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Fairy Tail Week: Top 10 Fairy Tail Magic Powers

Fairy Tail Week - Top 10 Fairy Tail Magic Powers
Written by: ClayDragon & Shiggins

For today’s entry in Fairy Tail Week, we’re taking a look at the multitude of different magical powers that are showcased in the series. Almost everyone has a unique style of magic, so we were bound to make a list like this sooner or later. Please note that this list refers to magic powers only, therefore other abilities (like the Edolas powers or Tartarus’ enchantments) are excluded from this list.

As is this the case with many of these lists, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

10.)        Archive Magic (Used by: Hibiki Lates, Brain) (Written by Shiggins)

To be honest, this is probably the most physically possible magic on the list. It’s basically the ability to create holograms of files and information and store them in a personal archive. You can upload videos, track anybody you want and more just by simply waving your hands around. If you like, you can even store any information you discover, such as names or pictures, and show them to anybody you like. It even comes with a handy keyboard for you to go through your files.

Hopefully one day we'll get a much smaller version of this.

If it wasn’t cool and sci-fi enough for you to be fully invested, it can also be combined with telepathy which allows you to contact any person from a great distance by speaking inside their mind. It’s a very handy little trick when running about with several teams. Archive also gives you the fun of being able to place small maps inside people’s heads, or locations of other team members and more useful information. If the user is placed in a bad situation, the archive screens can be used as a shield.

Downloading porn just got even more awkward.

In this generation of phones and internet, Archive Magic would be huge. Screens upon screens of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more could be all around the world as people would use the internet even more than they do now. Of course, it’s not a great magic to have in a world where monsters fight each other to the death, but it is handy for those who want to sit back and type down “lol” 500 bloody times.

9.)           Death Magic (Used by: Zeref) (Written by ClayDragon)

How many people reading this have wanted to kill someone at one point or another? If you haven’t put your hand up, then you’re lying. Well, put down your gun/knife/flamethrower and pay attention, because this is the one singular magic that’s sole purpose is to kill people. No secondary effects, no ifs and buts, just death. As you may expect, it’s categorized as a Black Art, so it’s not exactly something that the good guys use.

"Wait...I can't see shit!"

Indeed, the only person who has so far been shown to use this type of magic is Zeref, the main villain of the series. His case is quite interesting though, as the more Zeref comes to value human life, then the less control he has over his powers, causing them to flare up at any time without much warning. Conversely, when he forgets the value of human life he’s able to control his powers with much more precision, but at the cost of becoming an uncaring monster.

"Does anyone want to play dodgeball?"

In terms of the actual magic, it tends to manifest as a black aura surrounding its caster, and any living thing within the boundaries of the aura begins to wither and die. This isn’t just limited to humans and animals – plant life is also affected. The aura can be manipulated depending on Zeref’s current mental state, meaning that he can easily kill targets without expending more energy than necessary. The best thing about this magic is that it leaves no trace. It could be used to kill any number of people and no-one would be able to trace their deaths back to you…

8.)           Territory (Used by: Minerva Orlando) (Written by ClayDragon)

If you’re not into killing people, then perhaps Territory will suit your tastes better. This magic allows the caster to control the fabric of space itself and bend it to their will. It’s referred to as one of the Magics of the Yakuma Eighteen War Gods, which means that it’s been passed down through the Yakuma clan (although the only person seen using this magic has the surname of Orlando, so…)

Yay! Pretty colours!

One of Territory’s uses allows the user to warp space, meaning that they can bring objects closer to them by contracting the space between them and the target. Conversely, they can also teleport away from danger by expanding the space between them and the danger. It can also be used offensively to generate heat waves and explosions, and can even create a pocket dimension in which to trap opponents and drain them of their magic.

"I summon Obelisk the Tormentor!"

For some reason, this magic can also be used to summon a massive god-like statue that creates a huge explosion. I have no idea how this specific ability relates to spatial warping, but there you go. The best thing about this magic is its sheer versatility, as it’s very rare to see a magic that can be used to both attack and defend at the same time. Besides, it’s visually represented by a colourful swirly shape. What more could you ask for?

7.)           Letter Magic (Used by: Levy McGarden, Freed Justine) (Written by Shiggins)

I love to write. I’m trying to get my own fictional series published and when someone asks what my job is, I say “writer” because it makes me feel good. So whenever I see Fairy Tail’s Letter Magic, I get really excited. The ability to use words to fight or heal is basically a writer’s wet dream and the fact that it works so well in every situation we see it in just makes everything so much better for me. 

