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Fairy Tail Side Stories Review - She's Erza and Natsu And Asuka

Written by: Shiggins

Two stories with a surprising link!

With Hiro Mashima's insane schedule comes several fun chapters and ideas that he won't ever get to do in the main story because some people hate filler chapters of manga. (I personally loved Exciting Ryuuzetsu Land but I know some people didn't because it was in the main story).

And the winner is...
She's Erza is the story about Erza chasing after a criminal who is pretending to be a mage of Fairy Tail, much like Natsu did during the first ever chapter of the hit series. It starts with Erza getting given a challenge in a pool game where she put the balls in the holes in the correct order. As expected, transforming into a kinky bunny outfit and using full strength on the ball only causes destruction.

Theory: Erza is a furry!

It turns out Erza only came to the bar because of some sort of dessert she wanted to try, which she then realises was next door. As she apologises, people realise she's part of Fairy Tail and freak out because of a mage thief called Moulin Rouge (nice choice of name), who has been robbing them. This causes Erza's blood to boil due to Fairy Tail's name being falsely sullied. After going next door, where she conveniently was, she steals the waitress' uniform and goes undercover.

I think this chapter was just an excuse to make Erza dress up again.

This is when she meets the vulgar punk-themed Rouge who is being loud and wearing too much mascara. This is when Erza gets even angrier and brings out what I like to call her "Buster Sword" to destroy the table with. It turns out Rouge is known for her "quickdraw" because next thing we know, she's holding Erza's panties in her hand. (It wouldn't be Fairy Tail without panties. You can't handle it? Deal with it!)

I want that superpower!

 As Rouge tries to run away, Erza gets angry and slams into Rouge which brings her through the wall and into the pool house. Rouge takes out a gun and fires a boring bullet at Erza, who then deflects it as if it were nothing. This causes a comical bouncing about which knocks every ball in their holes, like the challenge earlier gave her. After a sob story from the defeated Rouge, Erza proceeds to execute a brilliant bitchslap and gives the typical morals about being in a guild before leaving and recommending Rouge go to Fairy Tail.

I wish I could do this to some people in fandoms.

And now for the Natsu and Asuka story. The premise of this one is quite simple but definetly the funniest of the two. Natsu loses a game of target-shooting to the daughter of Bisca and Alzack, and has to do whatever she says for the whole day. What follows is a trip to the park where Asuka constantly shoots toy bullets at Natsu then makes him do random stuff like jump in the fountain.

The most evil character in the Fairy Tail series.

Next, Asuka tells them she wants to go on a job and uses her cute face to make them feel guilty when they tell her it's a bad idea. After some really simple and generic jobs, Asuka has a bunch of money and goes to the pawn shop to buy what appears to be a snow-globe but is supposedly a lacrima. Apparently, her parents sold it a while ago for some reason and Asuka wanted to buy it back for them.

Don't swear in front of the kid, you bitch!

 And for all fans of NaLu (like me), this is a brilliant moment. Asuka discovers Natsu and Lucy don't kiss like her parents do and orders Natsu to do so. Of course, there's tons of blushing and freaking out before Natsu goes to do it, and ends up being made to kiss Happy by mistake. Sadly, the next part was stupid and involves evil hand-gliders who steal the lacrima. Natsu then helps Asuka, who is getting upset, and destroys the hand-gliders but makes Asuka think she was the one who did it. (This also reveals that Natsu threw the challenge against Asuka at the beginning of this chapter by the way.)

The perfect representation of the Fairy Tail fandom.

Asuka then returns to the guild and gives her parents the lacrima. They reveal that they got given this as a reward during their first ever mission together. (Plot twist: Moulin Rouge was Bisca! I'm Erza is a prequel!) Apparently, the two of them sold the lacrima because they had to. We're then shown a flashback where Asuka was unwell and the two parents sold their lacrima to pay for Asuka's medicine. Obviously, that had been during the years where the guild was the lowest in the country.

Am I the only one who wants a Alzack/Bisca spinoff? At least a side story or two would be good!

 Overall, not as funny as the last two I felt. There were a few good jokes but with extremely simple and tiring plots, stupid excuses for villains and too much of a "why being in a guild is great" lecture, the two feel a bit short. Saying that, I did love every little thing Asuka made Natsu do, especially the NaLu moment, Erza being Erza, and the little plot twist about Bisca at the end.

Erza Rating: 2.5/5

Asuka Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Asuka for being cute, funny and trying to give the fans the NaLu moment the readers wanted.

Best Part: Asuka orders Natsu to kiss Lucy.

Worst Part:
The hand-gliding villains. 

P.S The anime has returned and is off to a brilliant start.

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