Friday, December 14, 2012

Bleach 520 Review: You don't want to see Unohana Mad!!

There's not much to say about this chapter. In Bleach Chapter 520 we find ourselves back in the Soul Society in the aftermath of Ichigo and Co.'s departure. It seems the succession and replacement of First Captain and Commander Yamamoto has been sped up so the Soul Society can be prepared in case of another attack and not left vulnerable.

Ladies and Gents, meet the New Captain of the First Division and Commander of the Gotei 13:

Shunsui Kyoraku.

After recieving this critical piece of information, Shunsui gets straight to work and his first act as the New Commander of the Gotei 13 is to teach Zaraki Kenpachi how to kill.

This incentive breaks all conventions previously held and preserved under the leadership of Commander Yamamoto and it seems this could not have come about unless Shunsui considers the desperate circumstance the Gotei 13 and the Soul Society is in. They need every Shinigami at their very best. They cannot afford taking the same risk twice.

This revelation creates an uproar among the establishment but Shunsui is firm on his decision. They warn him about Zaraki's possible betrayal or rebellion in the future but let tomorrow worry about tomorrow.

Lo and behold, this task of training Zaraki and teaching how to kill is left to none other then the "First Kenpachi" Unohana Yachiru. At first I was expecting someone else to train Zaraki, I honestly was not expecting Unohana, but her calm disposition did set off all my alarms from the very beginning and now all is explained.

Now i'm hyped to see "First Kenpachi's" true powers. Its possible she's been holding it all back for fear that her lust for battle will consume her and thus she maintains this "false" illusion of calm.

Ladies and Gents, we will soon witness how the original Kenpachi gets down.

Now unto the rest of the chapter. We also find out more about the Hot Spring in the Soul King's Realm. We find out its true nature and how powerful it truly is.

Apparently, Royal Guard Tenjirou's Hot Spring or "Bloody Hell Spring" is so powerful it almost tears apart Tenjirou's associates. They wear suits made out of super reishi and they are surprised that Ichigo along with his companions are able to withstand it completely naked.

Way to troll us on and on Mr. Kubo. We also find out that Ichigo without even transforming is as powerful if not more powerful then Royal Guard level Tenjirou, which he mentions after we see the hand he used to punch Ichigo to prove he was healed, now appears wounded and broken.

Interesting chapter, it seems Kubo is intent on revealing something in every single chapter until the end of this year. Don't you think your overdoing things even a little bit Kubo? Trying too hard to be the Japanese M. Night Shyamalan anyone?

You know what Kubo..maybe you should hire M. Night Shyamalan and let him make a live action Bleach movie...i'm sure you'd love that!

Good Morning and Good Night.

Written by Eli

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