Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 9 review: The Prince's Duty


So Episode 9: The Prince's Duty begins with where our last episode left off. Alibaba finishes the tale of his childhood with Kassim in the Slum's of Balbadd and how fate separated them and lead them through different paths, one more fortunate then the other.

As we see during the exchange between Aladdin and Alibaba, Sinbad and Jafar listen attentively to the story through the wall and learn about the identity of Alibaba, as a prince of the royal house of Balbadd and its rightful heir.

We learn one of the main reasons Alibaba is swayed to help Kassim and the Fog Troupe is after learning the fate of Mariam, the sister of Kassim, that she died from the plague that spread among the inhabitants of the slums and that due to the wealthy and the Palace's complete denial of assistance and evacuating the inhabitants so as to keep the plague quarantined among the destitute inhabitants, they are relocated.

After the Fog Troupe raids the hotel where Alibaba was taken and a confrontation ensues between Sinbad and Alibaba who feels his loyalty lies mainly with the Fog  Troupe and their cause.

After a rather heated battle between Alibaba and Sinbad, who we see that Sinbad is quite capable without his Djinn magical weapons due to his Magoi control and he takes on Sinbad who is clearly sorely acquianted with his Djinn weapon Amon, and is defeated by Sinbad. Noted that Sinbad himself notices that Alibaba is indeed a prince from his royal swordplay skills but that too proves ineffective against Sinbad's experience.

When it seemed impossible for the Fog Troupe to defy or even surplant Sinbad and his allies, the revelation comes that Sinbad's true intentions were now to join the Fog Troupe which is recieved with great suspecion and mistrust.

Alibaba finally agrees to allow Sinbad and his group to join the Fog Troupe and Sinbad tells Alibaba that he should do what the rightful heir of Balbadd should do and speak for the people and their demands and the Fog Troupe go out and scatter posters calling people outside the Palace of King Ahbmad at which the expected Negotiation between Alibaba and King Ahbmad goes awry and King Ahbmad reveals his true colors and says that he is no brother to a street rat namely speaking of Alibaba and the fact that his mother was a "prostitute" living in the Slums, or so it is believed.

In one of the last bits of the episode we again encounter a black haired menace walking through the crowd who oddly looks like young Aladdin and has dark Magoi around him. He is the same person who threatened to shut Aladdin and Alibaba in the Dungeon of Amon. Could he also be a Magi? If so was there not only one Magi to choose the rightful King?

I give this episode 3 out of 5 for the action but for the most part, I hoped we would know more about the Magi like character and who he is.

Thank you for reading.

Written by: Eli

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