Friday, February 22, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 320 Review - LAXUUUUUUUS…..PUNCH!!!!!!!

Written by: Shiggins

You’ve got to love it when you see an uppercut!
After seeing Gajeel turn into psycho Iron-Shadow-Dragon-Of-Awesome-Doom-FTW and trudging through a frustrating story that frankly feels inferior and overly complicated right now, we get to finally see how the other fights are going.

Sadly, the first few pages of this chapter showed random shots of what’s happening over at Natsu’s area but we can accept that. For now.

Erza is too tired from fighting Kagura to properly take on Minerva and is now literally being tossed around like a rag doll, while Minerva is clearly having a great time as she prepares to publically execute our precious Titania.

Meanwhile, Gray and Juvia are working together and taking on Lyon and Chelia, the former of which keeps insisting he can’t attack Juvia. Of course, Gray notices this and realises that he has a very good chance because they two don’t seem to work together as well as Ice-Man and Water-Girl.  Unfortunately, no crazy Juvia moments right now but I’m sure they’re coming in future chapters.

However, despite all this, the highlight of the chapter was good old Jura and Laxus as they prepared to begin their fight. Orga challenged Jura to block his attack, which was basically a massive lightning-style Kamehameha with a massive title. And Jura responded to that in a nice, decent manner. He literally KO’d him in one hit.
Classic Jura!

Laxus’ response was indeed appropriate as was the audience’s and, hopefully, the readers. Not only has Jura popped up and pretty much stolen Laxus’ fight, he has made it obvious that fighting him is a waste of time and you should run. Laxus refuses to and is almost destroyed in one hit too until he jumps up and, in my opinion, awesomely uppercuts Jura.

Now there’s something here that’s interesting me greatly. Ooba’s words about Jura and the Wizard Saints. She basically tells us how Jura is 5th place in the Saints and that there are 4 other Saints above him. Apparently they aren’t even human, which interests me even more. I’m quite positive we will be seeing them in the future as we get to see silhouettes of the other 4 and because it’d be a bit of a copout if we didn’t. So to put it simply fellow readers, Fairy Tail isn’t finishing anytime soon as many seem to be suspecting.

Now onto Orga. I’m ok with this. Sure he was big and strong and he was great at singing, (yeah I loved it), but having another Super-Sabertooth dude run around and beat up Laxus would have probably belittled Laxus and everything he has done towards this chapter. Laxus taking on Jura is the ultimate challenge and test to who he is as a fighter and guild member.

Manga Rating: 4/5. 

Character of the Week: Jura for his amazing ability to “pwn” anyone whenever he wants.

P.S Am I the only one who smelled a bit of romance in the air?
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