Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pikabellechu's Sasuke Cosplays!

Cosplay is always perfect when you're having fun and add a bit of humor in to it. This Sunday we have a hilarious cosplayer from United States, and I just love her Sasuke cosplays. 

Sasuke's new ride.

Gangnam Style.

A hamster on Sasuke's head. For no reason.

If you get the " Sasuke's duck butt" joke, you'll get the rest of it.

He wants the ducks!

Sasuke chanelling his inner self.

This picture gives the real meaning of "duck butt".

...aaaand Sasuke's ready to go to bed.

If you like Chula's cosplays, find out more of it on her deviantArt account and she also has recently created a Facebook page to give her most recent cosplay updates. Aside from Sasuke, she has cosplays Itachi, Sakura, Kiba, many characters from Pokemon and also many other cosplays.

Thankyou Chula for letting us use your pictures.

Stay tuned for the next cosplay, next Sunday.

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