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Fairy Tail Chapter 336 Review - The Gates Come Crumbling Down!

Written by: Shiggins

F.Rogue fell because of a burning ring of fire!
Wendy Has Clearly Had Enough Of Carla's Attitude Too!

This week, we started off with Wendy enchanting Laxus to try to make him even stronger, since Zirconis seems unstoppable, even for a Dragon Slayer. Meanwhile, the Princess refuses to leave as she feels it is her responsibility to oversee everything that happens. Although this is admirable of her, I do feel the need to say I'm unsure of what exactly she will be able to do for anyone really, besides maybe get in the way.

I Know Happy's Pain So Well...

Now for Lucy! She finally pops up and says something I hadn't predicted at
all. It wasn't a glimpse into the future that F.Lucy had wrote about in her journal. Instead, it was a strategy to defeat F.Rogue by destroying the Eclipse Gate that he used to get through to the past in the first place. That could possibly change everything, and maybe only the dragons would be here now since the Gate would be gone in the future.

This is where I always have trouble with time travel. If they use the journal's information to destroy the gates which would prevent F.Rogue coming back in time, wouldn't that mean F.Lucy couldn't come back in time to drop off the journal so that would mean they wouldn't know to destroy the Gate so then F.Rogue could come back? Then if he could come back, does that mean F.Lucy could too and drop the journal and.... You see where this is going. 

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.... Stuff.

To be honest, I don't think F.Rogue and F.Lucy came from the Eclipse Gate. I can't see the logic in believing two people came out of that giant gate, and yet not a single soul noticed. I believe there is a secret Gate, somewhere out there that F.Lucy, F.Rogue and hopefully, an F.Ichiya or F.Natsu came from.
Or F.Wendy Since We Already Know What She'll Look Like
We move to Natsu in his fight with F.Rogue, and it's getting heated. Natsu discovers that in approximately one year, Frosch will die which is probably what caused such a massive turn for F.Rogue. However, F.Rogue claims to no longer care and says he isn't the same man who "plays with cats". Natsu is now pissed and the two clash, magic everywhere as they both try to give their reasons and why they think the other person is wrong. 

Atlas, clearly having had enough of this fight, calls out to Natsu and instantly propels our Fire Dragon Slayer right towards F.Rogue. Natsu, giving more inspirational words about how they should live life to the fullest and not know their future, finally delivers the crushing blow and sends F.Rogue and Motherglare crashing down, destroying many empty buildings and the Eclipse Gate, as Motherglare's extremely hard body provided a great tool for destruction. 

I Could Have Sworn I'd Seen That Expression In FT Before....

Overall, I liked this chapter. Had some exciting moments, the defeat of F.Rogue, some more hints and tips about how F.Rogue lost his madness, including Acnologia and the death of Frosch. We also got yet another possible way to reverse the destruction of so many lovely buildings and lots of intense action. 

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Natsu Dragneel for his speeches and finally managing to give F.Rogue the punch we've all been waiting for.

Predictions: Next week will see us waiting to see if the Eclipse Gate really did manage to reverse everything happen, and that will end when F.Rogue gets back up and mocks them for thinking the Eclipse Gate was how he arrived. This may end with F.Rogue causing Natsu and Lucy to time travel, either back in time or forward to the desolate future.

P.S Fairy Tail has finally answered my question!


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