Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Hidan

Favorite personality trait:
His enthousiam when he’s about to kill someone. Partly because of his believe in Jashin, but mostly because of his creepy nature I think. He just loved to torture and kill, and always took the time he needed to do so.
Favorite relationship:
Easy, Kakuzu. My favorite pair of the Akatsuki. The way they treated each other and put up with the other’s antics, was just hilarious. And Kakuzu’s way of explaining why he still works with Hidan, was also the perfect way to explain why Hidan still worked with him.
Favorite fight:
Also easy: the one with Asuma & co. It was the first time we saw Hidan’s techniques and they proved to be very effective. It showed how skilled Hidan was and especially how ‘special’ he was. And with special I just mean he was a creep with a very special way of living.
Favorite jutsu:
There’s only one known technique:  Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood. Awesome technique. Nothing more to say about that.
Favorite outfit:
There’s only one, so that’s easy. His Akatsuki cloak. Loved the way he wore it.
Favorite random thing:
The way his appearance changes during his ritual. It makes him look even more evil.
Personal thoughts:
I loved Hidan. The way he acted, the way he fought. A bit creepy, but such an awesome technique. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to see more of him. And Kakuzu.
Feel free to share your thoughts!

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