could get quite annoying when she was obsessed with sasuke. I don't care who ends up with naruto, but some people need to get over themselves because it's just a manga, gosh

  25. Thank God there isn't any serious romance in One Piece.

    Oh, and latest chapter of Naruto has Sakura doing mouth to mouth Cpr on Naruto. Thinking about the fandom's reaction to that cracked me up.

  26. Ah finally the truth revealed!
    I used to like hinata but if you read some of naruto fanfic(both crossover and normal one) many of them have naruto paired with hinata even if it dark naruto fanfic, she will follow him blindly like a fangirl
    So now who was a fangirl?
    Hinata or Sakura?
    My answer?
    It is hinata :-]

  27. Yes, we've seen progress in Sakura more as a character since she is in fact a main character, and she's grown incredibly strong in her journey to catch up with Sasuke and Naruto. Honestly, I've loved the recent chapters with Team 7 because it shows how each part of Team 7 have grown. It's amazing.

    However, I don't think you guys give Hinata enough credit either. We haven't seen her as much as Sakura simply because she's not on Team 7, but she's also grown so much. Hinata used to be a Naruto fangirl, used to stutter, and had absolutely no self-confidence. Her Gentle Fist is literally nothing against Neji's, or even her sister's. But then we see her in Naruto Shippuden, and even though she faints the first episode Naruto comes back (-.-'), she's grown in character and in battle. Her byakugan can see WAY farther than Neji's, she's created her own jutsu, and she's earned her father's approval -- so much that he says that she can protect Neji if she wanted to.

    Most of the Naruto fanfiction do show Hinata as weak and as a fangirl(sadly, most of the ones that describe Hinata as such are NaruHina), but if you find the right one, Hinata has such amazing character development. If you need any good, strong Hinata recs, I'd love to dish.

    And same thing with Sakura! With Sakura's naturally headstrong character, her personality and strength in fanfiction naturally shines through. It's much easier to find more "non-fangirl-y" or "fangirl-y" Sakura fics, depending on the pairing you're searching for. A lot of SasuSaku that I've read have Sakura as a non-fangirl and strong, and that's fine. However, some of the SasuHina that I've read portrays Sakura as too headstrong, and shows it as a negative thing.
    (I have a lot of Sakura recs too!)

    Basically, I'm just saying that generally, Sakura and Hinata are equally awesome characters. I mean, I even ship them together! teehee ^^

    1. I disagree with your comment. I'm gonna come right out and tell you from the start that my response stems 100% from the fact that I am one of those CRAZY HINATA HATERS.

      But I can still be... somewhat civil nonetheless, so let me tuck my hate into my weed bag for a second and explain why I think you're wrong.

      Exhibit A: Rock Lee. He has SIGNIFICANTLY less panels and in-panel battles than Hinata the Useless Bitch, yet he has been substantially BETTER developed. WE ALL can guess he's had good off panel character growth. We can actually acknowledge him as having had positive character and personal growth DESPITE the fact that we see less of him. Because in my mind, during the 2 year break, he was probably training heavily. Hinata? Probably fantasizing about what Naruto will look like when he gets back. Or coming up with what to say to him when he finally gets back. For two. Whole. Years. Urgh...

      You mention all these "accomplishments" Hinata made, but when have we ever seen her use them SUCCESSFULLY. Hmm... I wonder... Tell me... you said so yourself, if she so called improved or grew in character, what happened as soon as Naruto came back, and she saw him? She fainted. Yupp. Oh, well... she was courageous and finally confessed! Big whoop. Naruto hasn't even acknowledged her confession or given her any sort of response.

      Now can she learn to fucking fight so that people don't have to waste their energy and chakra protecting her ungrateful ass? (NEJI WHYYYYY??!??!? I LOVED YOU SO!) Protect Neji??!?! WHAT? I don't even know what to say to that comment; it's so preposterous!

      One step forward. Ten steps back.
      From there, what did it become, AGAIN?
      "Naruto-kun." "Naruto-kun." "Naruto-kun." "Naruto-kun." "Naruto-kun." Wait, let's add some variation. "N-Naruto-kun."

      URUSAI KONO BAKA ONNA. I mean hot damn!

      Exhibit B: Tenten. DEFINITELY less panels. She BARELY shows up at all. Yet? We STILL see she's gotten somewhat stronger and become a better fighter. Better than Hinata that's for sure.
      Exhibit C: Temari. Same fucking reason.
      Exhibit D: Ino. Same thing.
      Exhibit E: Kiba. He's useless too, but STILL more reliable than Hinata the Dumb Cunt.
      Exhibit F: Chouji.

