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Fairy Tail Chapter 321 Review - Copycat!!

Well this week was intense!

We got to see our very own Laxus face off against Jura in an epic match, both of them smacking each other with different moves and powers. Laxus and Jura have always been two of the toughest guys out there, with a penchant for having quick, brutal fights that are always impressive.

Meanwhile, Erza seems like she's finally going to take Minerva as she shows how to cut a bitch. And she then activates Second Origin, finally bringing out a fresh new armor.

Gray and Juvia are battered and look ready to be defeated but Gray insists that they can win this through teamwork as he holds her hand to help her back up so they can beat up a guy in love and a little girl. Awww.

Eventually, much to everyone's surprise, Laxus defeats Jura in an epic punch after quoting Natsu, thus putting Fairy Tail in the lead for first place!

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I enjoyed this chapter on quite a few levels actually. First of all, we had an epic fight between two powerful monsters. The stage was set for what could easily have been a huge fight which destroyed cities. Although it could have lasted longer, it ended very well I think with Jura smiling as he goes down.

For all fans of GrUvia, this chapter may have been a good one for you. Juvia seems to be keeping in control of her crazy fangirl nature over Gray. I'm actually quite in favour of this as it shows Juvia isn't just obsessed over him. She actually can be with him and be a normal girl when she wants to be. So for all you non-GrUvia-fans out there, you've just been proven wrong.

I may be reading too much into it, but I thought Laxus quoting Natsu was really good. It showed how he actually respects Natsu and, in some small way, wants to act like him. It shows how much he has developed, from a guy who looks down on them all, laughing at them and calling them weak to a guy who wants to fight alongside them all. Also he doesn't smoke anymore.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Laxus for his defeat of the "Monster" known as Jura.

P.S Looks like Lector has returned and found a new home!
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