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Naruto Chapter 627 Review.

Written by: Micha.

Alright, there’re few things to be noted before we proceed with this. Eli (our usual Naruto reviewer) will be gone for some time. So, until he comes back or we find a substitute reviewer, you guys are stuck with me.
I’ve reviewed Naruto chapters way back in 2012 and after a few months I determined to stop reviewing, in the same year. Now, I’m swallowing my pride (fuck you, Eli), and I shall now continue with this.

How the chapter went…

This chapter starts off with the end of Hashirama’s flashback story, to which we all rejoice because we finally get to hear Sasuke’s conclusion. And also because, too much of flashback chapters are cancerous to our fandom.

Somewhere along the lines, Sandaime also revealed that Shisui was the son of Kagami Uchiha, who also valued Konoha more than their clan. I’m not sure what that has to do with the plot just yet, but I feel that what they’re trying to imply is that some of the Uciha clan members were not all fucked in the head.

This was followed by each hokage (except Tobirama, because he’s cool) taking on the blame of the Uchiha massacre upon themselves, and discussing about the things they messed up while they were alive.

Anyway, after evaluating Hashirama’s story and his ethics, Sasuke finally came to a conclusion of his own.

...aaannd there goes my fifty bucks.
What we witnessed in this chapter is what we’ve all been waiting for ever since Sasuke ran away with Orochimaru in Chapter 181. We have endured irrelevant arcs and pointless fillers just for this moment; the moment when Sasuke would get his pretty hair-gel-styled head out of his ass and make a constructive decision.

The four hokage, Sasuke, Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Juugo would then head out where they re-unite with Karin, forming the complete Team Taka. 

The chapter ends with all of them getting all badass and heading out to the battlefield where Madara and Obito would probably be ready with a red carpet, sprinkling rose petals on them. That is my prediction, anyway.

My thoughts on Minato’s “gift” to Naruto.

"People give their kids stuffed bears. I, however, bring mine a real beast."
Like many intellects on the Naruto fandom, I, too, believe that Minato’s gift to Naruto might be the other half of Kyuubi. It was said that when Minato used the fuiin jutsu to seal the Nine Tails inside of Naruto, he sealed half of it inside Naruto and the other half was taken in to the shinigami’s stomach with him.
Since Orochimaru revived all the Hokage by abstracting them from the Soul Reaper, there’s high possibility of Minato somehow taking it out with him.

I’d like to believe that the Yang chakra of Kyuubi would be useful for the Shinobi Alliance to strengthen their power (they really need it, considering Madara is just calmly flipping his hair back and forth in the battlefield).

My thoughts on Orochimaru.

It's a trap. It's a fucking trap.
I can’t comprehend what this guy is thinking. Despite him being my favorite character of the show, I have trust issues with him. Who wouldn’t? He keeps popping out of people’s shoulders, Kabuto’s dick, and lord knows where else. Half of me want him to betray Sasuke and everyone else because I want to see him as the main villain again.

It’s really lame that badass people would change their character just because they have a crush on an underage virgin boy.

My thoughts on Sasuke’s gender reassignment…

With all due respect, what the fuck, Kishimoto?? I’ve wanted to see Sasuke coming to the good side just as much as the next guy (okay, a lamp is next to me, but still…) however not like this! Not like this!

Naruto has been chasing Sasuke ever since he hit puberty. He has been running everywhere for him, training to bring him back, and desperately trying to pursue him. So just out of nowhere, the ex-hokage team comes back, Hashirama announces his love story of him and Madara, and Sasuke changes his mind?? Are we satisfied with this? Shouldn’t the plot revolve around Naruto, since he’s the main character, and, I don’t know, because that’s the name of the show??

So, from here on, what does this mean? Do we get a final Naruto Vs Sasuke battle we’ve all been waiting for? Do we? Hm? HM?
I really hope we do. We’ve waited long enough. Like, what, ten years?

My thoughts on a possible Madara Vs Hashirama.

As shown in the chapter, Hashirama seems pretty excited to meet Madara again. However, it must noted that they both have to fight against each other. Not that it’s much of a shock, or out of ordinary or anything. But I guess the outcome of this match will be the most debated in the fandom, since Hashirama and Madara would appear to be equal in strength.
The table below outlines few details of their strength.

It’s hard to make a prediction since it’s too early and clearly we have no idea what tricks they have up their sleeve.

This was overall a good chapter. I rate this 4 out of 5.

My prediction of next week? I drew it.

Micha: [Co-founder]
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