    2. Now ask yourself. What is it that makes THEM look like they've had 400+ chapters worth of character development when they've had literally less than half the panels fucking Hinata the Clueless Trollop has had. And they STILL have more development. That's not an excuse. Because there are several underrated characters who've had way less screen time than Hinata yet they don't seem half as useless (yes, even Ino looks useful next to the Big Boobed Empty Headed Bimbo).

      And the mother of all exhibits: NEJI FRICKIN HYUUGA. He had WAY LESS panels than Hinata the Braindead Bint. WAY LESS. WAAAAAAY. That is not an exaggeration. But you cannot deny that he is probably the MOST developed of ALL the Konoha 11. From his intro to his death (NEJIIIIII WHYYYYYYY), Neji's gone full circle. Perfect character. WAY BETTER than Hinata. Had less panels.

      Hinata is selfish and cruddy and ask yourself this: if she were removed from the manga, would it make a difference? Honestly ask yourself this. Remove your bias from your mind for a second. Would it change anything if Hinata was gone?
      The answer is NO.

      All she contributes is big boobs. Ah wait nope. Tsunade's got that covered. AND she shows more too.

      Well then she contributes a naturally shy and quiet personality! Ah wait nope. Chojuro does shy cuter and better. And Shino does quiet cooler.

      Well then she contributes the undying yet youthful despair of unrequited "love".
      ...Can't argue with that one...

      As far I see it, she's only been useful for advancing Neji's character development. But she cannot stand on her own.

      She doesn't do anything for the plot. And I don't count supporting Naruto as use. Because EVERYBODY in this frickin ninja world supports him. She's just a glorified cheerleader who can't even do that because she's too busy fainting and stalking to cheer on the guy she supposedly loves. She has no development because all she lives for is NARUTO. If he told her to eat his shit, she probably would. She seems like the type who would hide in his apartment and wait for him to take a crap so she can scoop it out and hold on to that prized piece of poo forever.
      Sorry. Shyness is NOT endearing. It's not cute anymore. I like my female characters with gusto, spunk, sass, and bite. Not weak willed useless crybabies.

      It's such a shame Western culture embraces the passive, soft, pliant woman over the headstrong, dangerous, powerful, and tough woman... Urgh I hate characters like Hinata. They set back the entire female gender by decades. Her type of character is one of the reasons men want us in the kitchen making them a sammich.

      If fanfiction is what you're going by to describe the characters... Dude, I wouldn't even know what to say to you. Just because someone portrays Hinata as "strong" in a fanfic doesn't mean that she is. That's called OOC, and almost all fanfics with Hinata are OOC unless her dialogue consists of "Naruto-kun" or "N-Naruto-kun" and features her hiding behind trees or twiddling her fingers shyly and blushing.

      Cool that you think Hinata and Sakura are equally awesome, though I can't even begin to understand how Hinata could even remotely be considered on the same level as Sakura... I don't give Hinata ANY credit at all. Until she stops being an annoying fangirling piece of shit who hinders battles instead of aids, then I won't acknowledge her. As of now, she is nothing in this story.

  28. Not gonna lie. This article made me smile SO hard my mouth got stuck to my earrings.
    THIS. THIS is why I can't fucking STAND 75% of the Naruto fanbase. Because so many of them are Hinatards or NaruHinatards, "I want Naruto to have lots of babies with Hinata at the end!" "Like OMGEE they're just the cutest couple!" "Hinata is like totally the most perfect female in the world!" "Naruto needs a strong girl who can shoulder his pain and Hinata is the perfect one because she's so strong!" Blah blah blah. My ass. Shut the fuck up you rabid fanbitches and go suck on your Mama's teats. Most of them seem to be stupid tween brats who think their precious Hinata is a God send. Thank God Kishi doesn't care about the Western fans.
    LAWL I'm so high right now... @__@ Reading your articles after some pot is really quite the experience. I like you dude :D:D

  29. sakura just annoys the living shit outta me. i dont like hinata much either but atleast i can tolerate her. but sakura? you gotta be kiddin me. yes she has become a medical ninja n got a hundred strngth seal n all that shit all thank to tsunade. else she would still be a useless bitch throughout the entire anime. i mean which fucked up bitch would ever ruin her friendship for a dick? its SAKURA HARUNO. n here's the even saddest part. she'll never have sasuke in her life. the show and the anime are better off without her. she is an unnecessary character and a useless bitch.

