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NARUTO Chapter 674 Review : Sasuke's Rinnegan...!!

Written by FrillyPhoenix

Yes, I'm late for this week's review.
But since there's no chapter next week, you'll have more time to read this.

What's happening in this chapter ?

    I wish I knew. Chapter starts with Madara attacking Naruto and Sasuke (N&S from now on) with an Inton attack that looks like a Raiton one. Naruto sends one of his black rods to apparently absorb this "lightening" attack as Sasuke does something with his Rinnegan that only Madara understands.

Naruto chooses this moment to attack Madara with his remaining black rod, and Madara once again, uses his Limbo to counter Naruto, making Naruto's attack stop a few inches away from him. Sasuke sees "someone" that Naruto can only perceive. N&S keep attacking to try to hit "him". Madara understands that they can perceive his Limbo.

Hipster Sakura : used Limbo before it was kewl, back in 1999, BITCHES.

Sasuke tells Naruto that there is in fact another Madara (that only he can see, thanks to his Rinnegan) and that their physical attacks won't work on him. While Naruto can't see this other Madara, he can sense him.
Madara analyzes the reason why Sasuke (and Naruto) are able to sense his other self from the Limbo world, and reaches the conclusion that Sasuke and him must be connected in some way (= Indra) making him want even more to get Sasuke's left eye.

Sasuke realizes that Limbo Madara can only be touched with the chakra of the So6P and then proceeds to explain his strategy to Naruto, though the latter seems rather unhappy to be following Sasuke's "orders".
Another "Madara Inner Reflexion" moment during which he wishes Sasuke was born before Obito, so he'd have controlled him instead.

Shukaku offers to lend his sealing chakra to Naruto (as he, once again, forgets the Bijuu's name) which allows him to create yet another varient of his usual Rasengan that has Ichibi's pattern on it.
Sasuke creates a black Chidori and gives his last "order" to Naruto before they attack Madara.

Their attack lands on Madara (and his Limbo self), but they only manage to hit and seal the Limbo Madara, that was overlapping with the real Madara, who uses this time to escape aaaaand...

...snatch Kakashi's Sharingan to use it as his left eye !

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

     Meanwhile, in Kamui's dimension, we finally discover what is it that Obito wanted Sakura to do (and no, it wasn't to marry him or a cosplay of Rin as the fandom thought). He needs her to crush his Rinnegan right in its orbit.

He asks her to hurry up, as he can't contain Black Zetsu anymore (we can see him trembling).
Right at the moment Sakura was going to do it, Madara (being cut in half by Sasuke) escapes to Kamui's dimension and sees what Sakura is about to do to Obito's Rinnegan. He throws a rod at them to stop the destruction of "his" precious Rinnegan. Last panel shows us a frightened Obito.

My opinion on the chapter :

     I found this chapter a bit boring to read (especially since it is so hard to understand what's happening at the beginning), but I know that once animated, it will be awesome and easier to understand.
I liked the interaction between N&S, especially since Sasuke seemed... more gentle in his way of speaking than usual (or maybe that's because of the translation ?).
Since this review is a bit shorter than the previous ones, I'll venture to guess what's going to happen next.

     First, it is interesting to notice that Sakura is, in a way, confronted to Black Zetsu just like she was confronted White Zetsu (→ chap.540). Parallels. She should be renamed into "Kishi's Parallels Bitch".
Last week, I thought that maybe Sakura would be the one to take Obito's Rinnegan out to Sasuke, but it is impossible, since Sasuke has his Rinnegan in the same eye as Obito. Which now leaves only guy in need of an eye : Kakashi-sensei. And somehow, I think that Obito will protect Sakura against Madara, once he realizes that Madara has the Sharingan he gave to Kakashi a long time ago, and will send Sakura back to the real world with his Rinnegan to give it to Kakashi, allowing him to join Naruto and Sasuke in the battle with a new power-up of his own. But since he is very weary from overusing the Sharingan, this is quite unlikely.

     Another interesting theory is that Sakura will indeed be hit by the black rod Madara threw at them, and will use this opportunity to fully unleash the Byakugou seal, just like Tsunade did in chapter 577.
The reason why I'm mentionning Sakura so much is not simply because I'm a fan of this character, but because as a lot of people noticed, it is going to be impossible for N&S to join the fight in Kamui's dimension because (normally) Sasuke can't use this technique and the only one who could (besides Obito), Kakashi, is no longer able to, since Madara stole his Sharingan. So either Sasuke asspulls Kamui, or the next chapter is going to be Obito and Sakura VS. Madara and Black Zetsu. But Obito almost being at Black Zetsu's mercy, it is more likely to be Sakura VS. Madara and Black Zetsu as her haters call it (in a sarcastic tone).

Overall : This chapter gets a 2.75/5.

     Good point(s) :
+ the interaction between Naruto and Sasuke
+ Sasuke's strategy

     Meh point(s) :
• one does not simply steal someone else's eye to immediately use it for themselves

     Bad things :
- some of the action/dialogs are hard to understand

Thanks for reading, and see you in two weeks !

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  1. I totally agree with you. My first thought about this week's chapter wasn't a good one. It gave me a bad feeling. I don't know why but it was not exciting, not funny. The atmosphere was special. I hope the next chapter will fix it.
    Madara ... He has so many ressources. I hope the final scene of this battle will come soon ! It becomes difficult to deal with all his power.
    N&S reunited ! I'm happy for this. Their relationship is slightly different, though. Mature, that's the word I looked for ! I wish more interactions between these two.
    The scene with the cursed eye rather shocked me. It made me think that this eye is born to travel from body to body. Just like Hagoromo following his son's soul. So the question is : will Obito give Kakashi his eye again ? Kakashi without his sharingan (sorry to be mean even if I like him) is nothing. I think two choices appears for him : death or rinnegan.
    Finally ! Sakura. I hope Kishi won't find something to steal some panels from her. And she IS able face Zetsu. I don't speak about Madara since no one seems to be able to face him alone. But this is it. It's time to show us all her capacities. She isn't just a powerful medic-nin, she is also very smart and she may find something to beat the living shit out of him. I can't wait for this to happen !
    I'm waiting for the next chapter, and your next review which I really enjoy reading ! ♥

  2. Awww, thanks dear :3 !
    There's really a lack of Team 7 interaction in the second part of the manga. I hope Kishi finds a way for Sakura to join them and be of use in the last battle, along with her team mates...