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Fairy Tail Chapter 373 Review - Let's Pair Up!

The battle pairings begin.

We start off with the main reason we wanted this week's chapter to arrive early, Zeref is talking to Natsu about Tartaros. Tartaros, also known as Zeref's bookshelf, was created by E.N.D. (I have a theory about E.N.D and I will explain it later in this review). Zeref then brings up E.N.D, the one demon that Igneel could not kill. Natsu vows that he will kill him in his father's place and attempts to slash Zeref with the blade, but all it does is destroy the blade. Zeref then claims that E.N.D is the strongest demon he ever made, and Natsu would soon have to decide whether or not E.N.D lives or dies.

Thanks for stopping by, Zeref
Zeref then leaves, saying that Tartaros are working to find him and how it'd be no fun if he showed up on his own. Apparently, only E.N.D or Natsu will find him. And with that, Zeref is gone which annoys me deeply but it could have been a lot worse (see my last review's predictions). And then we move to Erza who has joined Gray and the others. With the hole open, the guild start to jump in to fight the demons. This includes Elfman saying he'll save his sisters. However, Erza can't join them because Kyouka is back up and on the offensive again. Erza seems to have unstoppable stamina which admittedly is pissing me off a bit. She was tortured, beaten and more, yet now she's up and fighting again. My best bet is Second Origin has already been activated which means she's on her last legs right now.

Dynamic entry!

Back to Lisanna, she's found Mirajane as expected. Lamy is unconscious and now Sayla has arrived. Sayla reveals she ordered Elfman to blow up the guild and he did his job well, but he failed to kill anyone which she regrets. And of course, Sayla is angry about being embarrassed in front of her lesbian lover demon so she decides to take it out on Mirajane, who is more than happy to fight back.

I bet you a tenner that she's pretending to be dead.

And now we go to Franmalth, the most annoying demon of the bunch. He's talking about how surprised he is that Face's location has completely changed (I still think Face is a giant Sentinel-like robot from X-Men), and he's trying to pinpoint it's exact location but then Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla enter the room. As Franmalth hides, the group look at the computer and try to figure out what they can do to stop Face but unfortunately, Wendy discovers they only have 41 minutes left. As the group are now extremely worried, they hear some sort of strange prayer or poem. It's the  skeleton-looking mage demon, Ki-su.

I honestly thought Wendy had turned evil when I saw this panel

First of all, I did like this chapter. A bit predictable because, as I guessed, people paired off with their potential demons for big battles. It's an old shonen formula that has always worked so no real complaints here. I'm curious to see how these battles go, and I'm hoping at least one team loses to Tartarus (just to raise the tension).

And now for my theory about E.N.D. I don't know what the "E" stands for but I think the "N.D" stands for Natsu Dragneel. I believe that Natsu is E.N.D, Zeref's son. That's why Zeref knows Natsu so well, and the reason Igneel could not kill E.N.D was because he was too emotionally attached to Natsu and couldn't bare it. In fact, I think all Dragon Slayers are demons which is why they have the potential power to kill dragons and survive attacks that would kill others. The more I think about this theory, the more I feel it works. With only a few plotholes preventing me being 100% sure of that, such as Silver not killing Natsu with his Demon Slayer magic, the answer is clear to me that Natsu is a demon.

It also explains why Freed's magic thought Natsu and Gajeel were older than 80 years old.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Overall Character of the Week: Zeref for making me even more sure about Natsu being his son. (Even though he left far too early for my liking).

Predictions: Gray and Juvia will find Natsu, and three of them will have a fight with Silver. Gajeel will go up against the large demon with multiple arms, probably bringing Levy along with him for no reason other than to make GaLe fans like me tingle all over. Franmalth is going to attack Wendy and hopefully get decimated. We might see Jackal or Tempesta next week too.

P.S  The anime returns on April 5th!!!

I personally love how this new look for the anime

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