Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fairy Tail Chapter 329 Review - Dragon Slayers Assemble!!!!

Written by: Shiggins
Writer's Note: The chapter was late so the review was late. Not my fault!

Time for a Dragon-Human Battle Royale!

We start our chapter exactly where we left it last week. A bloodied and angry Natsu glares at F.Rogue who stands on top of one of the random dragons. The 7 dragons are terrifying everyone and causing chaos, because apparently there is no such thing as a nice living dragon!

Natsu decides to jump up and instantly try to attack F.Rogue and resume their fight from before, which he hopes will end all this. Sadly, F.Rogue avoids him and proceeds to tell Natsu about how all dragons from F.Rogue's world don't come from the gate and all work for Acnologia. Apparently, F.Rogue wanted to become king of dragons and defeat Acnologia with a new type of Dragon-Control Magic he created. Sweet, right?

 We All Have Our Fetishes...

Makarov is one of the few we see actually hit a dragon and he absolutely KO's it in the face! Or so we thought. Turns out you cant defeat a dragon without Dragon Slayer Magic no matter who you are. So when Sabretooth beg Sting and Rogue to kill the dragons, it turns out that those two may have exaggerated their ability to kill. Sting and Rogue recount how the dragons they killed, the ones who taught them the magic, and we are shown that the dragons were ill, old and dying anyway. 

Actually, You Two Are Connected By Pain!

Natsu can smell that their are 7 dragons in total, and then he smirks and announces to each Dragon Slayer that they have to work together to take down F.Rogue and his army. When F.Rogue smirks that smirk of his and tells Natsu he miscounted and that they don't have enough Dragon Slayers, Natsu smirks back and mentions his trump card. 

*epic music* Ladies and Gentlemen, Cobra! 

The Batman Of Fairy Tail Is Here To Fight Two-Face!
So how do I feel about this chapter? I loved it for the sheer fact that everyone is finally going to get a grip and fight back against these b****** from this mother-****** gate and are listening to the ultimate ****. Cobra is here, as I bragged to my friends that I predicted, and everyone is pumped!

Manga Rating: 5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Cobra for reappearing into the world of Fairy Tail and making me smile, especially because he appeared in his new sexy look from the anime.

Prediction: The dragons and Slayers shall start their fight with Wendy going first, and we'll go through all of them for each week or so. Someone will die as per Future Levy's prediction from ages ago, and then Rogue will meet F.Rogue. And he will consider suicide to stop F.Rogue! Also, Cobra may join Fairy Tail after all this.

P.S In honour of Cobra's return, I have made a group picture of characters with epic facial scars! 
Girls Get Big Boobs! Men Get Epic Face Scars!

P.S.S From now on, there shall also be a prediction each week from me because I love saying "I told thee so!" 

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