Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gaara and Sasori Cosplay by Nekomatalee


If you're even a little bit active in the fandom, there's a high chance that you might've seen the above picture at least somewhere. She's a US cosplayer and I love her Gaara and Sasori cosplays!

About her Gaara cosplays Lee says, "I drafted the pattern and sewed my Gaara cosplay myself from maroon broadcloth lined with grey and fixed shut with pearl snap buttons."

Found out more of her cosplays on her deviantArt and her Facebook. You can also follow her on Tumblr
Excluding her Sasori and Gaara cosplays, she has also cosplayed;
Toon Link.
Matryoshka Gumi
Aisha ClanClan
Seras Victoria
and many, many more!

We'll come with more cosplays, next Sunday!

Thankyou Lee, for letting us feature you on our blog.

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