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Bleach 576 Review – “The Killers High 2”

Bleach 576 Review – “The Killers High 2”
Written by: ClayDragon

At last, the most important question has been answered!

After hearing Kenpachi note that he has a nice expression on his face, Guremi wonders what expression he actually has, and wonders why he’s feeling so good at the moment (if you’re wondering, the answer to the first question is ‘not a comforting expression’). As Kenpachi slashes at him, the ground beneath Guremi’s feet folds over him, protecting him from harm. Ignoring the spikes that line the shield, Kenpachi breaks through and slices Guremi’s shoulder.

So that's what, twice he's been cut there?

Finding Guremi a little boring, Kenpachi reminds him that he can cut through iron, but then realises that he can’t remove his sword from Guremi’s body. A giant hand appears above him, and crushes him into the ground. Guremi replies that Kenpachi is the boring one, and says that it’s useless to try and slash him. Kenpachi then breaks free from the massive hand, and cuts Guremi again before he has time to react.

Talk to the hand.

Upon realising that he’s been attacked, Guremi notes that he realised this too late, and as such he’ll also be late to recover and counterattack. He then figures out that the delayed instant is when Kenpachi will attack him again. However, he’s powerless to stop this, as Kenpachi continues to cut him up. At this point, Guremi also realises that he can’t stop Kenpachi’s sword, and begins to question whether or not he’ll actually lose the fight.

Shoulder wound count: 3

Kenpachi then asks Guremi why he stopped reacting, and wonders if he just imagined himself losing. This question snaps Guremi back into focus, and he realises that he was about to seal his own fate by imagining himself losing to Kenpachi. With this realisation, he instantly heals all of his wounds and thanks Kenpachi for pointing that out to him.

Says the person who can create things from nothing.

Thanks to Kenpachi’s question, he was able to completely erase any image of him dying, and so he resolves to never risk his life again. As he tells his opponent that he’ll regret asking the question, Kenpachi tells him that he’s never had any regrets. Suddenly, another Guremi appears out of thin air next to the original, causing Kenpachi to momentarily pause. As thanks for bringing him to his senses, Guremi plans to show Kenpachi his most powerful technique.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

As Kenpachi rushes towards the Guremis (Guremii?), he says that using a clone is the type of thing a spy would do. Guremi corrects him, saying that he can create life with his imagination, and as such the other Guremi is pretty much his other self. Neither of them can be killed, and their imagination power is doubled. At this point, the clouds above part to reveal a huge glowing ball above their heads.

Bitch Slap Level: Kenpachi.

Kenpachi then asks what it is, to which one Guremi replies that it’s a meteorite. He plans to crash it into the Soul Society, killing everyone there along with Kenpachi (and probably every other Sternritter too, but hey, collateral damage). He then claims that only he’ll be left alive amidst the rubble. Despite the impending doom, Kenpachi starts to smile, saying that he’s never cut a meteorite before. Just before the chapter ends, he finally reveals his Zanpakuto’s name – ‘Nozarashi’.

Sorry guys, but Madara did it first.

Firstly, let’s talk about the most important aspect of this chapter – we finally have a name for Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto. Well, sort of. It’s not entirely clear whether Kenpachi’s just talking to his Zanpakuto, or whether he is in fact unleashing his Bankai. Although given how the chapter ends just after the name is revealed, I’m leaning more towards the former option.

Well, it took 49 chapters, but we finally got a name.

After a quick Google search, I’ve found out that Nozarashi roughly translates to ‘exposed in a field’. Apparently it’s also a motif of skulls, bones, and skeletons, which seems to suit Kenpachi perfectly. Aside from the fact that his Shikai’s ability will most likely have something to do with bones and the like, this isn’t really that big of a hint. Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to summon an army of everyone he’s ever killed – kind of like one of Yamamoto’s Bankai’s powers.

Yeah, about that 'doubling' thing. You're the same person, with the same brain, so you should have the same imagination, as there's nothing that one of you can think up that the other one can't.

Finally, I’d like to talk about Guremi’s newest ability. Firstly, if he can create one other copy of himself, why not ten? Or a hundred? There doesn’t seem to be any sort of drawback to him using this power, so it seems strange that he’d only limit it to one copy. Also, does he even have a Vollständig? He called this his strongest power, so either this is his Vollständig or he simply doesn’t have one. Or he was just bluffing.

Shoulder wound count: 6.

Good Things:     The battle seems to be reaching a climax.

                            Guremi activating his most powerful technique.

                            We finally learn the name of Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto.

                            We’re getting closer to seeing Kenpachi’s Bankai.

Bad Things:        Some panels at the start were clearly just there to fill space.


Manga Rating:   4/5

Wonderful. The nightmares have returned.

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