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Fairy Tail Chapter 324 Review - I'm A Good Guy, I Swear!

Future Rogue has a good goal, he just doesn't know how to do it!

So Future Rogue has arrived and answered the biggest question we all had: Why is he here? His answer: I want to save the future! Well isn't that nice of him? He's here to do the exact same thing the other time traveler  Future Lucy, came here to do. His methods however are a little extreme, as it turns out he came here to kill the one who caused the Eclipse project to remain closed.

You jinxed it, morons!
And unlike almost every other character who makes this vow, Future Rogue doesn't mess around. He screams out the name of the one he blames, then sends a dark sword of shadow at them. Guess who?

Did you guess Lucy? Then you got it right!

Yes, it turns out our own Lucy Heartfillia is indeed the reason that the future is messed-up, people are dying or dead, and dragons rule the world. And not the way we hoped they would when we used to play Spyro for the Playstation 1. But never fear, Future Rogue fails to kill Lucy. Although, he does actually get a kill in there because Future Lucy took the stab instead.
I'll Save You, Mrs.President!
And with this, Future Lucy does actually die in front of her past self, who is crying because it's weird and sad. Future Rogue is completely convinced that this murder needs to happen and Natsu, in a sad rage, punches Future Rogue and instigates the start of another battle.

So to all you haters out there who whine because people don't die, I'd like to say 'Shut up!'. People die in this manga, just like so many others. We've seen several deaths and they are all necessary or sad in some way. It's just that this show isn't obsessed with death and is aiming to be more fun and silly most of the time.

Now, on to the death of Future Lucy and what it will probably mean. As we know, there is almost no way that we just saw the departure of Lucy Heartfillia in this chapter because that would be way too much of a cheap goodbye to the character who has lasted so long and done so much. So from now on, I think we can call Future Rogue and Future Lucy, Alternative Future Rogue and Alternative Future Lucy. Most likely Eclipse will change things and create a completely new future for all of them.

Also, I'm not entirely sure Lucy was the one he should have gone for. Notice how long Yukino has been gone and how she is also a celestial wizard? Suspicious in my opinion. Very suspicious.

That Moment When You Realise You May Have Made A Mistake.
Manga Rating: 5/5

Character of the Week: Future Lucy for finally doing something relevant to the story, and for showing that characters can die in this series.

P.S Due to the princess' words about a possibility of more future characters, I am SO hoping for Future Gajeel or Future Ichiya to appear!

We Must All Pray They Rule The World One Day!

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