Monday, February 18, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Suigetsu

Favorite personality trait:
His determination to collect all the swords of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. Loved the way how he explained each and every sword to Jugo, and also the reason why he wants to collect all the swords.
Favorite relationship:
Karin. Even if he gets beaten up every time, they can’t live with or without each other anymore. When he freed Jugo, he was wondering about Karin’s hideouts, so it means he notices her absence, and also cares about her in one or another way.
Favorite fight:
His fight with Killer Bee. It was the first time we saw Taka fight together and they even ‘succeeded’ in capturing the Eight-Tails. Suigetsu saved his team-mates’ lives by risking his own life for them, which was an awesome thing to do since he always seemed to dislike them.
Favorite jutsu:
Hydrification Technique. Awesome technique. Very useful too. It’s also awesome that because of this technique, it was made clear that the Second Mizukage was a member of the Hozuki clan.
Favorite outfit:
Not much of a choice… since we’ve only seen one outfit. I personally don’t like it that much, but the fact that his eye colour is the same as his shirt, it just awesome.
Favorite random thing:
His urge to kill. He gets these ‘outbursts’ where he outs his urge to kill or cut someone or something. Knowing that he suppresses these urges for Sasuke, makes it even funnier when he gets an outburst.
Personal thoughts:
The first time I saw Suigetsu in de anime (didn’t read the manga yet), I thought he was a creep. But his techniques are awesome. And his personality is great. I really hope he will be able to fulfill his quest to gather all the 7 swords, since he’s really passionate about them. Though I would hate to see Chojuro lose to him.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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