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Magi Chaper 223 Review

Written by: Micha

Has anybody told you that I'm doing the Magi reviews? Well, now you know. If you don't know what Magi is, read this

This chapter starts with memories of “how they met” which is both strange and upsetting since clearly the last issue ended with the text written on the bottom that promised “In the next issue, a special arc. It will continue in the King David’s memorandum.” Instead, we get a girls’ slumber party.

I am hurt. I’m heart broken. I have been deceived.   

In the meantime, we find out that Sheba was an orphan who was left on the doors of a church as she tells Arba this insignificant detail that probably isn’t going to have much impact on the plot. She then scoots between Arba and Solomon as Arba comforts her with her maternal touches. Then Sheba takes a trip to philosophy land as she contemplates how parental figures both Arba and Solomon were to people.

If you want to be a major character in shonen, be parentless.
 The next scene is of Sheba having a chat with Falan, and her husband Wahid. Wahid the boob groping guy. Boob gropers are cool to have, but this show overplays it a little bit. Anyway, Sheba asks Falan why she chose Wahid over Solomon because clearly she has made the assumption that all women have the hots for Solomon. Falan continues to describe the qualities of Wahid in a semi-offensive way, but stated in the end that she was content.

Wahid chirps in all of a sudden and suggests that Sheba should have Solomon’s kid, which was at this point where I was convinced that this chapter was destined to be a complete lost cause.   

How often do you see a baby doing this?
 However, the chapter got less disinteresting when they showed Solomon and his gang following him around. Hipster Ugo comments that Solomon was in a foul mood considering the creatures had been making sculptures of him, which Solomon deeply disapproved. It is later revealed that his disapproval was rooted from the fear that he would go down the same road his father, King David, did.

I've always imagined Setta's voice very soft, silky, Quentin-Tarantino-in-Pulp-Fiction-y kind of way.
They were having an interesting conversation about how magicians don’t age until the conversation steered towards the topic of sexual intercourse to which Sheba-whom I had forgotten that existed- becomes repelled by the idea as if she wasn’t thinking about it all day.

Solomon then gives a heartfelt speech about how much he admires his friends, and how much he respects them for the love they have for family. Solomon then later calls Sheba a brat after being told that he should have a kid too, to which Sheba slowly curls in to a ball and magically lands on her bed manga-style.

Funny, I did the same thing after I read this chapter.

This brings us to the climax of the chapter, where Arba goes to have a chat with Sheba concerning the marriage of Sheba and Solomon’s that will forever be carved in  history.  

Arba says that Solomon used to be just like his father who disregards the other species. It was Solomon’s biggest fear that he will end up like David, which is why Solomon needs someone who can challenge him, and be critical of his actions. Arba says that they will become the pillars supporting Solomon as Sheba should be the one to marry him and boost his spirit. By his spirit, what she really means is his dick.

Well, you know they say, behind every successful man there's a woman. Or two.
 The chapter then ended with Sheba asking Solomon out, which I didn’t see coming at all.

My thoughts:

My thoughts are boiling in an oil furnace. It was one thing to be deceived by the mangaka that I was going to read something worthwhile this chapter, however, we get yet another chapter filled with the dwellings of a girl on puberty.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Sheba. No wait, I don’t and I can’t pretend I do. She has pissed me off way too much with this chapter, and we have the older woman of the love triangle encouraging her hormones. Arba and Sheba have constructively worked out how the threesome dynamic is going to work out for themselves, without even consulting Solomon about it, so I’m going to put this delicately as possible. Bitches be cray.

On the other hand, I understand why Solomon would need a wife. I can see the political perspective of this. No president has ever been elected who didn’t have a woman on his arm. Leaders are people who bring comfort to people and people are reluctant to follow a person who seems romantically hostile. But I just wish that they wouldn’t take up a whole chapter to settle this matter.

This chapter, too, ended with a comfortingly grooming phrase, “A new development in the next issue??!!” which I have decided to not take all too seriously based on my recent experience. 

Chapter rating: 2.5.

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Alladin is Sheba and Solomon’s child. I don’t care what you say, it’s true!

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  1. the special chapter was chapter 222.5 which featured davids special arc with a alot of imprtant stuff for the story so why dont you take a look at it and do a review on it just go on mangainn.com click on the magi link to see the list of chapters and just before chapter 223 and after 222 is davids special memorandum in chapter 222.5

    1. I just read it. It doesn't help that mangapanda totally skipped 222.5.

      I will add the review separately in next chapter's review. Thank you for your contribution.

    2. Your welcome