Friday, March 8, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 322 Review - Victory Achieved!!!

The Grand Games have officially been won!

We've had Gajeel defeat Rogue, then Laxus defeat Jura. This week we finished off with Gray and Juvia fighting beside each other against Lyon and Cheria. The stripper and the water-girl used unison raid to take down their opponents, with Cheria too fascinated to fight against the attack. With this final attack, Lamia Scale is defeated and ends up in third place.

We're Blasting Off Again!!!!
Erza brought out a new armor this week and used it to defeat Minerva and her super-ultra-magic. According to Levy and a random book, this new armor, which is known as The Armor of Nakagami, no one has worn it in over 10 years and it's sword is invincible and can break magic. Personally, this part actually annoyed me because it felt like Mashima was unsure how to finish this fight and created something random and, to be honest, predictable so he could end this fight. If it had at least been mentioned various times by someone, I'd be more forgiving.

With all the battles won, there is only one member left to defeat to ensure Fairy Tail's victory. Sting! And we finally hear what his "genius" strategy. He's been waiting for everyone to get beaten up so he can come in and take them down easily.

However, when he finally comes face-to-face with all 5 of them, Sting realizes he cant do it and surrenders, feeling he is unable to face Lector if he won this way. So to put it simply, he spent a few chapters hiding in a corner, so he could jump in and beat them all down, and then he changed his mind at the last second. Then suddenly, Milliana appears and she has Lector with him who, like just about everyone else in this series, managed to survive. Lector and Sting have a hug and cry.

It's Guy Love! That's All It Is!

The final 2 pages showed the princess has moved and is preparing to activate Eclipse 2. With Natsu and friends STILL stuck in that corridor.

Personally, I did actually like this chapter despite my bitching. We got to see a Gray and Juvia moment, Fairy Tail winning the Grand Games by beating people up, a dramatic team screenshot, and an old lady spin around. Now we can finally move this Eclipse part of the story forward, as it has been dragging on far too long, and see if that pumpkin really is as evil as I think it is.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: This is a toughie but I'm giving it to Juvia because she got to finally hold Gray's hand AND beat up someone. Erza didn't hold Gray's hand.

P.S I don't think Sting would have won anyway. Look at them!

Don't Even Think About It, Bitch!

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