Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Naruto 613 Review: Hail Mary!! Someone call Animal Control!

Naruto Chapter 613 begins with the Shinobi Alliance going all out; hoping to deliver a heavy blow to Madara and Obito Uchiha.

The strategy they have in mind is that, if they cannot hurt the Juubi, with the belief that they have it immobilized, they can target its "Mind" referring to Madara and Obito who are controlling it.

Considering how destructive the Juubi is by itself, one would assume regardless if they were able to successfully cut off the Uchiha Duo from their control over it, it would still wreck havoc upon them and the Ninja world.

As their worst fears are realized, the Juubi is indeed not restrained, and Obito and Madara happen to be using the time in order for the Juubi to further transform and perfect itself. It lashes out against the Shinobi Alliance, terribly wounding scores of Shinobi in the process.

And apparently, in this dire situation Naruto's precise shoulder gets dislocated. I mean Naruto you couldn't have chosen a better time.

The Juubi literally looks like it went on a killer diet and its one hungry joker. I'm sure now more then ever, it just wants to see the world burn...

Now that I got that out of my system. Back to the review..

It seems the Juubi as it moves closer to perfection is little by little slipping out of the Uchiha Duo's control and Madara and Obito repeatedly try to subdue it using the First Hokages cells. As the Shinobi Alliance tend to the wounded, the HQ headed by Shikaku advise Kakashi and the others on how to deal with the Juubi threat. After the Uchiha Duo get the Juubi under control, they prepare a Tailed Beast bomb and thanks to Kitsuchi's fast thinking he manages to divert it and the team get their first taste of Bijuudama 3.0 as it blows some poor distant nether realm into oblivion.

When the team snaps out of their evident disorientation, they find themselves out of options on how to deal with the Juubi, as the Uchiha duo decided to bombard the nearest village to test out the trajectory capabilities of their new Bijuudama.

In fact, what the Shinobi Alliance and the HQ failed to understand was that Madara and Obito were trying to locate the Shinobi Alliance HQ and they aim a strong one in their direction, with only a short head ups for them, leaving Shikaku with only one chance to depart a final piece of instruction to Kakashi and the rest of the team on how to defeat the Juubi.

Shikaku died as he lived, in service to his village and Shinobi. He left his son with a worthy example and he left him and the Shinobi alliance with some semblence of hope against this deadly duo and how to defeat the Juubi. 

One can't bother but notice how Madara and Obito aren't taking any of this shit seriously. I mean they're playing games. This is nothing but Hunger Games to them. I'm sorry, I'm not even a fan of the Hunger Games series but I couldn't help but poke fun at the fact that our Uchiha Duo see not a shred of hope in the Shinobi Alliance even standing a chance against them. This is all a stalling technique to them before the Juubi is perfected and they destroy the Alliance and plunge the world into the Eternal Tsukiyomi or so Obito insists.

I wonder what Shikaku's departing words and strategy were. As much as I admire Shikaku prowess and skill, It would be a ballbuster if the Alliance stops the Juubi so immaturely. I mean we just met Juubi form 2: Hungry Joker and Juubi form 1: Ninja Turtle/SlowKing.

Yes that's a Pokemon reference. For those who might not remember who SlowKing was from Pokemon, i'm comparing the Juubi's first form to this guy:


I'd say we should give it more time and see what the Juubi's next transformation is. In other words, Madara has been spamming Moon Stones throughout this whole battle. Who knows what the Juubi will evolve into next. I don't know about you, but I'm excited as ever.

Now lets take some time to remember someone we lost in today's chapter. With war there is grief and death and loss and today my friends, we've lost a precious character. Lets have a moment of silence for:


Rest in Peace will be missed. :''(

P.S  For those who are having a hard time believing Shikaku and the rest of the Shinobi at the HQ are dead, notice how he was sending transmission to the Alliance before he died and notice the reaction of Shikamaru. He's truly gone unless Kishi pulls a fast one on which case, he will not be forgiven by this don't ever play with the life of my sweet Mabui...fucker!

Written by Eli.


  1. great review =) and... Shikaku :'(

    1. I'd tell you Shikaku and Co. are fine but i'd only be lying to you. They will be sorely missed. I mean did you see that thing on impact? Ouch. Thank you for your comment and I'll try and keep these reviews coming :)

  2. Mabui is too beautiful to die...
    two amazing fathers died,
    I really feel sorry for Shikamaru and Ino
    and now what?
    Choza will die?
    Hiashi will die?
    How many fathers will die?
    how many daughters and sons will cry?
    Thanks for the review...

    1. The short answer would be, many and many more. It's pretty clear the Juubi is only getting warm at this point. And this my friend is only the imperfected Juubi. The Juubi is the real deal and isn't meant to disappoint lol. Hopefully the Juubi will turn on Madara and Obito and then they will have no choice but to deal with it along with the Alliance then. I'm sad to say, but I believe we will only lose more central characters from this point on, but I doubt Shikamaru will be one of them. I'm thinking Senseis, maybe Kakashi or Guy. Though Naruto will only truly feel the expense of war with the lose of a close friend namely one of his companions around the same age. Only time will tell. Thanks for the comment as well. It's appreciated :)