Thursday, March 28, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Sakura

Favorite personality trait:
Her intelligence. She’s smart. There’s no way someone can deny that. Observation and analyzing help her through a lot of situations, and these skills only improved during her training with Tsunade.
Favorite relationship:
Ino. I know they see each other more as rivals than friends, but they have a strong bond nonetheless. Ino helped Sakura when she was being bullied and made her more confident about herself. Even now they still try to outdo the other in everything, like Ino didn’t like it when Sakura became her superior while training under Tsunade, and Sakura loved it. But aside this rivalry, they know they can always count on each other.
Favorite fight:
Easy, the one with Sasori. I know Chiyo’s puppeteer skills had a lot to do with, but Sakura still did a part of it herself. She understood how Sasori’s attacks worked and without the antidotes she made, she would have died.
Favorite jutsu:
Delicate Illness Extraction Technique. Ignoring the fact that this technique saved one of my favorite characters, I loved it from the start. It showed how skilled she is. And the fact that she used the extracted poison to make an antidote, is even more awesome.
Favorite outfit:
Her chuunin outfit. Liked her genin outfit too, but I like this one better.
Favorite random thing:
The fact that both Jiraiya and Kakashi fear her strength. Loved Kakashi’s face when she found his hiding place by smashing the ground to pieces.
Personal thoughts:
I must be one of the few people who’ve always liked Sakura. I think she’s amazing. Yes, she’s obsessed with Sasuke. Yes, she’s annoying acting like a bitch towards Naruto. Yes, she’s not of much use in most fights. But, she’s trying her best. The evolution she went through, thanks to Tsunade, was amazing. She plays an even much bigger role in Naruto’s life now, than she did before. Her support means everything to him, and his means everything to her. She realized she can’t always depend on Naruto to save her, which is the biggest change she went through. I really hope she will be able to save Naruto, since that’s why she trained so hard and still tries to develop her skills.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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