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Naruto 626 Review: "The Coming Dream"

Written by Eli

This week's chapter had some of the best panels and some of the most annoying, utterly distorted translations I've ever encountered in the history of early manga releases but you guys, at these scanlation sites are still awesome in my book. Y'all rock.

Before we begin this week's chapter review; here's my favorite part of this week's chapter:

So this week, we pick up from where last week's chapter left off. With Madara's eerie exit from the Uchiha master lair as he leaves Konoha and his friendship with Hashirama for the second time.

Hashirama continues trying to plead with his old friend, but to no avail. I swear this whole friendship is growing more and more sour in my mouth. Why did I have to ask for these flashbacks again? FML!

So Hashirama upon realizing his friend has given up on their childhood dream of establishing a village that serves as role model for the Ninja world to emulate in order to end all wars, I think with Madara Uchiha's constant loss of friends, and family and the loss of his clan's respect, I think it all came down to standing upon that hill with Hashirama and looking through the leaf to realize how naive their childhood dreams were. How fragile and insufficient. 

As Nagato after Hashirama thought he could create a weapon powerful enough to put an end to all wars came to realize that in the end, that too would not stop all the wars. Though one method or another, other villages or groups would create another weapon perhaps in the same range or even more powerful as the weapon Nagato devised and the world would again fall into disarray. What I took from Madara's quest for the realization of a better dream was the fact that he knew this one village system would not bring about the end of all wars. Each country upon imitating the Fire Country's system would eventually vie for supremacy as would happen not too long after Hashirama's death as Tobirama came to find out. 

I keep hearing this theory that Madara might actually not intend to fully bring about his Moon eye plan but rather use it as a front to unify the Ninja world, in which case, I would see Madara as a better villain than I see him now. Though in that case, he'd have to do something about Obito, who seems pretty invested in the plan and clearly has more card under his sleeve than anticipated by even Madara Uchiha.

So at the end of this chapter, Hashirama evolves right before our eyes and takes one more step towards his fathers legacy as he puts an end to Madara Uchiha. 

Naruto 626 - Page 14

This is my new favorite panel of all time. The "How did you..get my back" part makes no sense, but nevertheless, this moment deserves silence and a lot of celebration. It's the end of a long, somewhat fascinating but mostly tormenting flashback within a flashback but it's good to see ourselves back to the Uchiha lair where the Edo Hokages and Team Hebi are gathered. (F y'all, They're Team Hebi now that Oreo-chi is back)

Next week's chapter should be interesting, hoping Sasuke will tell Hashi to go choke on a box of dicks and his emo ass can get converted into compost aka tree food. 

As for this week's chapter, I give it, 4 bad ass wannabe Sasukes out of five, (4/5) for the epic panel you see above. 

So any predictions or thoughts? Do share and thanks for reading.

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