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Fairy Tail Chapter 380 Review - Mirajane's Adventures Through The Tank Glass

Written by: Shiggins

Nothing really happened yet I still enjoyed myself.

This week answered the big question we'd all been wondering after every death of Tartaros. "What's going to stop them just coming back again?" As Happy goes off to find Makarov and Franmalth dies grinning, knowing he can come back, we go to Mirajane and Sayla who are still fighting in the labs with a bunch of books as weapons. Also, Lisanna is trying to get Lamy off of her.

Lisanna's biggest ever battle
Sayla is confused about why her curse ability doesn't work on Mirajane (the same ability that Sayla used to control Elfman). Sayla reveals she can control people over vast differences so right now, she could tell Elfman to commit suicide if she wanted. Suddenly however, this conversation is interrupted by the rude but welcome reappearance of Ezel, who is now inside a water tank.

She looks so fucking high right now!

Ezel is of course, raging at having been killed by Wendy and is demanding Lamy bring him back so he can go out and get revenge for that. Lamy is too busy getting beaten up by Lisanna (wow, talk about being a weak villain), and Sayla is too busy with Mirajane. Lamy reveals that the lab is called Hell's Core and is where all demons of Tartaros are restored after they die. Mirajane then decides it's smart to destroy the lab first before dealing with Sayla.

Mirajane has been dreaming about that since she first discovered the dark side of the internet.

Suddenly, every water tank explodes and the demons inside them are completely destroyed (including a certain annoying demon who wanted revived). It turns out that Mirajane used Take Over to put all the tentacle stuff under her control. Apparently, Mirajane also tried to use Take Over on Sayla but that didn't work either. So of course, it's going to have to be a physical strength contest since tricks don't work here.

That's it! Lamy has to go away now!

This is when Mirajane and Sayla activate their most powerful forms. Mirajane's Satan Soul and Sayla's ultimate demon form. As expected, it's scary yet surprisingly attractive depending on how you look at it. (It also changes her skin colour. Weird.) The fight then begins again and Sayla immediately takes the dominant role as she knocks Mirajane back and an eyeball appears in her hand to send a cataclysmic wave of chaos at her. We then go to the final reveal of this chapter, where we see, for the first time, the King of Demons sitting on a throne and holding the E.N.D book.

How much does this guy look like *insert every typical villain ever here*?

Overall, surprisingly little happened to further the plot but that's to be expected since we're now at the climatic battles section of the arc. However, it is interesting to note that the tanks got destroyed. This is both a good thing and a bad thing since it means we won't be fighting villains several times over and over with no end but the problem is that now if a favourite demon of yours dies, they aren't coming back. (My favourites are Jackal and Silver.) Also, it looks like we now have our Guildmaster which should be interesting, even if I do find him extremely generic-looking, especially compared to the other demons.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Mirajane Strauss for getting into her first real fight in ages and preventing any possible unnecessary resurrection.

Predictions: Elfman is going to arrive and team up with Mirajane to defeat the crazed version of Sayla. We might finally see where everyone else went to. (Seriously, are half the guild of Fairy Tail just wondering empty hallways right now?). Kyouka will be told by the King that they won't awaken E.N.D because of reasons.

Best Part: Mirajane fighting Sayla.

Worst Part:
We thought Ezel was going to come back, then he didn't.

Laxus/Mirajane? I'm not entirely sure about that one... What do you guys think?

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  1. Enjoyed this chapter but I have one major wish,,,

    Natsu and Lucy....STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MIRAJANE'S BATTLE! Mainly directed towards Natsu (Even though I love him, this is the Strauss('s?) battle)

    But honestly, Sayla looks promising (Argh...There's so much battles I want to see....Mainly Gray's one but we can just wait and see)