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Fairy Tail Chapter 382 Review - Alegria

Written by: Shiggins

This chapter was a bit late but (mostly) worth the wait!

We start this week off with Kyouka kneeled in front of Mard Geer, the "Demon King". Kyouka is informing Mard Geer that Ezel and Franmalth have been defeated and that Face was destroyed. Geer then tells Kyouka that Sayla and Hell's Core are gone too (I'll get to that later). Kyouka tells Geer that they need to awaken their master, E.N.D. As Geer keeps his cool face, he informs Kyouka that they can't due to a lack of Curse Power and even though Face was stopped, magic will still be wiped out.

Speaking in the third person? Juvia did it first!

 Geer then asks Kyouka a bunch of questions to which she answers immediately, in almost a militaristic way. They are demons. They want to revive End and be beside their creator Zeref. And they see humans lower than insects. Now it's time for sadism as vines suddenly move, grab Kyouka and bare down on her to torture her. Geer tells Kyouka that the reason for this punishment is because Kyouka enjoyed playing with the humans too much (referring to torturing Erza), and because that disgusted him, Geer decided to punish her so much her own helmet is starting to break apart.

Payback's a bitch and so are you!

Back to Lucy, who is fashioning a bra out of the remains of her shirt (instead of just borrowing Natsu's jacket like anybody else would), we then hear Warren's telepathy reaching every Fairy Tail member. Who is Warren? He's that extremely forgettable guy who can use telepathy to conveniently contact everyone whenever he wants.  Anyway, he reveals that Mirajane is okay and with Warren, Jet and Droy.

Lucy's battle clothes get smaller every arc...

Wait... What?! No I'm sorry. Give me a second here. ......WHAT?! Are you serious? I get that not every fight is important in this series and this arc has plenty of fights to go through. I get that we want the plot to keep moving forward and there's plenty of fights on the way but... What the hell is going on?! Are you telling me that the punch from last week is all it took to kill the lesbian bookworm demon? The one who had uncontrollable power and was wiping the floor with Mirajane and Lisanna (and Lamy) was defeated by a punch from behind?! That just feels like a major cop-out! I actually checked to see if I missed a chapter because such a big and important fight of the Strauss siblings is gone without ever even happening! What a bloody annoyance!

I Swear To God I Will...

...Ok, moving on. Warren then lets everybody hear Lucy, who tells them that Wendy and Carla destroyed Face which of course causes celebration. Happy then sends his message to Makarov via Warren, and tells them how they saw the soul of Hades who informed them that they needed to "release the light". And my guess was correct! It's Lumen Histoire! Suddenly, Warren falls over in pain as his telepathy is hijacked by Geer.

That moment when you realise how little you care if a certain character dies.

Mard Geer introduces himself as the King but then actives Alegria. Suddenly, the cube they are all standing on starts to shift and transform and everybody gets sucked in by the stone walls. Minerva is still determined to tear Erza apart despite the walls sucking in Erza and the non-demons. As even the soldiers are swallowed up, and we see a glimpse of Kyouka's true face, we are then shown that the entire cube is alive and has transformed into a huge monster called Plutogrim. Yes, the cube is a demon too.

I feel almost guilty for making this reference...

As the demons look around at the Fairy Tail wizards and soldiers, all encased in stone, they suddenly feel the presence of someone who has not been absorbed by Plutogrim. Who is it you ask? It's... Lucy! (And nobody gasps in shock). This leaves Lucy as the only one left to fight against every remaining demon of Tartaros. (Mard Geer, Kyouka, Ki-su, Silver, Tempesta, Lamy and Torafusa.)

It's Super High School Level Luck!
(Also, it's this guy's (Komaeda) birthday today so celebrate it!)

Overall, I enjoyed this chapter. It moved the plot forward and has made things even more troublesome for the Fairy Tail guild. I am near-enraged at a possibly-epic battle getting wiped over like that and forgotten, but provided the others have some exhilarating battles coming up, I may just let it slide. As for Mard Geer, I'm unsure how to feel about him. On the one hand, he seems cold and indifferent to everything which is a dark quality but on the other hand, he's a bit too generic and boring for me to fully acknowledge him yet.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy for surviving the attack from Plutogrim and taking over the show for a while. (I almost always enjoy that.)

Predictions: Lucy is going to get a big epic fight and will have tons of trouble. We'll find out the reason she didn't get sucked in was because of her Celestial Magic (somehow). I'm betting it will be Lucy vs Torafusa or Ki-su.

Best Part: Seeing Kyouka get punished for her past annoyances.

Worst Part: Elfman vs Sayla was suddenly over before it began.

What... the absolute fuck?!

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