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Fairy Tail Chapter 328 Review - O Spyro, Where Art Thou?

Written by: Shiggins

It's the end of the world as we know it!

It's the end of the world as we know it!
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!

Not only do those lyrics make me smile in the morning, but it also best represents this newest chapter of Fairy Tail and what is happening which, if you still haven't figured it out, is the ending of the world.

Lucy is still desperately trying to close the door, as the others look on in fear and beg her to succeed. They don't try to find some way to help or do anything useful at all in any way, but at least they watched like a true friend should always do. Luckily, Yukino and Mirajane arrive, in new outfits nonetheless, with the former having a plan to close the door. The answer - Summon all 12 Zodiac Spirits!

Go Go Power Spirits! 
So the two hold hands, scream ZODIAC loudly, probably start getting fangirls all excited about a possible Lucy/Yukino ship (also known as Lukino or Yucy), and all 12 Golden Keys are activated, summoning some great favourites such as Leo and Virgo. These 12 then instantly fly over and push the doors closed through working together.

And Then They Kiss?

However Arcadios, being the buzzkill he is, doesn't let them enjoy the moment as he screams at them all by saying some dragons got out. 7 to be exact. So that's one enough for each guild of the grand games, not counting Raven Tail, and the team at the door. However, there is a plot twist....

Dun Dun Duuuuun!

That's right. The scary, shadow-controlling, murdering freak from the future with long hair and a love for dressing up like Two-Face was a villain the whole time! "Wow that's quite shocking" said nobody. I'm actually thankful this guy is evil because I want to see him get smacked around more, especially since he killed Future Sting, Future Lucy and who knows what else he's done!

It turns out, he has the power to control dragons and, using the 7 Deadly Sins (that's my nickname for them), he is planning to start the Era of the Dragons. So last time, he apparently controlled all 10,000 of the dragons and he was perfectly happy to be only controlling 7 because it was easier to do and enough to suffice for the end of the world. His first order is to send the dragons to kill all of the mages in the town. He even leaves one for the group at the door, and it turns out to be an old "friend" of ours from a few chapters ago when we all visited the Dragon Graveyard - Zilconis!

I Asked For Spyro And I Got Zilconis.... Bugger!
As F.Rogue flies around on the back of a scary dragon, he suddenly looks down to notice a messed-up Natsu staring angrily at him and clearly intending to beat the crap out of him.

And thus, next chapter is set for Natsu to attack F.Rogue again while the other characters fight against dragons which may be impossible to defeat unless you are a Dragon Slayer. If that's the case, it means only Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus, Sting and Rogue are able to help us here. 6 vs 8!

Manga Rating: 5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Future Rogue because he starts acting like the villain we all knew he was and made me think of a James Bond villain with some of the lines he said.

P.S A dragon covered in fire has just attacked Fairy Tail. It almost seems like F.Rogue wants Natsu to eat his fire.

Yummy Yummy Yummy, I Want Dragon In My Tummy!

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