Monday, March 18, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Kisame

Favorite personality trait:
His love to murder. It showed how much he loved to fight and wanted to defeat his opponents. Too bad he never really got the chance to do so, because of Itachi, but you could see how much he wanted to finish them off.
Favorite relationship:
Itachi, of course. I love the way they respected each other and how well they knew the other’s skills. Even though he’s aware of his own skills, he knows Itachi is stronger and could defeat highly skilled opponents, like Jiraiya. This shows how much he respected him, as a partner and a friend.
Favorite fight:
Team Guy. Especially with Guy himself. The way Guy wasn’t able to remember his previous fight with Kisame, got him frustrated and it only got worse the further the fight carried on. It showed how good of a observer Kisame was to understand Guy’s techniques and how to avoid dangerous attacks.
Favorite jutsu:
Water Prison Technique. Even though it’s not much of a huge technique, I loved it the first time I saw it. The use of Water clones to trap an opponent, is very clever and also the easiest way to use the technique. And the fact that the effects of the technique differ from user to user, is just awesome.
Favorite outfit:
His Kirigakure outfit. It fits him better than the Akatsuki cloak, in my opinion.
Favorite random thing:
His ability to absorb chakra. Or better said: Samehada’s ability to absorb chakra. Love the sword, love the things it capable of. Love the fact that it preferred Killer Bee’s chakra to Kisame’s, but it fitted Kisame better.
Personal thoughts:
I started liking Kisame as a character because of his relationship with Itachi. It showed a complete different side of him. At first he was just a creepy, murder-loving Akatsuki-member to me, but the way he and Itachi got along, showed he was more than that. Also loved his techniques, and like I said, Samehada too.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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