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Magi 237th Night Review

Written by: Micha

Holy shit, have you read this chapter? Have you? Things have finally fallen in to place. Questions have been answered. The whole system makes sense now. And I can finally sleep at night.   

After Alma Torran went in to ruins, all species and magicians have been living underground. But with the depletion of resources, Ugo came up with a plan to survive, in five years’ time; that is to transfer them in to an alternate world that is rich in resources.

Ugo explains to the people that there is a prosperous world in an alternate universe, and they would be able to move together with the rukh through the dimensional tunnels. Now, I’m not certain what in god’s heaven a dimensional tunnel is, but I’m pretty sure it’s very cool.

One world down. Let's exploit another now, shall we?
Ugo explains further that in order to transfer them, they could borrow the power from the special place that rules the rukh and Solomon’s will dwells in, which is the Sacred Palace. Everyone, of course, was happy that finally could live in a prosperous land.

Ugo then ponders about the system they were going to have in their new world. The Resistance was on the verge of chaos before Solomon was made king, even though it was not Solomon’s wish to be king as he believed that everyone in a community should be equal and without a king. Ugo believes that it is necessary to have a king in the new world, considering the situation he had witnessed in Alma Torran. Ugo also believes that Solomon was a piece of shit.

A chapter is not perfect if there is no Paimon.

He speaks to all the chiefs of the tribes that people are weak, and are often prone to thinking over picky things that would get them agitated. Therefore, they need a leader to support them. And one of the djinns proposes that Aladdin be a king, to which Ugo responds that Aladdin, too, is a human and would die just like Solomon regardless of how a good king he becomes.

A new good king has to emerge after the death of an old king, which will back the cyclic system of kings that is much needed by the people. The djinns agreed to Ugo’s solution for the new world as they didn’t want the new world to break in to chaos once they lost their leader, like how it happened in Alma Torran.

Ugo then explains how they could make this system work. He would build dimensional tunnels that will connect Alma Torran and the new world. If the tunnels are not blocked and some conditions satisfied (he didn’t specify which), it would be possible for the people in the new world to travel to Alma Torran (my. fucking. theory.)  

Entering a brave new world. Through the back door.
 He then further goes on to say that the new world would be filled with Solomon’s will, which loves all the species and people equally, therefore, all the difference in individuals will be reduced to zero once everyone moves in to the world. And the memories of Alma Torran will die down as the generations passes.

And to ensure that the leaders of the new world are just, Ugo proposes the Magi system where the new world would inherit the three Magi of Alma Torran. They will be the ones to choose the kings; and since the Magi are loved by rukh that contains Solomon’s will which loves equality, it would be suitable that they choose their kings. And since the kings would need power to rule, the kings will seek for the powers in the dungeons, the Metal Vessels, which are far more powerful than the power available on Earth since the power had been divided among everyone equally.

It's the Hunger Games: Dungeon Editions. 

If that didn’t sound like a recipe for a disaster to you, then you should hear more of this. A potential king would go down to the dungeons, or many potential kings, chosen by the Magi regardless of some of their hearts being black. Which is pretty much a way of describing the ones that had fallen in to depravity. However, regardless of this, Ugo wants the djins to test the qualities of those King Vessels.

Djinns are immortal and will never forget the tragedy of Alma Torran, which makes them excellent people to guard the Metal Vessels and choose the kings.

Look at the smile on that shit's face when he makes that ridiculous request. 
And so the Djinns agreed to this, as they wanted their descendants to have good kings. Ugo, too, became a Djinn as he would govern the whole system, including sending Magi to the world and becoming the guardian of the Sacred Palace.

Then apparently, apart from “certain groups” the species were made in to one and spoke one language. The memories of Alma Torran has faded away slowly, expect for one tribe originated from the human species who was able to keep the memories since they were somewhat resistant to magic. They are called the Torran Tribe, which I hadn’t heard of until now.

The continent of Red Lions and the Orgin Dragon are moved to the southernmost part of the new world with the memories of Alma Toran since they were too strong to have work with the rules of magic.

Why do these  fuckers always look like they're judging me?

