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Fairy Tail Chapter 326 Review - Heads or Tails?

My face hurts. Why? The ending made me facepalm.

Let's start from the beginning. First we have Gajeel and Levy noticing the date has changed to the 7th of July. The day the dragons disappeared all those years ago, and the day the dragons are supposed to return. All the guilds have chosen key points of the city and Fairy Tail get the Central Park.

I Think I Can See Them If I Narrow My Eyes!
Natsu and Rogue are battling it out and its quite intense actually, with Natsu taking a bigger beating than expected. Even using his Lightning-Fire abilities, F.Rogue can still give Natsu a beat-down. It turns out that F.Rogue has killed Sting in the future, and has taken his Light Dragon Slayer Magic. Somehow.

Natsu is now getting dominated because of this combo-attack. And just when it looks like he's about to die, Ultear pops up out of nowhere and saves the day! F.Rogue runs away in his shadow-form as Meredy and Ultear go to help Natsu. As it turns out, the shadows are starting to swallow Natsu as well!

My Hand Is Not A Dolphin - It's An Asskicker!
Back at Eclipse, Lucy and the gang are watching the door open. Everyone is stunned and sensing the power. And then... Lucy steps forward and says she has to close the door and stop this! Exactly like F.Rogue predicted. Which means F.Lucy was wrong to jump in front of the attack since crazy F.Rogue was right and Lucy is trying to end the world.

Now I'm sure she has some good excuse, like she believes that closing the door will actually save them all, instead of kill them all. Or maybe the magic from the door is hypnotizing her. My excuse for that last part is because of how Lucy looks when she is staring at the door. Her eyes are blacker and look completely different from how they usually look, and how Wendy's eyes look. However, this still changes things and honestly, is just disappointing to see. I was hoping Lucy wouldn't be the girl who killed them all since it would show, once again, that no other female is as important in this series as the main blonde.

Big Boobs Clearly Makes For Big Role!
I still predict that Yukino and Mirajane will arrive soon and do something big and dramatic to prevent, or cause, the end of the world. It also looks like Jellal is getting into action since his two sidekicks (or bitches) have started doing stuff. I doubt he's far behind.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Natsu Dragneel for his passionate fight with F.Rogue, and not holding anything back like he usually does in fights.

P.S I think F.Rogue needs a coin.

'Nuff Said

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