"I thrust my finger in your general direction!"

There are many examples of Letter Magic in the series, with the most prominent ones being “Solid Script” and “Rune Magic”. Solid Script is used by Levy McGarden who has a love for books and words and researching (strange when you realise she isn’t trying to get published like Lucy is…). Levy can literally make words appear out of thin air and each word is made of the same material/element/whatever that the word says. For example, the word “Iron” is made of iron.

What an amazing way to get attention.

Freed also uses a Letter Magic known as Rune Magic. This is where he writes down specific symbols on surfaces to create an effect or trap. This is best shown in the Fighting Festival Arc, where Freed managed to trap certain people by placing Runes on the ground with the rules “None over the age of 80 shall pass”. The only downside to this ability is the time needed to use it. It is not a fast-paced magic and although you can use it to transform yourself as well, it can still take some time to work. So although it’s a great concept, it’s too slow to make it higher on this list.

6.)           Arc of Time (Used by: Ultear Milkovich) (Written by ClayDragon)

In a somewhat similar manner to Minerva’s Territory, Ultear’s Arc of Time grants her limited control over time itself. Whilst its effects are somewhat difficult to explain, the basic gist of this power is that it can ‘fast-forward’ or ‘rewind’ the personal time of an object. For example, it can make a seed grow into a tree almost instantly by fast-forwarding it through its stages of growth, or it can make ice turn into water by rewinding it backwards through the stages of freezing.

"Ow ow stop it ow please ow no ow help."

Whilst this doesn’t sound like much, it can be quite deadly in combat, as any platform an opponent is standing on can quickly be fast-forwarded to the point where it decays, and this can also apply to the opponent’s weapon as well. Ultear also has a crystal ball that she uses to fight by rapidly fast-forwarding it, resulting in it striking the opponent from multiple angles at once. This power can even be used to pause an object’s time which causes it to freeze in position.

That looks painful. Do you think it's painful?

The only downside to this power is that it doesn’t work on sentient living creatures, which is why Ultear carries the crystal ball around. Although, even that isn’t true to some extent, as she was able to use her power to help Natsu and his team unlock their Second Origins. In extreme conditions, Arc of Time can rewind time itself at the cost of the user’s future. However, this isn’t really ideal due to the skewed exchange rate – roughly seventy years of the caster’s lifespan will only cause time to rewind by one minute.

5.)           Requip (Used by: Erza Scarlet, Bisca Connell) (Written by Shiggins)

Easily one of the most well-known entries on this list, Requip sounds simple enough but also has some of the best potential in the series.  With Erza Scarlet being the mage that uses Requip Magic the most, we’re going to focus mostly on her here. Requip Magic creates a pocket dimension, where you can store various items such as weapons or clothes and then take them out whenever and wherever you like.

Knowing Erza’s odd fashion sense, this transformation is probably going to be something stupid like a bunny or…

It’s said that only the most skilled users of Requip magic can transform whilst in battle as it requires a lot of concentration and determination. Being Erza, this is an easy feat as she seems to effortlessly change outfits constantly whilst in the middle of a fight. Dozens of different armours, all with unique abilities and looks, come out to play in the series and it provides both variety and tension.

...or a demonic demon from Hell itself!

With an ability to change your appearance or equipment whenever you like, I doubt anybody would really complain. Getting your ass kicked because your opponent uses fire? Change into fireproof armour with massive spear attached. Going out for a night on the town? Change into a beautiful dress/suit in the blink of an eye. Whatever you need, Requip seems like the perfect way to avoid wasting time changing into clothes.

4.)           Molding Magic (Used by: Gray Fullbuster, Lyon Vastia, Rufus Lore) (Written by ClayDragon)

Just when you think that there are no more fancy abilities in this series, you come across Molding Magic. As the name suggests, this magic works by allowing the user to create any object they desire from a certain type of material. The most common type of Molding Magic is the Ice-Make variation that Gray and Lyon both use, but other versions have been seen (like Laki’s Wood-Make and Rufus’ Memory-Make).

Now my sandcastles just look pathetic by comparison.

This magic has a multitude of purposes, from creating weapons like Gray’s Cold Excalibur, to covering wounds with ice, to creating a whole building in a few seconds flat. Interestingly, Molding Magic (especially Ice-Make) seems to avoid the equivalent exchange law, as the users can create huge ice structures even without an available source of water, and even the moisture in the air wouldn’t be enough to fuel the larger creations.