However, Ugo’s wet dream of this perfect utopia was shattered when Al Thamen resurfaced 1000 years. Even though Al Thamen were sealed by Solomon in a space, they have been resurrected and become being formed by thoughts. They cause poverty and wars in order to fill the world with black rukh. And it is said that they aim to create a “dark spot” and create a “medium”, and have Ill-Ilah descend down because obviously, Arba and everyone else just can’t let shit go.

Also, the Al Thamen stole a child who possessed the soul of a Magi (who I’m guessing is Judar) but since Ugo was now the guardian of the Sacred Palace, he could not interfere with it.

The time finally came for Aladdin to be born, and Ugo entrusts everything to him.

I'm a little suspicious of Aladdin's gender.

Aladdin possessed the soul of Sheba, his mother, the Magi of Alma Torran. And Aladdin asks him about the place they were in, to which Ugo responds that it was a study room built for his protection. He then asks Ugo who he was, to which he responds that he was his servant and Aladdin shouldn’t follow anyone’s orders.

Ugo couldn’t tell him the truth because he was afraid he would break the flow of rukh, whatever he meant by it. It is shown that Aladdin spent a good amount of time reading books and grasping the concepts of friendship and family, which caused him to be conscious about the situation he was in.

Alibaba's hair always looks like something I want to eat.
 He saw the Sacred Palace as a room of confinement, preventing him from seeing and experiencing the outside world, causing him to get depressed. He then exclaims that he would rather die than stay in a place like that forever. He then demanded Ugo to answer him what he was and why he was born.

What I desire the most is for Ohtaka to draw better hands for Aladdin.
 Now this is where the chapter ties together with the very first chapter of this series, if you remember. Ugo tells Aladdin that he could have anything he wanted if he wished for it, and asked Aladdin what he would choose. And if you’ve read the chapters, you would know what Aladdin asked for.  

My thoughts on this chapter:

First of all, in your face, Shiggins. My theory of dungeons being portals to Alma Torran is absolutely true and accurate. Me: 1. You: 0.

Secondly, this chapter is very good. One of the greatest we've had in a while, actually. Originally when they mentioned that a new world was created, I honestly thought that they built one from scratch. I've no clue why I had that idea, but the concept of an alternate world in another dimension makes much more sense since Ugo had covered the whole dimension theory way back when he was discussing experiments with his friends. 

I found it a bit confusing that the people living in the new world are some sort of mashed form of the species. So they took the form of humans, or what? Speaking of which, Ugo said that the Red Lions and Origin Dragon is still in the southern part of the world and I've no clue about the Origin Dragon, but  it seems that the Finalis tribe are descendants of the Red Lions. 

They take the beast form when they pass the Great Rift which is their home, and you wouldn't believe how excited I am to realize that Morgiana is one of them. This makes her ten times cool.

However, it's still mysterious to me as to how the Al Thamen managed to resurface after being sealed away by Solomon. Not only did they resurface, but Arba seems to have productively made a bunch of babies with two men enough to create an empire. Ugo says that they were resurrected by the "conscious" but I refuse to believe that one could populate the Earth just by thought.

I tried the same thing. Didn't work.

Also, since we're talking about Arba, has it dawned on you that Hakuryuu is Arba’s kid? Has it? Well, you better think hard. Personally, I'm a fan of Arba and I don't give a shit if people disagrees, so I believe that Hakuryuu must be a huge disappointment for her. He sure does look like one to me when I compare him with his mother and siblings.

And this arc of Alma Torran flashback is over, so whiners can stop whining for now. I personally loved this arc more than any arc. I'm looking forward to the events after this flashback, which I predict would mostly be dispute among Kouen and Sinbad over who to be the one and only king. Aladdin should really nominate Alibaba as his king, or at least that's what I predict would happen. 

But now coming to more serious matters, why was Aladdin born with braids? Who braided your hair, Aladdin? Did Ugo do it? Has Ugo been braiding all the hair of Magi he sends up the Earth because he believes y'all should follow his fashion sense? Is that part of his plan for world peace?
Manga chapter rating:
I cannot bitch about this chapter, unfortunately.

Djinns with personality is my new favorite thing. Especially Paimon's personality.

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