Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chapter 615- NaruHina??

Okay, I’m just gonna make this quick blog, I already have a bunch of other articles piling up on my head.  The main reason I’m doing this is because people are drowning in NaruHina glitter and riding unicorns as we speak. This blog is for people who don’t like NaruHina, because no matter how much I try to convince NaruHina fans that the recent chapters are not Kishimoto shipping NaruHina, they wouldn’t understand. How could they? They’re already masturbating to it.

Like I was saying, the latest chapters do not give any impression that NarutoXHinata is gonna happen. Sure, that was finally a moment that says there’s a chance Naruto would reciprocate Hinata’s feelings and if I was a NaruHina fan, I’d be damned if it didn’t give my eyes an erection. But here’s my perspective as of why NarutoXHinata isn’t happening.
First things first, Chapter 615 is about Hinata’s development and not about romance. Hinata’s character development did not end in Pein arc, and like every other character in the war Hinata is getting her own share of growth. It’s things like Sakura punching a bunch of Zetsus, Chouji becoming a butterfly without pills, Tenten discovering Rikudo Sennin’s weapon, and Sasuke…wait, what did Sasuke do? Anyway, like all characters Hinata is getting her own spotlight in the war.

And what’s better than letting her slap the man she obsesses over if that’s gonna give her at least bit of development? I repeat, this is NOT about romance, this is about Hinata growing a pair and encouraging Naruto to wake the hell up and do some overpowered jutsu and win the war already.
The next up is the handholding.

We’re pretty much certain that Hinata has romantic feelings for Naruto as we saw she had confessed back in the Pein arc and has made him the center of her universe. But do Naruto really reciprocate those feelings? Was Naruto holding Hinata’s hand with a romantic intent? Then why was he holding her fucking hand?!  Two words: Chakra Transfer. If we look back on one of the recent chapters we saw Naruto doing the same thing with Kakashi.

Ooh, I bet your loins are stimulated with KakashiXNaruto goodness now. Naruto held her hand to transfer chakra which is his way of thanking Hinata for slapping him. Back to reality, that is. At the end of the day, NaruHina is still one-sided and Kishimoto has not gone completely nuts.
So anyway, this is my opinion. You can look at it anyway you want.

Written by: Micha.


  1. Possible but I still hoping narutoxhinata

  2. well the recent Naruhina moments in the manga are making me certain now kishi is planning something maybe hinata is going to die too :)

  3. nah they canon
    and who masturbates to that this aint porn .-.