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Fairy Tail Chapter 323 Review - The Corridor of Hell!!!!!

Written by: Shiggins

As if this Eclipse project wasn't confusing enough!

We start off with Fairy Tail being happy and proud, while the rest of the contestants and the audience are shocked that they won without losing anyone. Then Sting and Lector stand up and ask the question no-one has asked yet, "Where is Natsu?".

That's Not What Your Mum Said Last Night!
Back at the corridor, which is getting to be the most boring and pointless plot point of the entire series, Natsu and the gang are still fighting random soldiers and those executioners. Just when it seems like they've run out of magic, they are saved! Right? ...We don't know because it was a shadow that seems to have eaten all of the baddies.

Arcadios confronts the princess just as she stands outside Eclipse 2. Instead of doing what I had hoped, and smacked her and the others in his shiny new armour for being annoying and not telling us what's going on, he says she can take his life! And why? Because he doubted her word! Honour!

Big Plot Twist! The princess reveals where her information came from! A MAN from the future. And as Jellal just figures out when there is almost no point anymore, there is someone else other than Lucy who came from the future. And where is he? In the corridor!

His name... Is Rogue Cheney!

Also translated to, "I'm Sexy And I Know It."
So finally the corridor is getting interesting. Sadly Mirajane isn't here to witness this, as she is currently searching for Yukino but I'm hoping that she jumps in and beats up the princess. Just to make me smile, really. And as for Future Rogue, I both welcome and sadden at this sight.

 On the one hand, we have someone extremely awesome from the future finally making it interesting, since Future Lucy has contributed nothing so far. On the other hand, does this mean that something bad will happen to our beloved Rogue? Honestly, I was hoping we'd see him and Frosch join Fairy Tail,  thus having all 3 generations of Dragon Slayers in it and providing fun times for Rogue. But with this reveal, we cant help but theorise and predict what we think will happen next. I for one, am hoping that Future Lucy is the bad one, and not actually Lucy, while Rogue is the good guy who wants to save the day whilst having a secret Fairy Tail tattoo.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Future Rogue for his dramatic appearance and making the corridor finally interesting!

P.S Am I the only one who thinks Arcadios is like this guy?

Brace Yourselves. Time Travel Is Coming.

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