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Fairy Tail Chapter 325 Review - The Pumpking!

Written by: Shiggins

Damn! This was a fun week!

So first of all, we had Natsu and Future Rogue start their fight. F.Rogue seems to have gone quite mad and decides to kill Natsu too since he's in the way. Natsu disagrees with all of F.Rogue's decisions so far and promises to change the future in the way he wants, not F.Rogue's. This most likely involves punching someone, giving an emotional speech or two, then celebrating.

What I Say And Do When Someone Steals My Cookies
Speaking of celebrating, our favourite white-haired beauty, that isn't from Bleach, has finally had a scene. Admittedly, I got my hopes up for Mirajane doing a lot more, but I was happy to see her. She saw Yukino all sad and instantly said how they were all born for a purpose. Now, I know she was just cheering Yukino up, but I think Mirajane may have just sealed her and everyone else's fate. Yukino will probably hear these words and choose to change the future by closing the door. My prediction may be wrong but we'll find out soon. 

Maybe I Should Start Spending Time Like This With My Actual Sister.
Everyone, that isn't Natsu but part of the Rescue Team, now arrive at the door to Eclipse. The Princess and Arcadios and the Minister and all the random guards are opening the door. The time has come and Lucy informs them of F.Rogue's murder and then promises to do nothing and let this happen. Personally, I'm surprised so many characters are open to the slaughter of 10,000 dragons and haven't once tried to think of another way to stop them. Not once!

And now, for my favourite part of this chapter. The king finally shows his face, after hiding it for no reason whatsoever all this time, and tells the townsfolk to evacuate because of the imminent attack. All the guilds offer to band together and use their magic against the dragon army. After a bunch of fun one-liners from everyone, the king gratefully cries and thanks them. He then accidently says "kapoh". Kapoh! This reveals the King was actually the Pumpkin Mascot!!!

I Honestly Had The Exact Same Reaction As Sting!
This chapter ends when Natsu questions F.Rogue's true intentions, and the door to Eclipse finally opens.

I loved this chapter for several reasons. We saw Natsu upset and angry, we saw some more shadow magic from F.Rogue, the Eclipse project is finally happening, our old buddies back in the guilds had some screentime, and the Pumpkin's identity was revealed! 

Now we just need to see if Natsu can defeat F.Rogue and if this Eclipse project is even necessary, let alone going to work. I'm actually expecting all of this to have been a lie and by opening Eclipse, the world will end. And that was what F.Rogue wanted all along, for some strange reason.

Manga Rating: 5/5

Character of the Week: Mirajane for finally appearing and making an impact in just 2 pages. 

P.S Due to recent events, this man is now known as the Pumpking. And you shall love that name.  

Worship Him!

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