Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Naruto 614 Review: Hakkeshou Kaiten one more time

A sad day, a sad day indeed for fans of minor characters or better put, any of the Konoha 11. As I've said, this is only the beginning.

Naruto 614 begins with Shikamaru reminding Ino and the others of the true sacrifice of those at the Shinobi Alliance HQ and helping Ino recover to grasp the monumental task before them.

It appears the central factor in Shikaku's plan to defeat the Juubi as expected was none other then Naruto. Neji along with Hinata and another member of the Hyuuga clan take to the front lines to protect Naruto so he can gather chakra and reach Sage mode, in what appears to be a plan to distract the Juubi with Naruto's Rasenshuriken.

It's possible the plan was not directly enforced in this chapter, and due to the Juubi's constant onslaught of piercing wood brought that plan to a halt with the exception of a few Rasenshurken's Naruto was able to throw at the Juubi along with Kitsuchi's awesome technique that seemed to catch the Juubi between two large rock barriers.

Before we get to the brunt of today's chapter, we see Obito standing up to Madara and even reminding him how much Madara is at his mercy. As I've mentioned in the previous chapter, we will see whatever is left of their alliance completely disintegrate before the Juubi's next transformation. I honestly believe Madara was expecting Obito's betrayal and likewise, Obito himself had no intention of bringing Madara back, so now he is in a quagmire on how to deal with both the Shinobi Alliance and Madara as well.

I guess we'll have to wait and see who will take the first shot at the other. Now, unto this weeks character death.

If this is going to be the new status quo, in which every week we have a new character death, then Touche' Kishi, Touche'. You've adopted the George R.R. Martin standard of perfection yes siree. Maybe that's what you've been reading lately.

I have to admit and say, I was one of the many who complained about the result of this "World War" and how no notable characters became causalities in its wake.

Ever since Obito's reveal, it seems character after character were dying left and right. From the Kages in their bloody aftermath with Madara and the Shinobi Alliance HQ with Shikaku and Inoichi. Quite the impression your giving us Sir Kishi.

Now that we have one of the first of the Konoha 11 to die in this conflict, I'm sure that will open even further the flood gates of minor characters deaths. I cannot stress any further that we might get Kakashi or even Mighty Guy being the next casualities.

I might be a NaruHina fan but in this chapter, Neji reveals he is the biggest shipper and he gave his life as a gift to bring this union into fruition. Yes, dear NaruSaku shippers, your boat if it didn't sink back in the Pain Arc, well consider it sunk. We got Neji sealing the deal for us. Who do you have? A filler episode?

Now, Neji was by far one of my favorite members of the Konoha 11, second to Shikamaru. If truth be told, he was a natural born genius and with the help of Naruto, he reached his full potential. Sad to say, this is how he had to go out, but now looking back, I'd say go as far as saying I can't see him going any other way.

He died like a true shinobi, following the footsteps of his father. Now the question lies, will Shikamaru do that same? If so, how many of you guys are Shikamaru fans? Are you angry that there will be no more Tenten x Neji?

I'd have to comfort those few Tenten x Neji shippers that if Shikamaru follows suit, you have Shikamaru x Temari shippers will soon share your fate and you guys will be able to share your woes together.

My final word to Kishi: O Kishi, you bastard, take Hinata and Sakura, who are both absolutely useless in these recent chapters and give us back Shikaku and Neji. Sincerely, Eli madafakin Roki.

Written by Eli.


  1. I didn't like most things in this chapter. Some, I already said somewhere else. The way Kishi handled things was so half-assed. Because he forgot of the Hyuuga up until now and suddenly he brings them back. Saying they're the strongest and stuff. Lame.

    But one thing I noticed mostly while reading this review: as if the Joint Shinobi Alliance needed Shikaku to tell them that they needed to protect Naruto. LOL if Naruto goes down, it's all over. The thing "Shikaku told us you're fundamental for this plan" was another lame thing in this chap. LOL good review, though. =)

    1. Look at it this way: Ever since the demise of the Uchiha clan, the Hyuuga clan has become an essential part of the ANBU as well as the elite Ninja forces in the Leaf village. Now that no one is able to challenge their Dojutsu or eye techniques. As we've seen with the Mist village stealing Byaakugans, its pretty clear they're a powerful asset to the Leaf now. I think the Hyuuga are proud and believe themselves the strongest of the leaf. I'd have to agree now that the Senju have become weakened and the Uchiha are no more. As for Naruto, he has always been fundamental for every plan :P Maybe it isn't Naruto this time and there is actually another character who will get in the limelight, maybe Neji's words were a ruse..and Shikamaru is actually the heart of this all. We'll have to wait and see. Thanks for the comment and sorry for the long response

    2. I think that Ino-Shika-Cho will most likely have a role in the plan to stop the Juubi. Still, Naruto is about the only one who can survive taking an attack from Madara. So. I think it's quite obvious that they need to protect him. XD

  2. Great review. And I cried. I cried like a little girl.

    However, I'm not convinced Neji is permanently gone. Why? Obito mentioned, for the first time ever, that he can use the Jutsu Nagato used to bring back the dead. Seems too coincidental. What if Naruto gets determined to make Obito fix all this?

    Wishful thinking? Perhaps but I love Neji x Tenten.

    1. I'm sure your not alone in shedding tears for Neji. His death will sure get the background music and Jiraiya treatment i'm sure. If it doesn't fuck it. I'm gonna give up on the anime. Ok maybe not. lol. As for Rinne Tensei being used to revive those who have died in this war..

      I swear if Obito gets a change of heart or all the characters who have died in this war (barely any have) or those who have died in the entire series, then i'm calling bullshit on Kishi. That would be some serious crap. For once a single main villain should be firm on his conviction until the end. All this change of heart crap is ruining the manga. I can get Kishi trying to make us relate and show us peoples humanity and how anyone can change but fuck it Kishi, we want a villain to be a villain for once. Can you give us that?

      Neji x Tenten for the win. Its still possible Neji preggoed that before the neva know unless Rock Lee got to that before him. Rock x Tenten ;P