Monday, December 10, 2012

One Piece Chapter 691 Review: The King of The Land of Death

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     This chapter begins by the entire being cut in half by law’s devil fruit ability. Man, he must really hate vergo.  The kids, Sanji, and Nami are all panicking  because of a gas leak. Meanwhile, for comic relief, Zoro’s excellent orientation skills are shown by his going TOWARDS the gas.
Look at that. She’s already talking to him like they’re a married couple.

The scene quickly shifts over to Law nonchalantly walking away from a sliced Vergo, who wonders how he is going to eat breakfast. If I had my head detached from my body I’d most likely worry about how I’m going to escape the gas that kills me in ONE second, but whatever works for you I guess.
Vergo then warns Law that he knows nothing of Joker’s real past, only to have his head symmetrically sliced by Law, who tells him that he only needs to worry for himself. This is how badass Law is. In fact, this whole arc should be renamed to Law’s arc. This also is an indication to just how powerful Joker is. Doflamingo’s former 330 million bounty does not do him justice as we can obviously tell he is much more powerful than that.
The manga shifts over to Caesar whining like a bitch, and then commanding his subordinates in the control room to release the gas. The guys in the control room tell him that they will right after their friends escape and then Caesar goes like this:

 The dumbasses in the control room actually convince themselves that Caesar is just joking, even after he called them worthless scum, and they go ahead and open the chamber anyways, and my reaction was:


Caesar then absorbs the gas and becomes even uglier (as if anyone thought that was even possible).

Caesar then proceeds to petrify his own troops, who are crying out of disbelief that their leader has betrayed them. Meanwhile, Luffy dashes right out of the room. Caesar’s troops in the control room then proceedmock Luffy and say that he is afraid, which prompts Usopp to stop hiding and defend his captain(We didn’t even notice him before he stopped hiding). Usopp pretty much eulogizes Luffy, stating how he never gives up on his friends, and about how they’re all one big family.

We then switch over to the last panel, where Luffy is preparing some type of 3rd gear armament Haki Jet Bazooka, and you can just see the look on Caesar’s face. He knows exactly what’s coming next.

(Next chapter prediction: Caesar meets Enel)

Written by Abdul.

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