Friday, April 19, 2013

Sasuke AMV- "My Dick"

Edited by: Micha

I decided to try my hand in editing AMVs, since everybody else is doing it. It looked fine while I was editing but in the end, the quality turned out to be pure shit. I apologize for that, but as long as you can see Sasuke's dick, I think it's fine. And also, we really need some hardcore promoting, so this video was kind of hitting two birds with one stone. 

It took me about a month to compile this video because initially I didn't have anything to begin the project. No clips. no software, and no dick whatsoever. The only thing on my laptop was Windows Live Movie Maker, and honestly, I have no idea who uses that shit. 

If any person who makes AMVs a lot is reading this, tell me few tips how I can improve the quality of the video. I'm new to all of this and I want to learn more.Also, recommending a good movie editor would be great.

This video is designed to make you pregnant.

Micha: [Co-founder]
Micha likes to broadcast her terrible drawing skills to the world on her DeviantArt account and talks about her life long ambition of making Yakushi Kabuto a woman, on her Skype; michasucks. Yes, with the dot. She will also respond to e-mails on her because Amber forces her to.

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