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Fairy Tail Chapter 327 Review - We F***** Up!

Written by: Shiggins

Our plan was so smart, it's killed us all!

We start off right where we left off, with Lucy demanding they close the door. After the Princess and Arcadios tell her to shut up and that the Eclipse weapon will work against an army, the door is fully opened. Lucy uses her brilliant problem-solving skills to figure out the puzzle 5 minutes too late. Well done, Lucy! You're so smart you figured it out after it was already happening.

She Also Figured Out The Plot Twist In Star Wars Today!
It turns out the door opens to 400 years ago. And what existed 400 years ago? The Dragons they were supposed to be stopping with the door. As it turns out, we won't be getting any nice dragons soon because this one instantly destroys half of the empty city and even makes guards fall over! What a monster!

Maybe It Was Just A Ridiculously Loud Burp?
More dragons appear and the Princess is starting to break down because her genius plan has ended the world! Lucy tries to get to the pedestal and close the door with her Celestial Spirit powers. Unfortunately, it turns out the most powerful and annoying enemy of this chapter is the wind from the dragons as Lucy is constantly thrown back. However, she keeps getting back up and says how she wants to "Live it out". Basically, she wants to live and laugh and be free and all that other stuff that Future Lucy apparently didn't.

One thing I loved about this chapter is just how silly the Eclipse plan turned out to be. The Princess would use Lucy to open the door so she can the magic from the door as a cannon to fire at an army of 10,000 dragons. Future Lucy came from the future to save the world by warning them about the dragon army. Future Rogue came back in time to make sure the Eclipse cannon was fired and the door wasn't closed by trying to kill Lucy because she closed the door. Which she then decides to do because closing the door would have actually prevented all this. The door to stop the dragons brought the dragons here! Everyone has messed up! Every! Single! Person!

Arcadios' Contribution To The Chapter
....A serious problem with communication.

So the dragons are finally in the series. This is definetly a good thing since we've been teased dragons for years and never stopped mentioning them. Admittedly, these aren't the dragons we'd like to meet but beggars can't be choosers. This has made me wonder just how many good dragons are out there. We know Igneel and the other dragons that taught Dragon Slayers were good, even if they ditched a bunch of children years ago.

Speaking of Igneel, I'm really really REALLY hoping this appearance of a dragon army will also finally show us his dramatic entrance and he and Natsu can have a good chat. Maybe meet Metalicana and Grandeeny, the dragons of Gajeel and Wendy, too. I'm starting to get annoyed at how great these dragons supposedly were yet they ran away without even a goodbye and now the rest of the entire race is attacking the main characters!

Admit It. You'd Let Them Near Your Kids Before Micha.

Manga Rating: 5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Lucy Heartfilia for being the only one to try to stop the door closing, and because of the amount of panty shots we got from her today.

P.S Anyone else notice she said Crux helped her?!

The True Hero Of Our Tale?

P.S.S Seriously, the amount of times we saw Lucy's panties in this chapter is just weird.

I See London, I See France...

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