Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bleach 519 Review: Soul King's Realm of Fanservice?!

Now we all know Fanservice when we see it and this chapter ladies and gents..was taking serious notes from Fairy Tail.

Now unto the review:

Bleach Chapter 519 begins with a tour of the Realm of the Soul King. Ichigo finds himself standing before what appears to be a walk way that ascends up to a platform that can teleport to one of the 5 plates that are Zero division quarters. In the middle, the suspended cocoon like sphere is explained by one of the zero division royal guards is the Greater Palace or the Soul King's Quarters.

Where does the Ouken come into play? Well good on you folks, its apparently inside of each of the Five Royal Guards. You heard it right. Aizen's Holy Grail is in the bones of each of the Five Royal Guards.

So when we were shown this:

We were simply being trolled by Kubo. How in the world does that, have any resemblence to this:

Next time Kubo describes an object, tell him to go fuck yourself. That always works for me.

Now unto the Fanservice..

"Warm in both Body and Soul" Get it?! Good

So i'm not against fanservice. Don't get me wrong. It's only a problem when its spammed all through the series like the Ouken was. But that above image there...who could complain?

So Ichigo is teleported to Zero division royal guard member Kirinji Tenjiirou's Division Quarters, bringing them into what appears to be a Hot Spring.

Ichigo goes ballistic as he was told he and his fellow wounded Shinigami would be taken to "medical" quarters to be healed. Kirinji being the Zero Division's chief medical officer, explains that the Hot Spring itself is infamous for its healing properties. He explains its resemblance to the one in the Soul Society and that this "Bloody Hell Pond" is the original archetype for those Hot Springs. He explains the process of healing through extracting the negative reiatsu and some of the contaminated blood.

Before the end of the chapter we get to see the "thing" itself. Yeah, I said it. The Soul King appears in the last panel of Chapter 519. A way to serve your fans, Kubo. I commend you.

I actually enjoyed this chapter and Kubo has had a great run on this arc. Its brought back many Bleach fans who have felt disappointed after the Aizen arc. The second quarter of this year might be Bleach's year.

I'd like to point to a few things. Among them one of the Royal Guard members calling Aizen, "Pure Evil".

After the Aizen fight in Bleach Chapter 422, Ichigo wonders if Aizen willingly gave up. He wonders if he was indeed truly evil or he was simply fighting the fact that he wanted to be a "normal Shinigami". The feeling of isolation eating away at his very core.

Bleach 422 - Page 17

Bleach 422 - Page 18

This alone leads me to believe that perhaps there was some truth to Aizen's ambition to fight the "Soul King" and the simple answer that the Royal Guard Senjumaru Shutara gives him that Aizen is "Pure Evil", that leads me to question if the Royal Guards themselves are somewhat brainwashed into believing this, or is there something more to the story?

So I give Bleach Chapter 519, 5 out of 5 for simply being awesome. The fanservice and the revelation of the Soul King and the Ouken despite it being trolled somewhat still impressed me. So What do you think about Chapter 519? Do comment below.

Thank you for reading.

Written by: Eli

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