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Magi 236th Night Review

Written by: Micha

You know what really disappoints me? Late translations. You know what disappoints me even more? Fucking late translations. On Friday, really? The raw has been out since Monday. But that’s the price you pay for being in a non-mainstream fandom, I suppose. And not understanding Japanese.

Last chapter ended with Solomon sealing Al Thamen and Ill-Ilah’s power in a different space. This had taken a toll on Solomon’s body, consequently leading him to his death. The war has also caused the destruction of the ecosystem; with the wiping out of plants and animals or anything that can sustain life. And unfortunately left the spirits of the species and other people crushed with the death of their king.

Ugo upon witnessing this, tried to come up with a solution considering he was the only one out of his friends alive. He proposed that they live underground and continue to survive. He promised that he would come up with a solution since he was smart.

That self-esteem.
 And so they had a new beginning in Alma Torran.

They left the dead surface of Alma Torran, and started living underground (think dungeons!). And to exploit the resources, they used the power of the Metal Vessels and their respective Djinns; who were the chiefs of their tribes.

In this way, they lived in peace for some time; benefiting off of each other like a symbiotic relationship. But of course, with the limited resources and other factors, conflict was bound to arise. The food was scarce, and some punk wanted to go up the surface because he found the underground too depressing. But rukh was pretty much non-existent up on the surface.

And with the limit of resources, the species began to get conscious of how vulnerable they were to conflict between themselves. They feared that another tribe would attack them for the resources since they no longer had a ruler.

Solomon, what were you saying about a king-free land? Yes, I'm still making fun of you for that. 
 Ugo realized that they could no longer live peacefully, and tried to talk them with his amateur speaking skills which were not effective at all. He was starting to become helpless, and had a conversation with the fetus Aladdin in his nerd room, who surprisingly didn’t reply back.  

He complained that he was no leader material and did not have the ability to be persuasive, which was proving rather detrimental in the Alma Torran society on the edge of chaos.

The only thing you're guilty of right now is being a dork. 

Ugo also chose to leave Aladdin in his fetal form since he knew that Aladdin wouldn’t survive if he were to be born in contemporary Alma Torran. Therefore, he kept feeding Aladdin magoi which would help Aladdin survive even for several thousands of years. He wanted Aladdin to survive since he was Solomon’s last memento.

He then realized that he could show Aladdin around the species, which could give the society of Alma Torran reason not to kill each other. Ugo gathered the people and presented Aladdin like how Rafiki presented Simba to Pride Land; saying that not only is Aladdin is a prince but also is an exact resemblance of King Solomon.   

Fuck yeah, Lion King reference. 
The rukh of Aladdin has the same radiance as that of King Solomon, which means that even though their king is dead, his son would become a great king who will lead them to the right path. Ugo then went around showing Aladdin to every species, who were more than glad to finally have found a compass in the midst of their uncertainty.

They felt in Aladdin’s rukh the same warmth they felt from Solomon. From that point onwards, they declared Aladdin, Solomon’s Avator, as their new king. And they bowed to Aladdin, much to Ugo’s happiness.

Of course you are, you manipulative little fucker. 
Ugo, of course felt bad for using Aladdin that way, and was determined to talk to Aladdin as the same manner as one would a king. He also wished that they would become friends one day.

Ugo then went around showing him off to the tribes, which may look a bit boring or unnecessary to you. I will take the liberty to show them separately anyway, because the focus is not what they say to Aladdin, but how they say it. Their personalities reflect very well on how they interact with Aladdin, which gives the Djinns more character and background than them being just power tools.  

Screw me if you think I’m being nerdy about it, but you gotta get used to it.

You gotta appreciate these generosities from Ohtaka.
Even Paimon.
Especially Paimon.

And that’s pretty much how Aladdin helped to connect the Alma Torran community. The manga does a five-year time skip forward, where Alma Torran had exhausted all of their resources. But in those 5 years, Ugo had found a way to create a new world as Solomon had asked him to, and devised a plan to move the people in to that world.

Despite his pathetic self-esteem, Ugo gets shit done.

And it seems that we’ll know of his plan next chapter.

 My thoughts on this chapter:

I’ve no clue why, but I found this chapter oddly soothing. It might have been the much needed break from Solomon and Sheba that I've been anxious for, but Ugo-centered chapters are something I certainly look forward to. 

This is one of those chapters that has nothing much to be interpreted, but really gets the plot going. 

Also, you must have noticed me saying "think dungeons!" like an idiot throughout this review, but that is because I want to reinforce my dungeons in the current world being sections of Alma Torran theory. You can read about it in my thoughts section in this review, but pretty much the gist of it is that dungeons are some sort of spiritual portal where the community of Alma Torran exists. 

I've no clue why the species doesn't live on the surface of Earth, but my guess is that Ugo might've fucked up somewhere.

Speaking of whom, kudos to Ugo for creating a new world! He might be a little wonkey donkey with his self-confidence, but boy is that dude smart.  

Manga chapter rating:
Not bad. not groundbreaking, either.


Clearly I'm having too much fun with this chapter. 

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