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Brief History of the Shinobi World Before Konoha [Part 1]

Written by: Sexy Micha

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  Rikudou Sennin

Rikudo Sennin was said to have been a travelling monk which of course, itself says so much about his hardcore-ness. He is a man (which is one of the few things we’re all very sure about him) whose face which hasn’t been confirmed yet. He was the first person to have had discovered ninjutsu and defeated the Ten Tails(Juubi)  and sealed it inside himself, which by the way is said to be so powerful it makes Kurama look like Ms.TonTon.  
For certain, this guy must be really powerful.  Why wouldn’t he be? He possesses the powerful dojutsu; the Rinnegan, and mastered the Wind Release, Earth release, Water Release, Lightening Release, Fire Release, Ying Release, Yang release, Ying-Yang release, and anything else that needs to be released.
However, the Juubi was more than even he could handle, so he split it into nine sections and sealed its physical body in to the space with a massive Chibaku Tensei creating the moon we see today.

He also gave birth to two sons (none of us is sure exactly how); Uchiha and Senju between whom he had yet to choose to be his successor.  And everyone also believes that this is where everything went downhill. From the brothers, Rikudo Sennin chose Senju to be his successor and halved his power as Senju received the will power and the Uchiha received spiritual power. Rikudo Sennin is said to have died after. Hopefully.

The Ancestors; Uchiha and Senju

Rikudo Sennin’s sons; Uchiha and Senju were born, well, supposedly on their respective birthdays. They both inherited a part of their father’s strength. 
While the younger son, Senju inherited the will power and physical energy, the elder son Uchiha inherited the powerful chakra and spiritual energy. This is not the only place where the brothers’ personalities clash. Senju believes that love and cuddling is the answer to peace but his brother believes that brute force and making people pee in their pants is the answer to peace.
I guess that’s why they say that having one child makes you a parent, and having two makes you a referee. But since Rikudo Sennin chose Senju to pass on his dreams and to find peace on his deathbed, I guess he wasn’t fortunate enough to be the referee.
But that’s beside the point.

The history also highlights the weapons these brothers use. Senju used Shakujo a weapon his father used, meanwhile Uchiha used a sword. The Shakujo is said to symbolize Senju’s desire for love whereas the sword symbolizes Uchiha’s thirst for power. I could say that I believe that these representations add more intense dramatic effect to their characters but I’d be lying. No, I just believe it’s all lovely BS.
Upon their father appointing Senju as his successor, Uchiha was furious and believed he himself was much deserving and worth the title. The elder brother grew hatred towards his younger brother and one thing led to another and before they knew it, they were at each other’s throats and producing babies of their own.  Both not at the same time, of course.  The said descendants formed the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan we now have today.

Note: The pretty one on the left is Uchiha.

Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha

Uchiha Madara is one of the people in the series who was actually designed to scare the crap out of the rest of the characters. He was known to have a stronger chakra than any of the Uchihas. He had a younger brother named Izuna with whom he engaged in his trainings. Izuna and Madara competed with each other and constantly tried to surpass each other, resulting in them both activating the Mangekyo Sharingan.
With this newfound unique power, Izuna and Madara dominated their clan and soon Madara would be the leader. However, with great power comes a great pain in the ass. Since they were involved in frequent battles at that era, the overuse of MS caused Madara to go blind. 
Due to the longing for light plus the retarded logic of the Uchihas, Madara pluck his brother’s eyes out- stole or was gifted we may never know- and gained the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Where does Hashirama fit into this love story?

Hashirama Senju, a strong believer of the “will of fire”, was the leader of the Senju clan whom rivaled with the Uchihas since previously said ancestors. If one side hires the Senju, the opponents would hire the Uchihas. Since both clans were equally powerful, there were endless battles and fights. Which is like two equally strong and stubborn people arm wrestling. 
Soon, they both got tired of the conflict and the Senju negotiated with the Uchihas for peace. Madara ofcourse who valued his brother’s “sacrifice” for the clan, couldn’t let go of the hatred and the rivalry but had to make peace with the Senju as his clan wanted.
The peace between the Senju and the Uchiha birthed a treaty to coexist together and that was how Konoha came to existence.

And everything has been shit since then.

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