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NARUTO Chapter 672 Review : The Night Moth/Guy...!!

Written by FrillyPhoenix

Due to the difference of translation by the scanlation teams,
I can't really tell what the name of the chapter really is... So I put both as the article title.
Sorry for that ! If I can get my hands on the raw, I'll fix it.
Anyway, there isn't much advancement in this chapter and it is shorter than the previous ones.
That's what we get when the mangaka goes to the movies to watch FROZEN...

What's happening in this chapter ?

     This chapter is a mix of three things : Gai vs. Madara, Naruto and Sasuke's return, and unexpectedly... (please, tell me that you do get the heavy sarcasm behind this word) flashbacks.

The chapter starts where we left it, last week. Madara uses his dōjutsu and sees that Gai's heart pressure is getting weaker and weaker, understanding that his next attack will be the last one.

Next page brings us back to Naruto and Sasuke who just finished receiving their new power(s ?) from the Sage of Six Paths. They are back into their world, standing, where their friends/healers were waiting for them, and both Naruto and Sasuke have a little symbol on the palm of their hands, a little sun for Naruto, a dark little moon for Sasuke.

There's something missing there, any idea ? No ?

We're back to Gai, who's starting to perform his next technique, which surprises Gaara and Lee.
AAAAND FLASHBACK TIME MOTHERFUCKERS (kindly brought to you by Hatake Kakashi and sponsored by our partner Kishimoto Masashi) ! Kakashi remembers his first day of school and the day he and his father, Sakumo, met Gai and Dai for the first time. 

Sakumo, as the good Japanese daddy he is, tries to greet Dai, to make their kids friends, but it fails miserably since Gai hasn't been accepted into the academy. This creates an awkward moment for Kakashi's dad, who's embarrassed of his blunder, and as we could have expected from him, Dai tries to make the situation lighter by laughing about it, causing the young (and too blunt) Kakashi to reply in a harsh manner, which unexpectedly makes Gai smile and for the first time (I guess), react like his father to criticism. Sakumo understands the potential of this young boy and warns his son that he should remember him, as he'll become a good rival. 

Back to the present, Kakashi realizes that his father was right as he witnesses Gai's last technique.

No, I'm NOT going to acknowledge you as a moth. Dragon you are, and dragon you'll stay.

Madara, at the sight of this new monster, is more excited than ever, and happily admits that Gai is the strongest Taijutsu user he ever fought. The dragon/moth (whatever you want to call it) is very fast and seems to be distorting space, allowing Gai to kick Madara with tremendous strength. 

The huge dragon destroys the ground as it falls on Madara. But while the blow is effective enough to break Madara's ribcage, it also causes Gai's leg to break during the kick. The little group that supported Gai is thrown away due to the impact of the attack. Madara gets thrown against the Tree roots with a big part of his ribcage missing, and Gai lies on the floor, with steam coming out of his body. 

Madara laughs and recognizes that Gai almost killed him, and as Gai starts... disintegrating (his heart's pressure point almost out of chakra), Madara starts regenerating himself and sends a Gudou-dama to kill him (as a sign of his appreciation for the fight). Buuuut...

Naruto, or how to kicks balls like a boss.

Naruto sends it back to Madara who dodges it quickly. Naruto puts his hand that is marked with the sun symbol on Gai's heart, pouring some chakra back to it (so maybe Gai won't die ?).

Madara notices the change in Naruto, and understand it is thanks to Obito that Naruto is still alive.
Naruto confirms to Madara that he feels in badass mood, and that he can change the outcome of the battle. His eyes are slightly different too.

Next week, his new powers will be shown to us. With this week's new elements, I'm going to place my bets on a new overpowered Senjutsu.

They should have kept NS's first opening song, "Hero's Come Back" JUST FOR DAT MOMENT.

My opinion on this chapter :

     I enjoyed it, but that's it. No particular thrill this time. I just think that Kakashi's flashback was... misplaced, and breaks the intense rhythm of the battle. However, it would have been perfect at the begining of the chapter that followed Gai's flashback about his father.

Also, I was a bit disappointed not to really see Sakura and Karin's reaction to their companion coming back to life, but since I kinda expected Kishi not to show that, I hope he is saving this moment for later.

Overall : 3/5 for this week's chapter.

     Good thing(s) :
+ Gai's new technique is awesome
+ Naruto and Sasuke are back

     Meh thing(s) :
• Kakashi's flashback, though interesting, interrupts the battle
• No interaction of the two protagonists with those who helped them

     Bad thing(s) :
- Kishimoto better not be planning on saving Gai, or I will call BS

Thanks for reading ! See you next week !

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