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NARUTO Chapter 673 Review : We will...!!

Written by FrillyPhoenix

This week's chapter brought the thrill back to the fandom and myself !
There's action, awesome combo attacks incoming and for once,
the female lead of the manga isn't left out !
Next chapters are going to be amazing if my flair is right.

What's happening in this chapter ?

     The manga resumes with Naruto standing by Gai, who's been saved by Naruto's new power.
Madara realizes that Naruto stopped what should have caused Gai's death, and uses the Gudoudama Naruto sent back to him in the previous chapter to transform it into a stake.
But Naruto is too fast for Madara, and stops him before he gets to do anything with that stake.

Madara is confused as for why Naruto is suddendly so powerful. Naruto chooses this moment to ask for Yonbi's help inside of himself, Son (Gokū), and merges his usual Rasenshuriken with Son's element, the lava, to create a gigantic Senpou Youton Rasenshuriken and charge Madara with it. Madara tries to use his Limbo to dodge it, but it seems to have no effect, and he receives the enormous Rasenshuriken right in the face and it also cuts the God/Holy Tree in two at the same time.

As awesome as it may look, it's still only a Rasengan, Kishi, you can't deceive me.

While Kakashi and Gaara are amazed at Naruto's prowess, Madara, dizzy after the attack he just received, receives orders from an unknown source to absorb the God Tree and the Juubi, which he does.
Naruto uses this time to grab Gai and bring him back to Gaara and Lee, who realize that the Tree has disappeared (due to Madara absorbing it).

Naruto gets to Gaara and Lee, and Naruto informs the latter (obviously worried about his sensei), that Gai isn't going to die. Naruto himself can't really explain how he did it, but he saved him, and says that he feels like he can do anything now, while staring at his hand.

Last panel of this page shows us a hand palm with a moon symbol on it (which makes Naruto react in the previous panel as we know it is Sasuke's, and Naruto can feel it).

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

     Our little Sasuke frees Tobirama from the black rods that pinned him down on the ground. According to Tobirama's inner reaction, Sasuke being able to touch those rods means that something must have happened to him when he was about to die (what a perspicacious man, no wonder why he became Hokage).

Tobirama says to Sasuke he can only teleport one person, but that's enough to Sasuke since he is the one going to join Naruto. 

Next page shows us Madara realizing what new power the absorption of the Holy Tree brought to him.
Shit is about to get real, apparently.

Prepare you anus, young boys, I've got a black rod for you *wink*.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

     Next page bring us back to where Naruto and his friends are. He entrusts Gai's safety to Lee and Gaara before going back to battle. Before he leaves, Gaara lets Naruto know he wants to be allies with him when he becomes Hokage, and Naruto, of course, agrees.

The lower part of this page is less optimistic as it shows Kakashi, alone, having a bad feeling concerning Obito, that we get to see in the last panel of the page, panting heavily after saving Naruto's life.

The next three panels show us Obito and Sakura, alone, still in Kakashi's Kamui dimension (why didn't they return to the real world after saving Naruto..? I guess we're going to have the answer to that question within the next weeks). 
Sakura, facing Obito, tells him that even though she doesn't want to say that because he killed and hurt many of her comrades, she'll consider him an ally this time only, and thanks him for saving Naruto.
Obito says that he has one last request for her, not as her ally but as her enemy...

Awww, such a humble sweetheart : Obito couldn't have saved Naruto if it weren't for you keeping him alive.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

     Back to Naruto, we see him take one of his father's kunai and hold it in his mouth (is that supposed to make him look cool ?), as he faces Madara. Naruto can feel the other half of the Sage of Six Paths' power (Sasuke). Naruto. can. feel. Sasuke. I hope you NaruSasuNaru fans are pleased.

Madara lets Naruto know that there's no way he can beat him as he is immortal, to which Naruto replies that he doesn't intend to beat him alone **insert Sasuke's arrival**...
The two of them are going to kick his ass **insert Naruto getting a new badass chakra outfit**.

Kinda reminds me of the Prince and the Pauper... poor Sasuke, no new clothes...

Next page is a close-up on Naruto's and Sasuke's faces, revealing what the fandom has been predicting for a long time : the Rinnegan that Sasuke got, the same as Kaguya's (with the little comas in it... even the So6P himself doesn't have it !).

Even with that, Madara is not impressed and still thinks he's gonna win, as he possesses both Naruto's and Sasuke's new power-ups.
Last panel tells us that this is going to be the last fight, the fight that will determine the strongest between Madara and Naruto/Sasuke.

My opinion on the chapter :

     Except for Gai being saved and not dying, I loved this chapter. There's action, suspense, new power-ups (though many are disappointed that Sasuke didn't get an epic new outfit too) ! The two heroes are gonna do something epic in the next weeks (hopefully Naruto gets to do something else than Rasenshurikens) and FOR ONCE, Kishimoto doesn't forget his heroine while giving the two male protagonists the biggest part of the action, Sakura is still going to have a role (an important one ?) in this final battle. I can't wait to see what she's going to have to do for Obito. I made a wild guess, if you're interested. Let's see if I was right, next week.

Overall : This chapter deserves a 4/5.

     Good things :
+ we finally SEE the new power-ups
+ interaction between Sakura and Obito

     Meh things :
• Madara keeps pushing the reset button

     Bad things :
- Gai won't die

Thanks for reading, see you next week !

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