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Vampire Knight 89

"In the future and in the past, a unique connection exists for all eternity..."

When last month's chapter cover featured a Zeki embrace, we all knew it was going to be all about Zeki. Seeing this Yume cover was no different.

If you're a Zeki, you groaned in frustration, if you're a Yume, you most likely broke out into tears of  joy, added this moment to your Facebook timeline and sacrificed a plushie to the anime gods in thanks. No, just me? Okay. Honestly, at this point whether it's Yume, Zeki or whatever they call ZeroxKaname (Zeme?) I don't much mind anymore. I'm just waiting to understand what on earth is even going on in this plot.

What can be understood is that Yuki decided the only way to spare Zero from his thirst and feelings was to erase his memories. One of the first, if not the first time, we have seen Yuki use her pureblood powers for personal use. Many may see it as selfish, but I can see why she did it. She clearly has plans that Zero will disagree with and she knows the only way to keep moving is to make him forget. But allso, I do sense there are more selfish motivations.

The destruction of the Vampire Hunter HQ along with half the weapons with it have been confirmed and no one is sitting by idly. The vampires have stepped up in helping out the hunters with bothersome vampires that could cause trouble for everyone. With the weapons gone, I'd say the hunters have no choice but to accept their help in maintaining order.

Meanwhile we learn bits of history and information on the Hunter's Association and Kaein's background; The academy is actually the birth place of the association and The Parent? The fact that his parents are the ones that purchased the property reveals he was a much more important former hunter than we first were lead on. This goes to show comic relief characters can also turn into an important piece for information and be uncomfortably suspicious as well. I'm curious to know what all he truly knows.

Yuki confronts Zero and confirms his memories are 100% gone. Many are speculating he'll remember eventually, but I wonder just how long that would take? I also think he'll start to realize pieces are missing here and there. His sudden loss of thirst for blood is solid proof that he truly craved Yuki's blood over anything else. No matter what anyone thinks of Zero, he has truly cared for Yuki since day one. Even if he has a preposterous way of showing it most the time.

The Director calls for Yuki to follow him to an unknown destination outside where she hides and sees Kaname. There it is now shown that Kaname never really killed Aidou's father and all his actions were fallacy in an attempt to cut all his ties and loyalty. He really is the anti-hero of this show despite no one expecting him to play that role. I have to say, it was a little obvious her did all those things intentionally but I'm so relieved it see it out in the open now.

I love seeing Kaname's vulnerable side again. The mome The Director said Yuki took Zero's memories for him, he showed a moment of weakness and seemed genuinely surprised she would go that far for him. And when she jumps out to yell, their eyes meet. Before, he would stare at her so coldly, trying so hard to be a villain, but here, he could only stare at her in amazement.

Before I go on gushing about the Yume moments, I want to point out something interesting I didn't catch until I reread this chapter. When the Director said "I want you to know I know that's not your true intention. I'm counting on Yuki to hold you back." This makes me think he means Kaname putting his heart in the furnace. If Kaname isn't planning to sacrifice himself, then what is it?

I have yet to see anyone mention it though because YUME.

While finally alone and out in the open for the first time, Yuki confronts Kaname on all his bullshit. The lies, she has to let him know how wrong it was, and justifiably so. She so desperately wants to be Kaname's equal and he still can't see her for the now mature pureblood she is. She wishes to punish him for all the deceit but he can't stop thinking about Zero's memories being erased. As much as I want to say Kaname is a good guy again, I can't help but feel Zero's memories were something he needed for a plan.

Despite what Kaname has planned for the next day, neither he or Yuki can stop their feelings from coming to surface. I can see why Kaname did everything he could to avoid her, once she's there with him, they just can't help themselves but embracing. No matter what Kaname does from this point on, I'll never duobt his love for Yuki ever again! If only he'd realize he doesn't have to be perfect to love Yuki. She doesn't expect anything from him but his honesty and love.

And now... this.... this moment we've all been waiting for.

On the left, who are those Alice in Wonderland, lolita wannabes? No one seems to know or give two fucks because SEX.



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We all need to sit and appreciate this beautiful portray of happiness and bliss between them, because I can tell things are about to get even worse than before. I just hope Kaname decides to keep Yuki at his side.

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