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Fairy Tail Chapter 347 Review - Girl Power!

Written by: Shiggins 

Boys vs Girls but without a bed to fall back on.

So to start off this chapter, we get Flare's reason for appearing to fight the Treasure Hunters. Sadly, she was only kidding when she said she was stalking Lucy all the time. It turns out the truth is far more coincidental, as Flare actually grew up in the Sun Village, and had returned home since she had no place to go. The symbol on her breast chest is the symbol of the Sun Village. Admittedly, this saddened me as I was hoping for a lot more. Also, I've never heard of a village having a symbol which just made this huge coincidence even weirder and far too lucky for me.

Personally, I Preferred This Reason

Flare reveals she is pissed and wants to fight the Treasure Hunters too. She refuses to let them have the Eternal Flame, even though I thought they'd given up on it a few chapters ago. It's strange to see Flare so passionate about something that's not Lucy's body, but I'm actually starting to grow fond of this particular personality trait of hers. Shows she isn't just a one-sided character. Hiroshi uses his sword to cut through Flare's hair, but it regenerates thanks to the efforts of Cancer, the crab we don't see enough of. Lucy decides to take down Drake, the sniper, with her spirits. And Wendy is stuck dealing with Lala.

...I Feel Strangely Aroused Right Now

First of all, Sagittarius tries to shoot down the sniper or at least deflect the bullets away. While he does that, and inevitably fails, Lucy summons Virgo to dig down and go after Drake. Sadly, the ice has magic which is preventing Virgo from getting through, resulting in an awkward position for Virgo. Meanwhile, Flare's cut hair explodes which I personally found quite a handy technique to know. Wendy's kicks on Lala doesn't seem to have a great effect and soon that massive hand-thing is holding her. So far, only Flare appears to be doing well.

These Treasure Hunters Suck So Bad They Made Virgo Face-Ice!
Until Hiroshi ties Flare's hair to a tree while she is distracted by the love of her life getting shot at by Drake. So at this point, it looks like all three of the girls are screwed. Hiroshi starts playing the typical bad guy and acting sexist, saying the girls should be sexy but not fighters. (All the usual crap you get when boy villains fight female heroes.) The girls respond to this by Flare's hair growing out of the knot, Lucy breaking that dumb-ass fist-thing, and Lucy's most epic spirit Leo finally appearing behind Drake.

I Wonder Which Female Rights Group Will Complain About This.
And with a special hit from all the main females, the Treasure Hunters are finally sent flying away. I honestly can't tell you how good it felt to see these pathetic villains finally leave this arc. They were so boring and cliche that it was getting sad. Flare has a grateful smile at Lucy, as the three girls celebrate their victory.

Overall, some good progress was made as we finally saw the Treasure Hunters of Sylph Labyrinth get thrown away and we are now down to only two villains in this arc. (For now at least.) Hopefully, this means we'll focus more on Minerva and the creepy Mask guy, discover what they're really up to and maybe see more child versions of characters.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Flare for being the main reason we finally saw those "villains" leave the arc.

Predictions: Lucy, Flare and Wendy will catch up to either Erza or Natsu, but will be defeated and placed in the same situation as their two comrades. We might finally discover if the voice is in fact the Eternal Flame. The Treasure Hunters will stand back up and cause more crap, just to piss me off.

P.S We must all celebrate every appearance Leo makes.

You May Now Commence Swooning

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