Thursday, August 28, 2014

NARUTO Chapter 690 : Ninja's...

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten ♪...
...pages and the war arc is over.
Yes, all this shit for over three years and it took one chapter to end it all.
However, let's be positive ! No more Kaguya ! No more war !

What happened in this chapter ?

Well, there are two main things to talk about in this chapter: "no more Kaguya" and "yay ! you saved the world !", which is why this chapter is being literally destroyed on every NARUTO forum that I've seen... but I digress.

This week's chapter starts with Kaguya making the funniest face she possibly could upon being sealed by Naruto and Sasuke...

Perhaps the moment his wife called him for dinner..?

Naruto and Sasuke use Chibaku Tensei to seal her and as she disappears she wonders why this had to happen once again (if you remember what little backstory she had, she was first sealed by her own sons).

The tailed beasts' chakras get separated from the Juubi and its rabbit part... spits out Madara (who, strangely, has his legs back **sigh**).

Suddenly, big rocks start assembling in the sky and take the shape of a moon (just like what happened during the Invasion of Pain Arc). This is done because when the Juubi is sealed, it creates a moon (which is proof that Kishimoto is being coherent for once).

Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura escape to a safe place while Naruto has one last thing he needs to do on his own : make sure Black Zetsu won't ever make all this chaos happen ever again. So Naruto finds Kaguya's arm (which Black Zetsu is currently hiding inside of) and throws it up in the air, onto the new moon that is currently being created, so the arm and Black Zetsu get sealed along with Kaguya and can never return.

The new moon leaves the earth and... most likely goes in the space..?

Kaguya's dimension now has its own, exclusive moon ! Too bad no one will ever get the chance to see it...

Anyway, with Black Zetsu gone, Naruto goes back to his friends' side where we get another one of those refreshing funny moments Kishimoto rarely allows us to have.

Indeed, Naruto and Sasuke have sealed Kaguya but they forgot to make her bring them back to the real world, so they're all stuck in her dimension...

...Or so they think ! Hagoromo, who is currently in the real world, has summoned all the dead Kages to make one big Kuchiyose no Jutsu and bring everyone, including the Bijuus, back into their own world again.

They are welcomed by Hagoromo who thanks them all for saving the world.

Two of the most cliché sentences in one chapter... congrats Kishi !
You've reached the highest level of a convenient ending !

My opinion on the chapter :

When I finished reading it, I was like : "That's it ? That was short !" (especially since I didn't understand 90% of what happened, and several other people have been complaining about the same thing). And while people everywhere are hating on this chapter, I don't even have the strength to so  anymore.

It's better to keep it short and relieve us from this arc quickly than drag it out any longer than it needs to be. I'm just grateful to God that this arc is finally over, so we can move on to something else. And hopefully, it'll be a lot more interesting this time. 

Overall : This chapter gets a 2.5/5.

     Good thing(s) :
+ some humor back in the series ?
+ Naruto making sure Kaguya and Black Zetsu won't respawn

     Meh thing(s) :
• Kishi being half-consistent only (Madara with legs, really ?)
• the chapter felt rushed

     Bad thing(s) :
none that I can really think of (Most of the fandom would say "everything" but I've gone soft this week).

That's it ! Thanks for reading. And for once, it was a short review !

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  1. J'ai eu la même impression que toi, "Quoi ? Déjà ?"
    Comme tu l'as écrit, ça fait plusieurs années qu'on y est, et ça y est ... C'est terminé. En fait, je ne réalise pas encore qu'on en est ENFIN débarrassé.

    Au final, ce sont les Kage et Hagoromo qui les auront sauvé de la fin du monde, alors qu'ils étaient bloqués dans une dimension sans bouffe, ni rien. Je me demande si Naruto ré-absorbera Kyubi. Que vas-faire Sasuke ? Orochimaru ? Selon si c'est bien fait, je risque de chouiner quand viendra l'au revoir au Sandaime. Je pense qu'il serait pas con de sceller Madara aussi. Ca éviterait des ennuis à l'avenir... Bref, je suis impatiente de passer à autre chose, j'espère que la semaine passera vite ! Quoi que là, ça sent un peu plus la fin du coup. Arg. Tu vois comme je suis tiraillée ?! T_T

    D'ailleurs, pour l'humour dans le manga, je suis d'accord à condition que ce ne soit pas toujours sur la débilité de Naruto. Le truc du super-héro super con, ça va un moment, il faut varier ... :)

    1. Lol, ça se trouve non ! PLOT TWIST : le corps inanimé de Madara revient à la vie, et on apprend que tout ce temps-là, c'est Shino qui tirait les ficelles car il était dég' d'avoir été oublié pour la mission de sauvetage de Sasuke durant la partie 1 !
      . . .
      Nah mais ça fait du bien, mais c'est pas encore fini, il faut encore aller rejoindre les autres qui étaient enfermés dans les cocons (prépare tes tympas, heavy flow of "NARUTO-KUUUN" incoming).

      xD ils se seraient bouffés entre eux !
      Mais c'est vrai, ça, j'avais oublié que Kurama ne faisait plus partie de Naruto (du moins en partie ?). On aura vite les réponses à toutes ces questions en tout cas !
      Et oui, effectivement, je pense qu'ils vont faire quelque chose avec Madara (lol, Hashirama l'embarque dans sa tombe avec lui pour le punir de ses bêtises pour le reste de l'éternité **if you know what I mean**).
      T'inquiète, on a encore pas mal de chapitre normalement, y'a le combat NaruVSSasu qui devrait commencer dans quelques chapitres. Mais je pense que le reste du fandom est aussi tiraillé que toi x).

      Aaaah, bah, c'est NARUTO en même temps, tu auras toujours les mêmes sempiternelles blagues : Naruto pervers/idiot - réaction de Sakura en conséquence. C'est Kishi, 'faut pas trop lui en demander ;).

  2. So, Kaguya who came from nowhere has been defeated within 10 chapter while even the Naruto VS Pain and Sasuke VS Itachi fights were longer, not mentioning the 80 chapters long Naruto + Everyone VS Obito.

    And Kaguya has gone without any personality. Great writting, Kishimoto!

    Oh, and I still laughing on the asspull that Black Zetsu was behind everything. First of all, he was on a level of Tenten: doing nothing important, watching, being defeated by a no name random kid faaaar away from his boss so he had no reason to lose againts the kid and that's all!

    If everything true, than 7-8 more chapters and it's finally over! Hope Kishimoto stop ruining the manga anymore.... thought, it's impossible to ruining it further. However, I believe that now the shipping wars will start again. X(

    1. Be grateful my fellow NARUTO reader, Kishi has spared us the pain of moar Kaguya. Let's send flowers to him for that !

      People have been complaining about that on the forums. After las week's chapter, they expected to get more information about her this week buuut nope. Too bad...

      Yeah, BZ doesn't make sense. I stopped counting the things that make or don't make sense long ago.

      Nah, there are many more chapters to come. Don't forget we still have the final battle of Naruto vs.Sasuke to witness. Should take about 30 chaps, I think.

    2. Nah, it would be evil from Kishimoto if he would stretching it. Not mentioning the movie shall be an "epilouge" to the series. Also, I don't think that Naruto VS Sasuke will happen and even if it will it won't have any meaning - cause we already know that Naruto will win this time (because Naruto fans want Naruto to defeat Sasuke) and Naruto surely won't kill Sasuke. Did Naruto ever killed anyone? Even Kakuzu was killed by Kakashi and dead corpses/clones don't count.