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Fairy Tail Chapter 333 Review - The Shadow of Paradox!

Written by: Shiggins.
We're Entering Into Doctor Who Territory Now!

A much better chapter we were given this week as Natsu and his new friend, Atlas Flame take on Future Rogue and Motherglare in a very bad-ass battle in the sky, with dragon attacking dragon and Atlas Flame finding out that F.Rogue manipulated him using magic. Motherglare's attack has no effect on Atlas and Atlas has no effect on Motherglare which slightly makes this battle less dramatic, until Natsu uses Atlas' flames and goes full power of Motherglare's back, sending her down!

Motherglare....FUCK YEAH!
The (Pump)king is now shown and he's quite distraught at seeing his beloved town be turned into a war zone where "People are fighting each other. Dragons are fighting each other. People are fighting dragons." And he does raise an interesting question actually: Could everything go back to the way it was before? In my opinion, not any day soon but maybe, depending on how this all ends, they could go back to their happy lives.

Absolutely Nothing!

Now to a moment I've been wanting to see for quite some time though. The Rogue of today is facing off against his dragon and appears to be losing. The dragon, which I shall nickname Barry because he doesn't have an actual name yet, calls Rogue by name and tells him he's going to live so he can become the new King one day. Rogue gets upset, and even more upset when his own shadow starts telling him it's true. The Shadow then claims he is a possible future of Rogue and his inner darkness. Does this mean there is technically 3 versions of Rogue running around right now? Is this a Rogue that has turned into a complete shadow of evil and collaborating with F.Rogue? I'm thinking it just might be.

The Villain In Stephen Moffat's Next Doctor Who Episode
We then see Ultear standing there, watching Rogue have his meltdown and remembering a chat from an hour ago when she saved Natsu from F.Rogue's shadow in the worst hallway of all time. (Can you believe it's only been an hour?) Ultear came to the conclusion that is was most probable that if she killed the Rogue of today, F.Rogue would be destroyed too. Natsu intervenes and decides to shut up Ultear and everybody else who had that idea, by saying how it's F.Rogue that's evil and not Today Rogue. Back to the present, Ultear ignores what Natsu says, and vows to kill Rogue.

She Understands Time Travel As Much As I Do!

So overall, I really liked this chapter. We got to see Motherglare finally get taken down, Natsu resuming his fight with F.Rogue, what Ultear and Meredy talked about, Rogue discovering and trying his best to deny the truth, and now an extra mad woman about to try to kill one of the allies. There is still a lot of other stuff we need to see, such as Cobra, Laxus and Wendy with their fights, and Milliana's confrontation with Jellal, but we'll just need to be patient... For now.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Overall Character of the Week: Natsu Dragneel for keeping one of my favourite characters alive as best he can, and for delivering a massive power-punch to Motherglare.

Predictions: Ultear and Rogue are going to have a talk, where Ultear tries to kill Rogue but Barry stops her. And Rogue will seriously consider suicide to save his friends but Meredy will appear and stop him and Ultear from fighting. F.Rogue will keep up his rants as he fights Natsu. We might see another panel with Cobra or Gajeel in it.

P.S I loved this little chart. Especially the cute heads of Meredy and Ultear!

Nothing Better Than Seeing Cute In A Timeline About War

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