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NARUTO Chapter 671 Review : Naruto and the Hermit of the Six Paths...!!

Written by FrillyPhoenix

This week, the first pages are beautifully colored artworks by Kishimoto, to celebrate Naruto and Sasuke's new abilities ! Finally, Naruto and Sasuke receive DA ULTIMATE POWAAA ! 
Bets are open : Super Saiyans ? Bankai ? Legendary Pokémon ?
Stay tuned for more cheated power-ups made in Kishibrain !!

Smexy dudes be like "We're the new gods of this manga... where are our bitches ?"

What's happening in this chapter ?

      This time, quite surprisingly, Naruto starts the chapter by being unusually sharp (contrasting with his dumb behaviour from last week). He immediately guesses that it is Sasuke who is the host of Indra's power. We get a quick flashback of how he thought Sasuke wouldn't be that easy to beat, after returning from the Land of Iron. His... intuition told him so at the time, and he now understands that it was Indra's power that created this feeling in him. Aaaand, (as I thought last week due to their physical resemblance), the Sage of Six Paths tells Naruto that the previous hosts of Indra and Ashura were respectively Madara and Hashirama.

Is it me or is Kishi becoming extremely lazy on the design of his new characters ?

The old man tells Naruto that Madara acquired the Rinnegan by mixing Indra's chakra (that was in him) and Ashura's chakra (by using Hashirama's cells). So, just like 1 + 1 = 2, Indra's chakra + Ashura's chakra = So6P's power, which is why Madara is able to use it. Quite simple, heh ?
Hagoromo wanted to prevent Indra's future descendants from doing that (and left the Uchiha stone to warn them) aaaand they did exactly the contrary. Good job pops !
Next, he tells us that his mom, because of the power she obtained from the Chakra Fruit, basically became a dictator, as feared as those of North Korea... and that Madara is becoming the same.

We now know that she was a Byakugan user... And yes, the Hinatards' shitstorm has already begun.

Hagoromo continues by explaining how bad it would be if Madara succeeded in his plans (everyone would become mummies fed dreams by a tree). Kaguya was a woman who used her visual powers to be obeyed by people (Byakugan + Sharingan), so if someone became like her by eating the chakra fruit, that would be the end of the world...
Then, Hagoromo gives his mission to Naruto : stop Madara and fix his own blunder. And Naruto, as nice as he is stupid (and praised for that), accepts gratefully. How touching.
The following pages are spent in recalling us that Naruto is the child of the Prophecy and by summoning the Bijuus that have been entrusted to Naruto to help him in his task (so Juubi transformation... maybe ?). Naruto understands and confirms to Hagoromo that Ashura and him do have a common point : the will to protect their nakamas. The next pages are simply Naruto and Sasuke (who was undergoing the same inner process as Naruto in the meanwhile) kinda taking the oath to use Hagoromo's power to end the war and fight for peace. Yay.

Naruto and Sasuke in front of the priest, swearing to cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

Last pages show us Madara and an almost exhausted Gai (with his fightings buddies, in bad shape too, apparently). Though Madara seems pretty beaten up, his brand new outfit falling apart and spitting blood, he does have fun and is taunting Gai for more, which Gai is going to give him...
Behold... THE NIGHT MOTH (just the name sounds scary enough to me), coming to you next week to haunt your nightmares !! Gai's death is also to be expected within the next 2-3 chapters, before returning to Naruto and Sasuke's glorious comeback.

My opinion on the chapter :

      I found this chapter a tad more boring than last week's. But I guess information is necessary to Naruto in order to continue his task.
But I really loved the colored pages and the whole “ceremony” thing, it was quite beautiful. I can't wait to see that animated. I really hope they'll do justice to Kishi's art.

Overall : I give this chapter a 3/5.

Good thing(s) :
+ Naruto and Sasuke getting their power-up
+ more information
+ amazing art

Meh thing(s) :
• the rhythm of the manga slowed down again
• Naruto accepts his duty too quickly...
• won't we see Sasuke's side of the talk with the So6P ?

Bad thing(s) :
- none

    Thanks for reading, see you next week !
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  1. To answer the 3rd point on the meh list...
    There was no need to see it. I took it that the speech was exactly the same as Naruto. Might not make sense, but sasuke said he wanted to be hokage so...
    "I want to kill my brother!"
    "I killed my brother, but actually he had ninja cancer and secretly loved me this whole time!"
    "I want to kill Konoha!"
    "I want to become Hokage!"

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha, I lol'd at the ninja cancer part x).

      But yeah, I figured this out too, but I dunno, since Sasuke's plans are still unknown (by the reader and by Sasuke's friends too), maybe we could have learned more about his real intentions during his conversation with the So6P ? Or we could have learned more about Indra and his life by seeing what happened on Sasuke's side ?
      I'm just being curious here, but it's true that it isn't really needed for us to see what the So6P said to Sasuke, it would simply have been a nice bonus.