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Fairy Tail Chapter 398 Review - The Final One-On-One Battle

Written by: Shiggins

That title is BULLSHIT!

And you'll understand why soon enough. Anyway, our chapter begins right where last week ended, with Gajeel the only one left standing after Torafusa! was finally defeated. (Why is Levy not moving? She seemed fine last week...). Gajeel is heavily weakened and exhausted, which makes things problematic when Tempesta finally gets off his lazy ass and goes behind Gajeel to finish the job Torafusa! failed to do. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Gray appears!

Out of fucking nowhere 1: Robin Hood of Icewood

Gray has a nice new symbol inside his eye, and he tells Gajeel that he should take Tempesta's blood to Porlyusica because it can be used as medicine to heal Laxus and the others. (I hope Laxus is a lot more prominent in the next arc). Gray charges forward and Tempesta uses his tornadoes but Gray freezes them, creates an epic sword made out of ice, and then freezes Tempesta. And I'm not kidding, that's the defeat of Tempesta. It took half a chapter to defeat him... and I'll explain later why I'm actually thankful about that.

Let us have a moment of silence for this awesomeness...Even though it was completely unnecessary to have a sheathe.

Meanwhile, Erza and her gang have finally arrived at the control room and they see the Ex-Chairman working away, no words or movement etc. Surprisingly, Erza and the others are stopped by the magic of a demon we thought was long-dead: Sayla! That's right, Sayla is alive and she's brought the bare-faced Kyouka with her. Using Sayla's "Macro" magic, the ex-Chairman's corpse is being controlled to work away and activate Face.

Out of fucking nowhere 2: The Demon Lesbians edition!

As Kyouka taunts Erza by comparing Sayla's magic to the torture chamber, Mirajane suddenly comes out of nowhere and slams her fist into Sayla's face which frees the others from her magic. Mirajane collapses as she has now used the last of her magic, and leaves the rest up to Erza.

Out of fucking nowhere 3: Shutting up a bitch!

With Face now activating, Sayla says her goodbye as Kyouka is the last of the Nine Demons (even though Franmalth is clearly still there and alive...) and that Kyouka must avenge them all so they can be at Zeref's side, giving the last of her magic to Kyouka. And with that, Kyouka and Erza prepare to battle it out for their own goals.

*sigh* Here we go again...again...again...

Opinion: This was a chapter with many good things and many bad things. So I'll start with the good.

Tempesta was defeated surprisingly quickly and I'll admit, I hated that at first. Tempesta was built up far too much to be defeated like that. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised it was best since the last thing we need right now is another long battle with a predictable ending, especially since we've seen Tempesta fight Laxus before. Also, Tempesta's personality was boring so why should I care about him?

If he had kept looking like Ansem, I would have enjoyed him more...

Gray has certainly gotten a lot more badass. That sword attack of his against Tempesta made me think of other great sword-users like Roronoa Zoro or somebody from Bleach. Giving him a "cool" personality too was just icing on the cake of awesomeness.

He isn't the main character of One Piece because.....? (If he was, I'd probably enjoy it).

As for the bad things however, there are a few. For example, how did Sayla survive and get away from Elfman and Mirajane? Did they just let her go? Why didn't we see that? Once again, she felt like a waste of time which is disappointing since I think she had a lot of potential to be a truly interesting character.

And I swear, it's not only because she's a lesbian.

Kyouka is back and I should be happy but I'm not. The sad truth is that Kyouka is boring now too. Maybe this arc has gone on too long because I'm feeling boredom towards quite a number of the demons now, but Kyouka was interesting because she was sadistic and in control but inhuman. Now that the helmet is gone, she looks ordinary and we've seen her fight Erza before. I would like to have seen Kyouka fight somebody new or at the very least, I hope she has an amazing "Etherion" form.

The best part of Kyouka.

The other problems I have with this chapter are really just me "nitpicking" but why not? I should nitpick because I'm reviewing it! So here are my last few problems.

1. What's going on with Sting and Rogue vs Mard Geer? If the two Dragon Slayers get defeated off-screen, I am going to be so pissed.

2. How the fuck is Erza still fighting?! She has been tortured, beaten, electrocuted, fought and more in this arc. She hasn't sat down once and yet she's going to fight again?! It's nearly comical now!

3. Why is Levy down? I know this is weird to focus on but she seemed fine enough last week. Is she faking it to hide her embarrassment?

4. Why didn't Gray say anything to Juvia? At least checking on her to make sure she's okay would have been nice... Prick.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Gray Fullbuster for using his new Devil Slayer Magic brilliantly.

Predictions: Erza and Kyouka are going to fight. Wendy is going to appear soon and heal Natsu, Lucy. Juvia, Gajeel and Levy so they can fight too. Mard Geer is going to win off-screen because he's too dull to show us how he will win.

Best Part: Gray defeats Tempesta in record time.

Worst Part: How did Sayla survive?

*shrug* Sabretooth had a better "rock n' roll" picture.

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