Thing is, in a game of stealth, a giant flashy attack isn't what you want to use...

Rufus’ Memory-Make magic is unique in that it allows him to use the magic of other mages, regardless of whether it’s Molding Magic. He can even combine memories of different magical attacks to synthesise a completely new magic. Furthermore, he can remember himself to create hologram-like clones that can be controlled by the original. The one downside to this type of magic is that if he can’t fully remember a magical attack, it can’t be used.

3.)           Take Over (Used by: The Strauss Siblings, Jenny Realight) (Written by Shiggins)

Definitely one of the most dangerous and reckless magic abilities out there, Take Over Magic allows the user to use the power of a creature in battle. As with all magic, it causes a significant change in appearance so the user ends up looking like the creature they have taken over. There are many different versions of this, with Beast Soul and Satan Soul being the best and most-used ones in the series.

No, I don't know what the fuck it is either.

The big difference between Satan Soul and Beast Soul is that while the user of Satan Soul only partially transforms into the entity it has taken over, the user of Beast Soul transforms completely in the creature. As we discovered in a flashback, using Beast Soul can have an extremely negative result as Elfman accidently “killed” his little sister Lisanna when attempting to take over a massive monster and the monster temporarily took him over instead.

Luckily, Satan Soul seems to be aware that Mirajane wants to show cleavage.

Satan Soul is clearly the far more powerful of the Take Over abilities, especially when compared to Animal Soul, which turns Lisanna into some sort of half-animal abomination. Satan Soul gives the user the ability of a demon (this does raise tons of questions when you think about it). Admittedly, this magic would be really boring in our world but in a magical world like the Fairy Tail world, it’d be one of the greatest things to have.

2.)           Celestial Spirit Magic (Used by: Lucy Heartfilia, Sorano & Yukino Aguira) (Written by Shiggins)

I could go on and on about why this type of magic is brilliant and since it is number 2 on our top 10, I am going to. Using the power of specific shiny keys, a certain type of mage can summon the spirit of the key from their own dimension into this one. Then, the mage can make a contract with the spirit so that the mage can rely on the spirit at certain times, whether it be battle, books, music or something else completely random.

Why is the glowing girl the most normal one hw

There are quite a few users in the series of Fairy Tail, but the most obvious one is Lucy Heartfilia. Ever since the first episode/chapter, Lucy has been summoning tons of spirits from the Celestial World, including a talking clock, a harp player and even some spirits that represent the Zodiac, including a bitchy Aquarius mermaid, a hair-cutting Cancer and my personal favourite, the masochist maid Virgo who is just begging for punishment.

This is pretty much how I see her every day.

This magic is great for so many reasons. It gives us tons of great characters all with unique personalities, designs and traits. Some are obviously more enjoyable than others but they are still part of the series. It gives Lucy even more heartfelt moments than you’d expect as it shows how she bonds with each of them and considers them her family. She’d die for her spirits and goes to great lengths to protect all her friends, even the ones that can come back later. For all these reasons and more, Celestial Magic got 2nd place.

1.)           Dragon Slayer Magic (Used by: Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, Wendy Marvell etc.) (Written by ClayDragon)

Picture the scene: you are about to be devoured by a monstrous dragon. What do you do? Well, chances are that you’d die rather quickly. However, if you know Dragon Slayer Magic, then you’d be able to do some damage before your untimely demise. Dragon Slayer Magic is a unique brand of magic available only to a very select few, and its main purpose is to kill dragons through the use of single-element spells.

Yeah, this isn't going to end well for their opponents.

Each Dragon Slayer has their own ‘element’, like fire, iron, shadow, etc, and as well as being immune to their respective element, they can eat sources of said element in order to regain power. In certain cases, a Dragon Slayer can absorb the element of another Dragon Slayer, allowing them to combine the two elements and gain a significant increase in strength. For example, Natsu has the Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, and Gajeel has the Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.

...I just got chills.

Despite their magic being specifically designed to kill dragons, none of the Dragon Slayers shown so far have actually been able to significantly injure a dragon in a fair fight, let alone kill one. On the other hand, compared to most normal mages Dragon Slayers are the most powerful mages out there, as every time a Dragon Slayer has lost a fight, it has either been against another Dragon Slayer or a significantly more powerful opponent, such as a demon. But if your magic was tailor-made to kill dragons, you’d definitely be stronger than most people.

Honourable Mentions:

Parfum Magic

Maguilty Sense

God Slayer Magic
Is there a magic you feel we missed out? Or do you have any suggestions for another Top 10 list? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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