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Fairy Tail Chapter 379 Review - Die, You Annoying Bastard!

Written by: Shiggins

He's finally gone!

With Face now stopped, Franmalth is laughing as he has yet to realise. There's an awkward pause before Natsu realises he can use magic, causing Franmalth to freak out and have another tantrum where he demands souls are given to him. As he screams and runs about, he activates a magic circle using Hades' magic, and a huge explosion suddenly happens. I'm not sure why he isn't using Natsu's fire that he stole earlier but I have trouble caring.

His words defy logic and common sense!
Meanwhile, Kyouka and Erza are locked in their surprisingly boring battle right now. I thought these two would be going with fierce and unstoppable force and we'd see billions of deus ex machina and randomness but apparently not because Kyouka notices that Erza's magic hasn't gone. Kyouka then suddenly leaves and lets Erza fight someone else instead: Minerva! So for the 100% of readers that predicted that these two would fight each other, congratulations because you were all correct. Minerva calls herself "Neo Minerva" too, which sounds nice and spooky. And Kyouka then suddenly thinks to herself that she has no choice but to awaken "Master End".

Bitch chose the red pill.

Back to Franmalth, the heroes are down and groaning in pain. Franmalth then begins torturing them with random creepy tentacles that come out his body. (I'm starting to think tentacles are a big theme this year.) As Franmalth begins to take their souls, Natsu proclaims he won't let that happen and resists by "using his will to focus on the most important thing to him". Rough translation to me is that you can resist it if you keep a hold of your own soul.

His search damn well better end better than that shitty How I Met Your Mother finale!

As Natsu focuses on finding his father Igneel and Happy thinks about eating fish with Carla (yay because cat-love exists?), Lucy decides to at least set her spirits free before she dies since they are extremely important to her. I know -some- people would have prepared she said she wanted to think about Natsu... Anyway, Lucy suddenly closes the Taurus gate. This causes Franmalth to start getting pulled back into the Celestial World. Luckily for him, he ejects Taurus before that happens. The same thing then happens with Aries and Lucy then tells a big lie and says that Natsu is a spirit too, causing Franmalth to let go of him.

I am 100% done with this demon.

As Natsu slams his fist into Franmalth's face, he gets back up from the punch and says magic won't work on him. This is when Natsu reveals his secret weapon! A huge rock! Rocks have no soul and therefore, Franmalth can't absorb it! Then begins one of my favourite pictures ever as Natsu slams Franmalth over and over with the huge rock until death of that damn annoying demon occurs. As Franmalth's body dies, all the souls he absorbed over the years suddenly float up and return to their rightful places. (I'm betting most of them are dead but one or two might be going to a previous owner).

I swear, this was my exact reaction.

This is when the chapter ends on a foreshadow as the soul of Hades/Purehito/Precht appears behind the three characters and tells them that Tartaros' real goal is not Face and that Makarov needs to "let out the light". He then disappears and I had a mini-gasp of excitement because I was aware of what Hades was talking about. He means Lumen Histoire! Fairy Tail's biggest secret known only to Mavis, Hades, Makarov and Gildarts. So we'll hopefully find out what it is soon.

We interrupt this manga chapter to bring you "Tangled".

Overall, I'm just glad that Franmalth is dead. He was annoying and I will not miss him or his tantrums. His death was extremely satisfying and made me laugh though so that's good. Hopefully, with two demons dead so far, we'll get to see some new demon powers and transformations from the likes of Ki-su and Silver.

However, I did get a bit worried because of Kyouka. She said she was going to awaken Master End. Is this E.N.D? If so, does that mean my theory about Natsu being E.N.D is wrong, or is there some twist I'm unaware of that's about to happen? Time will tell!

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Natsu Dragneel for killing the worst demon in the series.

Predictions: Next week will focus on the other battles happening, and then we'll get our first glimpse at "Master End", who will hopefully be some sort of soul or memory thing that is secretly connected Natsu in some big way.

Best Part: Death of Franmalth. (I dislike Franmalth, if that wasn't obvious yet.)

Worst Part:
E.N.D might not be connected to Natsu.

What the fuck is wrong with the hands on the back of his jacket?

P.S I have seen the new anime! It is amazing! Watch it now! NOW!

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  1. You do realize that there's a chance Franmalth, and Ezel, could come back like Jackal and Tempesta right? As long as they have that demon restoration device, I doubt this is the last we;ve seen of Franmatlh

    1. That's true and as much as I would like to see Ezel return, I'm not sure of anything until we see what Lamy does. She's the one in charge of restoring people but she's busy with Lisanna right now so we'll see. Besides, it was fun to see Franmalth die like that and even if he does come back, they can't take away how good it felt to see him get his face smashed in.

      P.S I don't like Franmalth.

    2. are you going to do a review on the erza and nalu specials

    3. Yes, I am. It will be out either today or tomorrow.