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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 97 Review - That Butler, Curiousity

Written  by: Shiggins

Well... That was strange.

So, this arc took an odd turn today and honestly, it made me uncomfortable for all the wrong reasons. I'll obviously talk about that later but for now, let's focus. Instead of running off to England, the story goes down the stairs and deeper into the Green Palace where the "magic circle" is. After breaking in silently so the werewolves don't hear them, the trio finally make it to their destination.

The snake also told me some interesting bra sizes...

After a cute moment involving Sebastian revealing he knew about this place thanks to a "snake" and Sullivan being adorable as always, we get some information about the Green Witch. She tells us how werewolves are clad in "Miasma" which is a magic that harms humans. We then get a story about the legend of Miasma.

I couldn't be arsed explaining all this because in the end, it's a pointless story.
And apparently the Green Witch has been trying to make an extremely dense Miasma by creating the ultimate magic. Sebastian then breaks a big rule and touches the alter, discovering a lever. After pulling the lever, a door opens and the main characters find a tunnel. This is where things get weird.

I'm disappointed there are no "Cyber-monks" in this.

They find radar, computers, the villagers being tracked by the amulets they hold to "protect themselves from werewolves" and even an entire factory which has been under the village the entire time. As the characters sneak around, they suddenly see the old lady from before giving a speech to werewolves about the Miasma that will change history and is now in a bottle.

Remember that cliche old lady we saw in one chapter ages ago? Yeah, she's the main villain now... Whoopee.

The werewolves then notice Sullivan and all go to her to try to help her and get her a suit. It's a bit confusing to be honest what they are doing but then Sebastian comes over and rips one of the werewolves in half. And we are given yet another surprise; The werewolves are just people in costumes! And the Miasma this whole time was just a chemical weapon!

The series just commited suicide, folks. Hope you enjoyed seeing it.

All this wasn't magic but instead, the work of science! Sullivan's work has created the most powerful chemical weapon of all time and it shall be known as "SuLIN" apparently. And thankfully, the chapter ends.

Opinion: What. The. Fuck?! That was... was unbelievably stupid! I mean, I'm not a historian or anything but I'm sure there's like 10 historical inaccuracies here. The last half of this chapter felt like bad fanfiction, and the phrase "jumped the shark" keeps appearing in my head. This arc was interesting at first but now everything is weird and it feels like someone else took over writing this series but isn't sure what the series is about. Or to sum up my feelings of this chapter...

Is there anything good about this chapter? Yes actually. That one page where Sullivan did a cute and funny face. That is it. Nothing else is good about this chapter and the more I think about it, the more I wish Grell would come down and chainsaw this utterly stupid arc away. Maybe one day, we'll be lucky and we'll get an arc involving the character Alois Trancy from the anime or something but until then, please go back home Ciel.

Manga Rating: 0.5/5

Character of the Month: Sullivan for one adorable panel. ONE!

Predictions: Sebastian better just decide to slaughter every single "character" in front of him. Don't look back. Go home. Sullivan, become a main character like Snake did. That's all I want. If Sullivan becomes a main character, this arc wasn't a complete waste of time.

Best Part: Sullivan wants Sebastian's DNA. (I wonder what exactly she meant by that...)

Worst Part: Everything else in this chapter.

Yeah. I was tempted to walk into one of these myself after this trainwreck of a chapter.

Halloween has come early and I like that.

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  1. With some simple wiki-ing, you can find that radar experimentation began in the 1800s, so this isn't as inaccurate as one might think. Yana most likely sped it up a bit, but German's experimenting with this technology as well as the gas isn't that unbelievable. I'm pretty sure she's setting up for a war between Germany and Britain - Germany with this chemical warfare + radar and the Queen with her interest in the zombies - perhaps WWI?

    1. Yana definitely sped it up because I know this type of radar wasn't available in this way for a very long time.

      I really hope that isn't the case. I don't think WW1 would belong in this series and what significance would it have over Ciel's journey? Would we have a timeskip where Ciel is older after fighting as a soldier? Would Sebastian just run in and slaughter nazis for tons of chapters?

      Whatever the ending, I really hope massive wars don't enter this series. It's not Kuroshitsuji's style nor do I ever wish it to be.