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Fairy Tail Chapter 399 Review - Wings of Despair

Written by: Shiggins

And the shit has officially hit the fan. We're all going to die.

You know when you predict how an arc will end, and then suddenly something awesome or terrifying appears and laughs at your obvious prediction? That was what this chapter achieved. It's making fun of us for underestimating it. And I love that because predictable plots are a huge pet peeve of mine. So as you can tell, I really liked how this chapter ended and the possibilities opened up by the surprise appearance.

But before we talk about what makes Fairy Tail great, here's a supremely unnecessary panty-shot!

With only 30-ish minutes left until Face finally activates, Erza and Kyouka are fighting it out for what is (hopefully) the final time. Rubble flying around, blades slashing about, panties being shown and Erza looking cool during it all. In short, this is a Fairy Tail battle! As they fight, we get a flashback from Mirajane that does actually answer the questions of last week's chapter. (So I can't technically dislike that bad point from chapter 398 anymore...). 10 minutes ago, just after Lucy had used the power of the Celestial King, Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna, Jet, Droy and Warren are sitting alone and suddenly notice something.... Scary.

That'll sober you up... or make you take up drinking again.
Yes, you saw that right. There is literally an army of Lamy now. (Does anybody stay dead in this arc?!). And it's weird. It's really really weird. I don't entirely understand why an army of her exist. Was this her power all along? Elfman said "mass-produced" so does that mean that Lamy is a "generic demon" who can be created over and over without being an actual person? Honestly, I'm confused but on the bright side, this flashback shows that Sayla escaped under the chaos of the Lamy. Mirajane chases after Sayla because Elfman and Lisanna are busy with the Lamys.

Now obviously, since the Lamy army isn't aggressive or anything, Elfman and Lisanna are going to calmly ask them to...JESUS, GUYS! Harsh, much?!

Suddenly, everything stops. The entire lair of Tartaros can hear something... Wendy collapses against her will as she hears the noise. Gajeel has managed to use Tempesta's blood to heal the others but Natsu seems disturbed. He can hear a voice. Eventually, Gajeel and the others, including Sting, Rogue and a disturbed Mard Geer, hear it as well. Flying towards Tartaros at a terrifying speed is the one, the only...


And if that wasn't a big enough ending to build up, we then see Igneel wondering if the time has come!

Opinion: Honestly, the chapter was really good. Maybe I'm too soft on this series because recently, I've been loving this arc. We finally found out why Sayla got away, the fight between Erza and Kyouka got off to an exciting but fairly predictable start, and of course the ending was a great build-up for next week.

The army of Lamy both baffles me and confuses me. Why an army of Lamy? Are they all going to die or this a sign that Lamy will have one last little clone after this arc is finished? I have no idea and I'm scared of the possibilities.

Alas, this chapter ruined itself by using unnecessary panty shots at the beginning. I know this is Fairy Tail and we expect you to always use fanservice these days but... Stop it. Fans keep getting the wrong impression with this series when you use fanservice like this and I have trouble defending it. (You're not as bad as say, Highschool of the Dead or anything but panty shots during an epic battle like this is a no-no).

I got forced to watch an episode of this Highschool DxD once... It made me appreciate Fairy Tail a lot more...
Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Predictions: Chapter 400! An epic battle against Acnologia! Demons and Fairies needing to work together to overcome the horrifying dragon! Mard Geer being bland! Igneel only appearing in this chapter at the end because it's a harsh tease and it is supremely unlikely he's actually going to do shit for another 100 chapters!

Best Part: Acnologia is here, bitches!

Worst Part: Panties are shown, bitches!

Does Igneel seem... different here?

Bonus: With the 400th chapter approaching next week, I am going to take Claydragon's idea and copy it because I'm an asshole have my own version of it. (I helped him out last time. He helps me out this time. It's a win-win). The Fairy Tail week will begin on either the 15th or the 22nd.

So if there are any suggestions you'd like to see for Fairy Tail Week, please let me know in the comments below.

I don't even notice the background right now...

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  1. *Takes a deep breath to fund the 20 minutes of squeeing that has disturbed my whole family*. I have to say that I kind of saw the Acnologia thing coming after like the second page of the strange voice stuff. That doesn't make it any less awesome though! We've been needing to see more of him since the Tenrou Island arc (And I am not counting that little explanation about his background from the Grand Magic Games Tournament). Seriously how has a giant black dragon like that, with its ridiculously loud roar gone completely unnoticed for years since then?! (Might be exaggerating, can't remember how long the time skips were but my point still stands).

    Also Igneel's appearance just made me forgive every shortcoming this arc has had so far. Does this mean we'll see Grandine and Metallicana? God I hope so because it would be about bloody time, let me tell ya. I'm glad to see Mashima really remembering the dragons and dragon slayers towards the end of this arc. I know he did in the GMG but let's be honest that's pretty much the only arc in how many has it been now?

    But to answer your question about the horde of Lammys: she's a rabbit demon thing. Rabbits breed insanely quickly so it makes sense she could make... millions of herself really quickly as part of her curse.

    1. Only 20? Shame on you!

      It is a great sight to see Acnologia again. He is the closest thing to a main villain right now, along with Zeref but unlike Zeref it doesn't look like the characters have any chance against him. So the already-high tension of this arc just got even more intense by his prescence.

      For me, Igneel didn't make me intense. It was good to see how he looks but since he's popped up twice before and implied he was going to do something but then didn't, I'm not entirely sure he's going to make an entrance. I love how old he looks etc.

      I suppose that makes sense... I would have liked to have known that beforehand so I didn't pull that Gintoki face when I saw them all. Then again, it was a... a surprise. (Trying not to picture anything when you wrote "breed insanely quickly")