  30. Sakura haters = Hinata's fans. Their love for Hinata make them hate Sakura because she is better kunoichi than Hinata will ever be, because Sakura is the heroine and just because she is the main character -Naruto- love interest.
    Double standard is at its best when it comes to Hinata :
    - Boobs. They always make fun of Sakura's flat-chested body saying that she's ugly and Hinata is better than her. Better in what? Pleasuring perverts? Maybe yes.
    - Byakugan. Hinatards said Hinata is from respectable clan and has dojutsu and Sakura is just civilian's daughter who has no special jutsu whatever. Even with Byakugan, I bet she couldn't take down Sakura.
    - Love for Naruto. They say Sakura is fangirl, yes she is but Hinata is too, no? She’s more extreme than Sakura tbvh. Stalks Naruto, always stuttering and fainting. On one episode of Naruto SD clearly describe Hinata tendency to stalk Naruto.
    - “Kishi said she is better Heroine” He never said it. He said Hinata will be ‘easy to write’ as heroine because she is from a strong clan whatever.
    - Best Kunoichi. Like... what did she achieved as Kunoichi? Holding Naruto-kun hands. Meanwhile Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari etc did their best as Kunoichi.
    Why I hate Hinatards :
    - Their hate for the Heroine just because they are jealous.
    - They make Hinata as Goddes while the other girls as trash. If anyone is a trash, it’s her. There I said it.
    and the list goes on.. If I continue my comment will be as long as your post lol
    I enjoyed this post a lot. Thanks :D

    1. As I read, I hate both Sakura and Hinata, but man, your are absolutly not better than the Hinata fans that you hate.

      "I bet she couldn't take down Sakura."

      It's only depends on the mangaka, who is stronger than who, so until Kishimoto won't make a Sakura VS Hinata don't make debts. Also, Hinata has long-range attacks (Hakke Kusho) which also seals the opponent's chakra system while Sakura not.

      "On one episode of Naruto SD"

      Naruto SD is a non-canon spin-off parody which is not even written by Kishimoto. Don't mix non-canon spin-off parodies with the canon.

      "“Kishi said she is better Heroine” He never said it. He said Hinata will be ‘easy to write’ as heroine because she is from a strong clan whatever."

      Nope, he truly said that Hinata could be a better heroine but I don't understand why are you take it so serious?

      what did she achieved as Kunoichi? Holding Naruto-kun hands. Meanwhile Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari etc did their best as Kunoichi."

      Oh yeah, and Hinata also protected Neji from the White Zetsus, protected Naruto from the giant wood arrows with her Hakke Kusho, helped to relocate his shoulder and so on. Tenten is the only from the 4 konoha girls who truly never achived anything.

      About Sakura, just take a look about her best achivements as Kunoichi:,,,,,

      Man, surely Kishimoto based Sakura on Princess Peach! Nobody was saved by that many times like Sakura in the manga!

      "But she defeated Sasori while Hinata failed againts Pain", um no, Chiyo defeated Sasori and did the 90% of the battle, Sakura was just a support character in that battle. The same goes to Hinata, she was also just a support character againts Pain, but don't compare the weakest Akatsuki member againts the strongest.

      Also, giving the Byakogu/Yin Seal to Sakura from nowhere just to power up-in her, without any foreshadowing that she is learning it or anything is nothing more than a desperating asspull that the majority of Sakura's fans never denied neither.

      "They make Hinata as Goddes while the other girls as trash."

      Lol, like the other side is not doing the same! ;P That while I think both Sakura and Hinata fans trashes. ;P

  31. LOL, so if somebody hates Sakura then he/she is automaticly a Hinata fan? WOW, then what ma I? I hate both girls and also hate Karin, and all the shippings around them and Naruto and Sasuke (so I hate NaruSasu, NaruSaku, NaruHina, SasuSaku, SasuSaku and SasuHina). So what am I then?

    Also about Sakura and Hinata, I can't really see the difference. Neither of them stronger or weaker, both of them are "useless" and yes, it's true that both of them fought againts 1-1 Akatsuki member, but both if them were just "support only" characters while the real stars were Chiyo (againts Sasori) and Naruto (againts Pain). The only true difference between them is that Hinata cries far less then Sakura, who is crying all the day.

    So I hate both characters, but relax, Sakura-Hinata fans, they are still better then Karin.

  32. Actually all Sakura fan suck like hell. If Hinata was the heroine she would have helped them. The way fans act as though Hinata was the heroine. Also there were instances where Naruto never deserved bashing even bitch Sakura bashed him. So defending Sakura is useless. She is a bitch